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130 Return To The Land Of Burning Timbers Part Two

 Misaki and her group all stood at the edge of a large cliff and looked out over the mass of monsters below. "They are still here fighting..." Misaki said as she looked out over the horizon. This was the same cliff that she stood on before to see this exact same scene in front of her. "Mo'mo, Big Sister Miyu, and Big Brother Gen watch over Chiho and Sato. I will be right back."

Not waiting for an answer Misaki jumped up into the air and flew over to the mass of monsters below. She slowly released an oppressive aura out over the monsters causing them all to suddenly stop fighting and lower their heads. "Hear me, my fellow brethren! If you wish to leave this place and follow me. I can promise you in the near future all of you will become full fledged demons! I only ask that you follow me and take me as your Queen!"

Suddenly the sky filled with a thunderous roar as tens of thousands of monsters all sounded out at the same time. Misaki's HUD was full of follower requests. Misaki smiled as she happily hit accept on each request. Luckily the requests were grouped by the monster's race which allowed for the process to be quick. In a matter of minutes, the hundreds of thousands of monsters that were there suddenly disappeared as Misaki recalled them all. Not a single one remained. Misaki's monster count suddenly shot up to 834978 from the four hundred thousand she had before. She was now less than two hundred thousand monsters away from reaching the one million monster goal. What she mainly still lacked was humans. With only 30234 of the five hundred thousand she needed.

After taking in all these high level monsters Misaki returned to her group with a big smile on her face. "Let's go! This dungeon is huge so we might be able to find a few humanoid races here!"

"Leave it to Mitsu to subjugate a few hundred thousand high level monsters in an instant and act like nothing big had happened." Chiho let out a sigh. She was feeling very inferior to Misaki at this time. But this also bolstered her will of wanting to become stronger as well. So that she could be of more use to Misaki.

"Chiho, once you evolve you will also be able to do amazing things!" Misaki rubbed Chiho's head as the group continued on. Gen was carrying Sato, while Miyu carried Chiho, and Mo'mo was being carried by Misaki. The group flew over to the place where Misaki was chased by the monster birds. She had Gen and Miyu wait outside the monster bird's area so that they would not be attacked.

Misaki with Mo'mo on her back slowly entered the zone. A fluttering sound could be heard as thousands of monster birds appeared in front of Misaki. Seeing this Misaki did not show any signs of fear. She could tell these birds were actually stronger than the monsters she had just subjugated. She only smiled and sent out her oppressive aura. When these monster birds felt this aura they all stopped in their tracks and hovered in the air a little ways away from Misaki. None of them dared to get any closer to Misaki. Misaki was about to give her normal speech when a voice could be heard coming from behind the flock of monster birds. "Who are you!? And why are you here!?"

"Oh? One that can speak? Interesting!" Misaki's eyes lit up. It was rare to find monsters who could actually speak. Although it was not in Japanese and was in a monster language. Ever since Misaki had evolved she could easily understand other monster languages. "I am here to find monsters, my kin, who wish to follow me. As a Demon Queen, they will not be treated unfairly and would all have the ability to evolve into demons!"

"You say you are a Demon Queen is this true!?" The voice suddenly shook and a tinge of excitement could be heard within it.

"Very true!" Misaki replied.

A young girl with white hair and large white wings on her back slowly flew out from behind the flock of monster birds and over to Misaki. When her eyes met with Misaki's figure, they went wide and tears seemed to well up into her eyes. "To think such a day would actually arrive! You truly are a Demon Queen!"

"That I am... Soon to be a Demon Empress! May I ask who you are?" Misaki asked.

"I am Lor'ia, I am the Princess of the Avian race!" Lor'ia gave a small bow.

"It's good to meet you Lor'ia. My name is Misaki Mitsu and the cute girl on my back is my wife Mo'mo. Demon Queen and leader of Dark Front. If you do not mind I have a few friends waiting for me. Do you mind if I call them over?" Misaki was very polite to Lor'ia. Her race was also a monster race. But they were still considered humanoids. She was hoping that if she befriended Lor'ia she could bring her entire clan to her side and hopefully reduce the number of humans she would need to evolve.

"Of course! Any friend of the Demon Queen is a friend of mine." Lor'ia replied. Misaki nodded her head and sent a message to Miyu and Gen. A minute later the two flew over and stopped just behind Misaki.

"This here is my Big Brother Gen and my Big Sister Miyu. The two humans on their back are Sato, one of my followers, and Chiho, my personal guard." Misaki introduced everyone. Lor'ia was very surprised to see humans and even one of them was a personal guard. Chiho really surprised her the most because she had the scent of both monsters and humans on her.

"It's good to meet you all. Please follow me. I will bring you back to my clan. I am sure my father would want to meet with you!" Lor'ia gave Misaki a smile before turning and waving her hand at the monster birds that were still hovering in the air. The mass of monster birds parted down the middle creating a path for Lor'ia, Misaki and her group to pass through. "Please stay close. The barrier to enter my clan's territory only stays open for a few seconds. If you are caught in the barrier when it closes you will be sliced in half."


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