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131 The Avian Race

 They traveled through the tall plateaued rocks until they came to an area shrouded in mist. Within that mist, you could see faint flashes of light. This was the barrier that Lor'ia was talking about. "We are almost there, do not stray behind or you will be caught in the barrier when it closes." Lor'ia warned.

They swiftly flew towards the mist. Misaki held on to both Miyu's and gen's hands as she flew at her fastest speed, acting as Lor'ia's shadow. It seemed Lor'ia's race was among the fastest of all the monster clans. "It's open, quickly enter!"

All seven of them shot through the small opening in the barrier. Right as Misaki pulled Gen and Miyu through the barrier slammed shut. If they were even a millisecond slower, they would have lost their feet. Misaki had to hand it to the Avian race, their barrier was truly terrifying. "Mitsu I need new boots..." Gen Complained.

Misaki stopped for a moment and took a look at Gen's feet and saw that the tips of his boots were missing and his sock covered toes were sticking out for all to see. Misaki couldn't help but chuckle. "Alright, hold on. I think I packed away a few sets of clothes for you two." Misaki said as she opened her inventory. Lor'ia also stopped when she saw that Misaki had stopped following. She flew over and saw Gen with his toes out in the air and let out a laugh as well. Gen's cheeks turned a tinge of red after being laughed at by Lor'ia. This did not escape Misaki's eyes. Lor'ia looked to be around fifteen years of age but knowing the monster race she was probably a few hundred years old. She was cute and seemed to be a perfect fit for her big brother. Misaki decided she would play a bit of matchmaker if she could win the Avian race over.

As Misaki was helping Gen get his new boots on, three figures appeared behind Lor'ia . "Halt! Who goes there!" Three men with white wings wearing leather armor with metal plates on it holding long spears yelled out. All three had their spears pointed at Misaki and the rest.

Misaki gave a glance at these, what seemed to be Avian soldiers, and snorted. She waved her hand and a wind blade flew through the air cutting off the tip of the spears in an instant. The three Avian soldiers suddenly felt a shiver run down their spines as an oppressive aura weighed down on them. Misaki stood up and started walking through the air towards the three men. She was only a few meters away when Lor'ia suddenly appeared in front of Misaki, facing the three avian soldiers.

"You three stop! Do not disrespect the Demon Queen!" Lor'ia yelled out. Hearing the name Demon Queen caused the three Avian soldiers to show an expression of fear as they lowered their heads. Seeing them become submissive Lor'ia quickly turned around and bowed to Misaki. "Please let them off this one time. They were only trying to defend the clan. They did not know who you were."

"I will let it go this one time. Make sure it does not happen again. I did not come here to make enemies with your clan." Misaki retracted her aura and went back to helping gen with his boots.

Once Gen was all set again the group plus the three Avian soldiers all headed towards the grand palace that was literally resting on the treetops. After they had passed through the white mist a large forest appeared before them. The Avian race had built their homes on top of these trees. The biggest was the palace. With Lor'ia and the three Avian soldiers, no one else dared to try to stop them. But As they flew over the Avian City Misaki was quite happy with what she was seeing. All the Avains she saw were all at a high level on par with Gen and Miyu. While some were even on par with Mo'mo. Misaki could only guess that the Avian king was most likely on par with her or maybe even stronger!

They landed in front of a set of large palace doors. The guards at the door upon seeing Lor'ia quickly opened the doors. "The ones behind me are with me. Do not stop them from entering."

Hearing Lor'ia's words they all bowed their heads, not saying a word. These guards knew that if they were coming with Lor'ia then they must be very important visitors. They walked into the palace to be met with many murals along the walls. They seemed to depict the Avian history. The only reason Misaki knew this was the Avian history was because Lor'ia mentioned it when she saw Misaki looking curiously at it. Misaki even asked if Lor'ia could explain to her in detail what the paintings meant when they were done with the immediate business.

They continued into the palace until they came to a large set of arched double doors. Lor'ia opened these doors and walked right into a large room that had many other Avian's inside. "Father! I am back and I have good news!"

"Oh? What does my daughter have for this emperor?" The Avian emperor asked.

"We will finally be able to evolve! I have met and brought back a Demon Queen!" Lor'ia answered happily.

"Oh? A Demon Queen is this true?" The Avian emperor questioned as he looked up. It was only then that he realized that a young woman with a cold expression on her face was looking at him with a piercing gaze. The Avian Emperor quickly averted his eyes away from Misaki. He felt uncomfortable with her staring at him. He looked back at Lor'ia and was about to ask a question when he heard a voice float into his ears

"You are being very disrespectful... If you are not careful I might wipe out your entire clan.... I do not need followers who are ignorant to this point. Looking at someone yet not acknowledging them is very disrespectful. You turned your gaze away out of fear, I can understand this. But ignoring my presence after knowing that I am here is also something that can bring death upon you and your entire clan. "


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