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128 Dungeon Walk

 After Chiho finally got a grip on her emotions. Misaki called Sato over for a report. "So how are the injured?"

"The injuries were not too bad mainly those races whose skin were not as tough. Humans, Elves and a few others. They only got some minor burns and abrasions. We did not lose a single Monster and not of the got hurt as well. It seems this city did not have a single Full Diver. I think they were probably shunned out of fear of the unknown." Sato answered. He glanced over at Chiho who now took up a place right behind Misaki. He felt a bit of relief seeing the bright smile on her face.

"Mmm... Good. When we get back I plan to set some new temporary City Leaders for our army. We need to station a City Leader in every city. Right now there are a few cities on the line with northern Japan that do not have proper leaders. Tetsu and Shinji are already stationed in two of the cities. Where is Chizuru?" Misaki had not seen Chizuru for a while now. So she was a bit confused as to where she went.

"Chizuru asked if she could stay with Shinji. I think Shinji seemed to have broken down her barrier a bit." Sato answered.

"Yeah, Chizuru told me that although she still loved Misaki she realized that after that day that she did not deserve to be with Misaki." Chiho added in.

"In any case it's fine. Chizuru can't take up a leadership role anyway with how she acts. It's better for them to not appear before me for the time being anyway. They are lucky I have still let them have such roles as it is now. If they were not useful in this sense I would have already fed them to my kin." Misaki's killing intent flooded out of her body. She still remembered how they just up and abandoned her that day. Even now they have yet to apologize to her. Misaki was only keeping them alive because they were still some of the highest leveled humans in all of Dark Front. But this did not mean that they would always be irreplaceable.

Chiho did not say a word as she lowered her head. She knew she had brought up Misaki's sore spot. Mo'mo saw Chiho mood drop stepped forward and draped her arms over Misaki's shoulder from behind and kissed her cheek. "Mitsu you are scaring my new little sister."

Misaki retracted her killing intent and looked back at Chiho and gave her a smile. "Chiho, that was not directed at you. You have shown your loyalty to me and showed me how sorry you are. You have made up for your mistakes. But those three haven't even taken the initiative to apologize nor have they even showed any signs of regret. Friends like that I do not need. Plus they are nothing but humans. Only those who are my kin are one hundred percent trustworthy. The humans who are being given certain positions are only there temporarily. The harpies only need one more evolution to be able to take up the positions. Some of the other monsters might evolve quicker as well. Once this happens I will be slowly moving any humans in high positions back to being grunts. Unless they are my followers, which seems to turn humans into my kin. This is easily seen with Chiho's changes."

"Yeah, my race has already changed to Dark Elf a few days ago. I have no idea what I will evolve into though. What about you Sato?" Chiho asked.

"Still says Wingless Angel, but I think mine will take a longer time to change." Sato did not have the blood thirsty attitude that Chiho had. Mainly Because Chiho was trying to prove her worth, while Sato was just there for the ride. He had killed a lot of Full Divers and regular humans but nowhere near as many as Chiho has. In just the past month alone Chiho had killed at least one thousand humans between full divers and normal humans. But Sato knew his mentality was quickly changing because he did not find the bloodshed was wrong in any way. in other words, he did not mind killing defenseless humans.

"Only time will tell. But my guess is that my bloody little imp will turn into a blood elf when I finally evolve." Misaki teased.

Chiho blushed at Misaki's words but still nodded her head and said: "I think you might be right but we won't know until I actually evolve. My screen that shows my evolution status only shows three question marks for the name of the next evolution."

"Then there is only one way to find out and that is when I can finally evolve. I will probably need to dominate all of Japan before I can reach my goal. But the number of humans and monsters I need to enslave is rather high. Monsters are not an issue but the humans... I am not sure what to do there..." Misaki frowned as she looked at her evolution status screen.

[Current Status: 130234/500000 Humans Enslaved and 404750/1000000 Monsters Enslaved : 10/1000 Stars]

"I just hope I can find a place with more humans." Misaki frowned. The number of humans they saw recently makes up ninety percent of this number. She could only hope she can find another four hundred thousand of them in northern Japan. Only then will she be able to quench the numbers she was needing for evolution.

"There might be human settlements in the new dungeons now as well. The other teams we sent out never did come back. So we can only guess that they died." Sato suggested.

"That is a good idea! When we get back I will have to take a look at these dungeons a bit more closely. Big Brother Gen is probably itching to stretch his legs so I will take Big Brother Gen, Chiho, Mo'mo, and Big Sister Miyu for a dungeon walk! Oh and Sato you can come as well."


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