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132 Big Brother Gen Good Luck!

 Misaki's words carried a lot of weight. She could tell that the Avian Emperor was weaker than her. So she had no issues giving this kind of threat. She first had to establish her dominance. Only then would they listen to anything she had to say. With her words, she also released an oppressive aura throughout the room. Some of the weaker Avian clansmen were forced to one knee instantly after being hit with her aura. Others did their best to resist but still ended up slightly hunched. Misaki did not release it at full force otherwise they would all have been smashed to the ground under her pressure.

Lor'ia started to panic. She hastily knelt down and bowed her head to Misaki, beggingly said: "Your Majesty, please calm your anger my father did not mean to offend you!"

"Did not mean to offend!? He blatantly Ignored my sister! " Miyu roared out in anger, stepping forward as if she was about to attack. She would never allow anyone to disregard Misaki like this!

"Big Sister Miyu, it's fine." Misaki said as she stretched her arm and blocked Miyu before she could do anything else.

"Mitsu..." Miyu was a bit reluctant to stop but seeing how Misaki stopped her she could only rein in her anger.

"I will overlook your disregard for me this one time out of consideration for your daughter. But there will never be a second time." Misaki said coldly as she looked at the Avian Emperor.

"Of-of course... It will never happen again. My deepest apologies, your Majesty! I as the leader of the Avian race have not shown proper hospitality. Please if there must be punishment, let me take it all. My clansmen are not at fault." The Avian Emperor got out of his chair and also knelt down beside his daughter and lowered his head.

Seeing this, Misaki's cold expression softened. She could see the loyalty of this man when it came to his race. He would rather be punished alone than to have his whole clan wiped out. "Good! I like your devotion! You are very devoted to your clan. I will get straight to the point. I wish to make you and your clansmen my followers. In return, I can promise that you will all be able to evolve into demons when I evolve. As living examples of this, my Big Sister Miyu and my Big Brother Gen have evolved from common monsters to demons."

Hearing Misaki's words caused every one of the Avians to break out in discussion. Even the Avian Emperor trembled in excitement. Becoming a demon was the wish of every monster no matter what race they were from. The Avian Emperor raised his eyes that were starting to water up with tears and shakingly asked: "Do you truly mean that!?"

"I swear on my name that I will keep my promise. Unless I die you and every single one of your clansmen will be able to evolve into demons." Misaki stepped forward and helped the Avian Emperor up off the floor.

"Then can I ask for your Majesty to give me a day to spread the word and gather my clansmen?" The Avian Emperor asked.

Misaki smiled and nodded her head: "Of course, take your time. I would also like to see the Avian city."

Letting out a sigh of relief the Avian Emperor finally formed a smile on his face as he turned to Lor'ia and said: "Then my daughter will arrange proper accommodations for you. Lor'ia please take good care of our most honored guests. Give them a tour of the city. Bring a few guards as well. Anyone who dares to offend her Majesty is to be executed on the spot!"

"Yes, Father!" Lor'ia was having a hard time holding in her excitement. She would finally have a chance to turn into a demon! She had never thought such a chance would happen in her lifetime! After taking great pains to calm herself, Lor'ia stepped forward and motioned with her hand saying: "If you would follow me, your Majesty."

Misaki nodded and followed after Lor'ia. While they were walking Lor'ia made sure to ask if there was anything Misaki needed. "Your Majesty, How many rooms will you be needing?" Lor'ia asked this question because this entire time Mo'mo had been hanging off of Misaki's right arm while at the same time Misaki was holding Chiho's hand with her left.

Thinking for a few seconds Misaki looked at Mo'mo and then at Chiho who was blushing away and said: "Four rooms is enough. But mine must have a bed big enough for three people."

Lor'ia slightly blushed as she said: "I will make sure they swap out the bed to a larger one. Is there anything else?"

"Nope, that is it." Misaki had nothing else she needed since it was all in her inventory anyway. She just wanted to make sure that both Chiho and Mo'mo were comfortable.

After a few minutes, they stopped in front of a large door. "Your Majesty this is your room. I will send someone to change the bed out as soon as possible. Until then there are plenty of soft chairs that can seat many inside. After I finish making a few arrangements I will come back to take you on a tour of the city. Is there anything else you will need while you wait?"

Hearing Lor'ia's question, Misaki did have one question pop into her head. "Lor'ia are you single by chance?"

Misaki's question almost made Lor'ia lose her balance while standing still. She looked up at Misaki with flushed cheeks and answered: "I-I am..."

"Oh? That's good then..." Misaki smiled as she let go of both Mo'mo and Chiho and grabbed Gen's hand and brought him forward. "What do you think of my Big Brother? He's handsome right?"

Lor'ia was at a loss for words with Misaki's bluntness. But she could not deny what Misaki said. Her brother was indeed very handsome! So when she was so bluntly asked such a question she absentmindedly nodded her head. When she realized this her whole face turned bright red!

"Good! I am glad you think so too. Big Brother Gen I wish you good luck!" Misaki said these words then pushed Gen towards Lor'ia. She then turned around, took hold of Mo'mo and Chiho's hand, and walked into her room. Leaving behind a red faced Gen and Lor'ia. Sato and Miyu both looked at each other and smiled.

Only after a minute did Lor'ia finally compose herself enough to speak as she said: "Then I will show the rest of you to your rooms..." As she walked the entire time she kept sneaking peeks at Gen who was also doing the same. Behind them, Miyu and Sato were doing their best to hold their laughter in. They both had the same thought. 'Soon they will be needing to welcome in a new sister in law!'


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