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134 Second Wife!

 Three days passed and Misaki was now standing in front of a few hundred thousand Avians. Just to accommodate such a huge crowd many buildings were dismantled over the course of a few days to allow them all to gather. Misaki floated in the air overhead, next to her were her own people along with the Avian Emperor and Lor'ia.

"As your Emperor has informed you all. I will be taking you all under my wing and giving you all the chance to evolve into demons. As you know it is impossible for those of the Monster races to become full fledged demons on their own without the help of Demon Lord or above. I myself am currently a Demon Queen and very soon I will become a Demon Empress! As of now, I own a large portion of land outside of this dungeon and plan to expand it even more in the future. All I ask is that you follow me and serve only me. I will never treat those under me unfairly. Once you follow me you will become my kin, my family. So far your Emperor and your Princess have already joined me. Now I am here to ask you all if you would like to join me as well. I will not force any of you to join me. After all, we are all monster kind. As long as you bring no ill will towards me or my people I will not harm you in any way." Misaki was different when it came to the monster races. She showed no malice as she did with the humans.

An elderly Avian stepped forward, his whole body shaking as he struggled to stand up straight. "Your majesty... This old bird has two questions I must ask."

"Go ahead." Misaki said with a smile.

"Is it true that you killed For'a? And my other question is if we become demons will my lifespan increase?" The Elderly Avian asked. A look of hope could be seen in his eyes. You could tell he was in the last few years of his life.

"To answer your first question, yes I did. He tried to harm my second wife." Misaki paused as she glanced over at Chiho.

Chiho's face showed shock and surprise. She never thought Misaki would ever say such a thing in her life. She knew Misaki now cared for her deeply but she never thought it went as far as this. Chiho's eyes welled up with tears. Mo'mo who was at her side gently put her arm around her shoulder smiling brightly. "See what happens when you admit to your mistakes and work hard for Mitsu's trust? You are now officially my little sister. So make sure you work hard to keep Mitsu happy along with me from now on okay?"

"Un! I will Big Sister Mo'mo!" Chiho said happily. A bright smile formed on her face as she laughed and cried at the same time.

Misaki nodded to the two girls before turning back to the elderly Avian. "If it was just a few words that he had spoke, I would have let it pass but he kept talking which angered my second wife. My second wife did attack but she did not aim to kill. She only aimed to punish. But For'a, although he knew he was more powerful than my second wife he aimed his attack right at her head. If I did not step in she would have been dead. This I can not tolerate. So as an apology I took his head. No one is allowed to try to take my people's lives without facing the consequences of their actions. People who I consider my kin, I will defend tooth and nail. Blood for blood! You want to take one of my people's lives. I will take yours in return. This is how I work. Those who oppose me shall be wiped out! Questioning my authority after I give an order is the same. Like I said before I do not treat my kin unfairly. But everyone else is an exception. "

Misaki released a pressure that only a Demon Queen can give with her words alone. This sent shivers down the spine of the Avian people. Some were excited and fired up while others felt fear. The mixed emotions spread throughout the crowd. But not a single one of them said that they did not want to join Misaki.

"And for your other question. I am not sure if your life will be extended. All I can say is it is worth a try to see if you regain your youth after evolution. I can not promise you anything since I myself do not even know how long I will live for. Besides my hair, skin color, horns, and tail I still have the same looks as I did two years ago. So to be honest I could be immortal and not even know it. This evolution thing is all new to me as well." Misaki answered seriously. She truly did not know if she would ever grow older or how long she would live for. She figured as long as she did not die from a fight she would most likely end up living a very long time.

"That is good enough for this old bird then. I will be the first to say I would like to serve under you, your Majesty!" The elderly Avian said with a wrinkled smile on his face.

Soon more and more voices agreeing also rang out. In no more than an hour, every single Avian there followed suit and joined Misaki and luckily Aviains did count as humans in her evolution.

Misaki's current status to evolution was as so...

[Current Status: 347834/500000 Humans Enslaved and 834978/1000000 Monsters Enslaved: 865/1000 Stars]

Misaki figured she would take in the bird monsters that were outside to gain the one million monsters she needed and then look for another humanoid clan in this dungeon. She planned to stay in this dungeon for a while and gain control of every monster race within it before leaving, settling them down, and heading to the next dungeon.


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