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136 Dark Elves Part Two

 The Dark Elves lowered their bows and looked at Misaki and her group. They were very surprised to see the diversity of all those present. Then their eyes fell on to Chiho which caused them to be even more surprised. But that surprise soon turned into caution as they raised their bows again. "Why is the Banished Princess here!?"

Misaki was a bit confused as she looked at the sudden change in attitude. "Excuse me, but you are mistaken. Chiho is not a princess of a Dark Elf clan nor has she ever been."

"Lies! She is indeed the Banished Princess that was banished one hundred years ago!" one of the Dark Elves yelled out.

"I will say this again, she is not. And also Chiho is only seventeen. So how could she be your princess if she was only just born seventeen years ago? Hell, she was a wood elf until not too long ago!" Misaki moved to stand in front of Chiho in case the Dark Elves tried to attack her. "Also, if you do not lower your weapons right now I will make you eat the ground beneath your feet."

After saying her words Misaki released a bit of her Demon Queen aura that she had been suppressing. When the Dark Elves felt this aura they all suddenly looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Sweat dripped down their cheeks, they knew that if they did not lower their weapons Misaki was going to do something. With this thought they all lowered the weapons.

"We will need to have an elder look at your friend there. If what you say is true they will take you to the clan leader." The Dark Elf who had been the one to speak this entire time, waved his hand to send one of his people back to get an elder.

The entire time they were waiting the two groups ended up having a staring contest. Well it should be said the Dark Elves had a staring contest while Misaki seemed to have no issue laying her head down on Chiho's lap and indulging in Chiho gently combing her hair. Mo'mo felt left out so she curled up next to Misaki. Gen talked with Lor'ia and Sato and Miyu sat together under another tree. Misaki had noticed that those two had been together a lot lately. She made a note to ask Miyu if she liked Sato or not. If she did she would try to get the two together, but she was not sure how Sato felt. But from the looks of it he was happily chatting and laughing away with Miyu.

It was about an hour before an older looking Dark Elf appeared from the tree line the other Dark Elves were guarding. He looked at the group of people who were casually laying down entertaining themselves and felt a bit surprised that they were so relaxed in such a situation. He looked at each one of them up and down until his eyes landed on Lor'ia. "Princess Lor'ia?"

Lor'ia turned her head and looked at the elder. "Oh! Elder Za'bo, it has been a long time."

"Indeed it has. How is your father the Emperor?" Za'bo asked respectfully.

"He is doing better than ever now that he follows the Demon Queen as well as I." Lor'ia stated proudly. She even puffed out her chest a bit.

"Demon Queen? You mean..." His eyes scanned the group until they landed on Misaki who was being pampered by Chiho and Mo'mo. His eyes shifted to Chiho but did not stay for long when he turned to the Dark Elf who was in command. "Why did you say that the Banished Princess was here? Even if she was you are to treat her with respect. Although Banished she is still part of our clan! Plus she is not even present or does every female Dark Elf look the same to you idiots?"

After giving the Dark Elf squad leader a ear full Za'bo turned towards Misaki who had now stood up. "You must be her highness the Demon Queen. My clan and its people welcome you and your group with open arms." A big smile formed on Za'bo's face as he respectfully bowed to Misaki. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw his people standing there looking stupid so he of course yelled at them. "What the hell are you doing show some respect and bow!"

"Elder... err Za'bo was it. It is fine. I did not come to your clan to make war. I only came to talk with your leader and hopefully take you and your entire clan under my wing and allow you and your people to finally evolve." Misaki stepped forward and helped Za'bo up. She wanted to make friends with the Dark Elves to allow herself to evolve and to hopefully benefit Chiho with her archery.

"Your highness do you truly mean what you just said." Za'bo's figure was shaking with excitement.

"I do! I hope for your clansmen to become my kin and assist me on my journey, wherever it takes me." Misaki wanted nothing more than to have these Dark Elves as her followers.

"Your Highness please follow me. My clan leader is waiting for you." Za'bo smiled would not fade. Every monster clan wanted to become a demon. It did not matter their intelligence level. It was a universal dream. He was happy that the idiots from his clan did not cause too much of a scene and offended the Demon Queen. Otherwise, they would have really missed out on this chance.


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