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135 Dark Elves Part One

 In order to easily travel with the Avian race that was now under her wing, Misaki recalled the entire race to her followers' menu except for Lor'ia. This was mainly due to Gen wanting to spend time with Lor'ia as they traveled. Misaki realized that she was basically in a solo team now that everyone with her was officially her follower. She basically had no need to team up with anyone else since she could summon hundreds of thousands of followers to assist her. This was probably the biggest perk of being a Demon Queen.

When Misaki left the Avian City, she was met with a flock of Monster birds that literally blotted out the sky. It seemed all the monster birds were waiting for them. As soon as the monster birds saw Misaki, Misaki was spammed with several different follower requests which Misaki happily hit accept to. Her new total of monsters was now 932726/1000000 and 900/1000 stars, which made Misaki very happy.

"Only seventy thousand more monsters and I will have what I need to reach my monster quota. Which only leaves about two hundred thousand more humans and one hundred stars left to go. Then I will evolve into a Demon Empress. This also means the rest of you will get to evolve as well!" Misaki said with a smile. Not only would she get stronger but her followers would get stronger as well.

"I can't wait! I hope I will be able to fly as well. I feel bad making Big Sister Miyu carry me all the time." Chiho hated the fact that she could not fly. She also hated how weak she was. She wanted to grow stronger so she could be of more help to Misaki.

"Sister Chiho does not need to worry about anything. You are now Mitsu's wife which makes us all one family." Miyu said, trying to comfort Chiho a little bit.

"Mmm! What Big Sister Miyu said is correct we are now all one family." Mo'mo also chimed in. It seemed that Mo'mo had taken quite the liking to Chiho now that she had done so much to regain Misaki's trust and showed her worth as someone willing to give their life for Misaki.

"Chiho what they said was right. You are now my wife so there is no need to think about such things. Until the day you are able to do things on your own. We will be there for you and support you. This is what a family, your kin, does for one another. They support each other to the fullest extent that they can. If anything I will always be there to protect you." Misaki flew close to Chiho who was on Miyu's back and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Chiho's cheeks went flush and tears welled up in her eyes. She had never felt so loved and protected as she was now. She was glad she was able to regain Misaki's trust and was able to find her way into Misaki's heart.

As they flew into a new area Misaki was met with a large forest. Beyond the forest, Misaki could see a vast mountain range off in the distance. They ended up landing just outside the forest due to how thick the tree canopies were. They could not see what was going on in the forest below, from the air and Misaki really did not want to pass up any monsters or hidden races like the Avians.

"Everyone stay close together. Chiho and Mo'mo, you two are not to leave my side. Sato you stay with Gen, Miyu, and Lor'ia. If anyone is in trouble make sure you shout out." Misaki gave a few orders as she paused and thought for a second. "Lor'ia do you know what monsters are in this forest?"

"If I am not wrong there are many treants and plant monsters in this forest along with a colony of Dark Elves. I am not sure how big though. But they are all excellent hunters. I have met a few of them when my Father met with their leader to speak on peaceful relations and trade, a few hundred years back." Lor'ia answered.

Thinking of Dark Elves, Misaki took a look over at Chiho and nodded her head. "Good we will try to get these Dark Elves to join us. They might be able to assist Chiho in her archery as well. Just be careful of the plants. If possible I would love some of them to join me too. But.... Do plant monsters have a language?"

"I am not sure..." Lor'ia felt a bit bad because she was not helpful in this sense. She had not encountered many plant monsters before.

"Well, I guess we will find out. All we can do is wait for something to attack us first. But do not kill it I will try to talk to it and see if it can understand me." Misaki figured anything was worth a try. Plant monsters were handy for home defense. If she relocated them to the base camp, then it would be possible to have them report any disturbances or just outright kill any invaders. They were the perfect hidden trap.

As they made their way into the forest nothing seemed to strike anyone's attention. They had already been walking around for an hour. When a few figures flashed out of the trees with arrows training on Misaki and her group. Misaki raised her hands to show she meant no harm and said: "I am only here to speak with your leader."


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