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129 Return To The Land Of Burning Timbers Part One

 Sato did not know if he should be happy or sad. Mainly because he knew he was really nothing more than a passing thought in Misaki's eyes right now. 'I guess I will need to prove myself as well...'

Misaki led her army back towards City C. The first dungeon she planned to visit first was the Land of Burning Timbers. The same dungeon she met Mo'mo in. The monsters there were all high level. So they would be perfect for bolstering her army.

It took another few months to arrive near City C. This was because Misaki made sure to pick up any clusters of monsters she came across. It had now been almost two years since Misaki started playing Eternal Phantasy. She was now turning seventeen. At this time they were about a day out from reaching City C which caused everyone to be excited since Misaki was giving them all a two month break when they returned.

"Happy Birthday Mitsu!" Chiho happily shouted as she gave Misaki a hug. Misaki was in a good mood on this day. She pulled both Chiho and Mo'mo over to sit next to her while everyone celebrated her birthday. This celebration was new to most of the monster race but just having the opportunity to have a celebration was enough for them to all roar out happily. They only knew that today was a day of celebration for their queen. So naturally, they would be happy about it.

"Chiho, your birthday is next month so we will have to hold another celebration at that time." Misaki said as she smiled at Chiho.

"It's fine! As long as I can stay by your side Mitsu I couldn't ask for anything else." Chiho replied, her cheeks blushed a little bit.

"Chiho you are now one of my kin I will not treat you wrongly. Which reminded me. Big Sister Miyu and Mo'mo when were you two born?" Misaki asked.

"I have no idea when I was born. I only know that I have been alive for a long time." Miyu replied.

"Mo'mo, doesn't know either. Mo'mo only remembers waking up one day. Everything else is basically only a blur. Mitsu, does this birthday thing represent the day you were born?" Mo'mo asked. Her eyes were full of curiosity as she looked at Misaki.

"Yes, it does. It represents the day I was brought into this world by my parents." Misaki answered. She reached over and pulled Mo'mo into her lap. Chiho who was sitting at the side couldn't help but wish to switch places with Mo'mo.

Misaki saw Chiho's envious eyes and reached over and grabbed Chiho's hand and interlocked her fingers with Chiho's. Chiho instantly became embarrassed and lowered her head but did not try to pull her hand away. Instead, she gripped Misaki's hand tighter. After being with Mo'mo for a while, Misaki was now not as dense as she was when it came to people having special feelings towards her. Although she was mad at Chiho for a while. After seeing Chiho work hard to win back her trust and unhesitantly becoming her follower. Her impression of Chiho had risen greatly. "Alright, I will decide on a date to set both Big Sister Miyu's and Mo'mo's birthday while we are on our dungeon walk!"

The night was peaceful. The fire flickered. Full Divers and monsters alike were all celebrating. Some danced and some sang songs. Right now this was the scene Misaki had wanted to see the most before her evolution. Even now it was still a sight that Misaki enjoyed. But to this new Misaki, it was nothing more than a good time. It held no special meaning to her. Her only care was that her kin were happy. Most of these full divers were just expendable resources. This was especially so since in her next evolution her kin will all take on a human form and the harpies will also evolve once more. This was another reason why she was going for this dungeon walk. She wanted to get more powerful kin who can then evolve along with her and can become her generals.


"We're here again..." The place they were currently at Chiho really did not want to visit since this was a place of bad memories for her and Misaki.

In front of them was the gateway to the Land of Burning Timbers. Misaki looked at the swirling Vortex with a big smile on her face. "Yep, we are here again! There are a few of our kin here that I need to spank."

Misaki did not forget those monsters that kept chasing after her that day. Now that she was a lot stronger than them she would subdue them and then give them all a spanking! The one she wanted to find most was the monster she had almost lost her head to. She knew that that monster would make a fine general in the future. With these thoughts in mind and without the slightest bit of hesitation, Misaki calmly stepped into the vortex. She wondered if she might find a monster inside that she could have a decent fight with. It had been a long time since she had gotten the chance to really exercise.

After Misaki disappeared everyone else quickly followed behind. When the scenery changed before Misaki's eyes she saw the familiar landscape ahead of her. Not too long after Mo'mo and the rest appeared behind Misaki. Misaki turned her head and looked at her group and smiled. "Let's see what this place has in store for us! If I am lucky I might even evolve before I attack the north!"


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