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133 Offer Up Your Head As An Apology!

 After a few hours passed Misaki and her group led by Lor'ia and a few guards ventured out into the Avian city. Tree Top city as it was accurately named was a large city built on the treetops of ancient trees. The wide broad limbs of the trees were three times as thick as the thickest tree trunks of normal trees. Along with its dense canopies, it could easily hold the city without any issues. Misaki was quite amazed at how they were able to engineer such a place without issue. But this could be said for a lot of lost human civilizations as well. The Avian Palace alone made it seem like it would fall through the treetops but it stood strong and overbearing, overshadowing part of the city.

One thing that Misaki made sure to note was that Lor'ia and Gen seemed to have gotten closer together. This made Misaki happy because Gen had shown a bit of interest in Lor'ia when they first met. Lor'ia had proven herself to be worthy of her Big Brother when she was willing to beg for forgiveness for her father. Now, Misaki wanted to find a good mate for her Big Sister. But she did not know if Miyu liked men or women so she made a note to check with her later on this.

As the group made their way down the large wooden planked road a large group of Avians blocked their path. "Hey Lor'ia is this the so called Demon Queen? She doesn't look like much. Why the hell should we follow a little twerp who still smells like her mother's milk?"

Lor'ia's face turned black as she looked at the young man in front of her. "For'a, you are father's only son yet you act like a criminal! If you do not watch your tongue by father's decree you will be dead on the spot!"

"Haha! Lor'ia do you really think this bitch can harm me? I would like to see her try!" For'a let out a laugh as he sneered at Misaki.

"You dare to say such things about Mitsu!" Chiho, couldn't take this stupid bird man saying this and that about Misaki and took out her bow releasing a barrage of arrows at For'a.

Seeing this onslaught, For'a only snorted and waved his hand sending out a gale of wind which easily destroyed the arrows on contact. The difference in grade and range were evident. After destroying the arrows For'a waved his hand one more time and sent a wind blade straight at Chiho's head. A cruel smile formed on his face as he said: "Ants should stay in the ground. Let me help stay there forever!"

Chiho's face paled as she saw the wind blade flying towards her. It was so fast that she didn't even have time to move she could only close her eyes and accept her fate. But the inevitable pain and darkness did not happen. She opened her eyes to see Misaki standing in front of her. Misaki clothes fluttered as her demon queen aura flooded the area. "You dare try to kill my people?" Misaki's body flickered and disappeared from where she stood.

For'a's eyes went wide as the oppressive aura slammed into his body making it hard for him to even breathe. He was forced down to one knee with his head lowered against his own free will. He finally understood what it meant to feel fear for the first time in his life. As soon as Misaki disappeared from his sight she suddenly appeared out of thin air right in front of him. "You dare try to kill my people then you must face the consequences. Offer up your head as an apology!" A sword appeared in Misaki's hand as she swung it down slicing through For'a's neck as if it was butter. Losing the support of its body For'a's head fell to the ground rolled a few times and stopped at the edge of the wooden planked road. Misaki flicked her sword to get the blood off before storing it away. She turned around and looked at Lor'ia who lowered her head. "He brought it upon himself. Let's go back. I am sure you will want to hold a funeral."

Lor'ia, could only slightly nod her head as a few tears rolled down her cheek. She did not blame Misaki. She blamed her brother for being a complete idiot but he was still her brother so she would, of course, be sad if he died. The short venture into the Avian city, Prince For'a, was beheaded in the streets as an apology for attacking the Demon Queen's guard. This news quickly spread throughout the city. But not a single one of the Avian citizens blamed the Demon Queen. Mainly because everyone knew how Prince For'a acted within the city. Using his status to commit all kinds of crimes.

The Avian Emperor did not even want to hold a funeral. He only had his son buried. Misaki out of goodwill decided to allow them three days of mourning. The Avian Emperor was very grateful for this as it would give him more time to get other matters settled.

In her room Misaki had Mo'mo snuggled up on her right side while Chiho was snuggled up on her left. Misaki petted the top of Chiho's head to comfort her. Chiho was very depressed at this time because she never felt so weak in her entire life. "Chiho you will evolve soon so your strength will grow. Do not let this little incident get you down. Remember I almost died in this dungeon myself when I first came here."

"I know but still... not even being able to dodge..." Chiho felt depressed, she wanted to get stronger. But it was not like before where she could grind levels and level up. What's worse was that right now her evolution menu was all question marks so she could only wait until Misaki evolved to finally be of any use.


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