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127 Reward

 Ten minutes later the sounds of fighting ceased and Dark Front's forces retreated out of the city. The resistance inside the city started cheering as they thought they had won. Unfortunately, their celebration was a little too soon. A light brighter than the sun began to shine down over the city. Three figures could be seen in the air floating high above the tallest building. Even higher in the sky above them were three enormous balls of fire. They were so big it looked as if the sun itself multiplied and moved closer to Earth.

Misaki looked down from the sky. The resistance members had all come out of hiding to see what was going on. Seeing these people now standing in the street Misaki gave a bright smile as her voice carried out across the city. "I gave you all a chance. Since you did not take that chance. You all can stay here in this city forever!"

With her words, Misaki lowered her hand causing the miniature sun sized ball of fire to fall towards the ground at the same time Mo'mo and Miyu dropped theirs as well. Before the balls of fire hit anything Misaki waved her hand covering the members of Dark Front with a multilayered barrier as well as Miyu, Mo'mo, and herself.


A massive explosion rang out. A large flaming mushroom cloud formed rising high into the sky, engulfing Misaki and the rest. An energy wave made of flames started at the center of the impact point and undulated out. Everything this energy wave touched instantly turned to ash or melted as it spread across the city. Be it buildings or humans anything that was not protected was destroyed. This energy wave reached the edge of the city and continued outwards blowing past the members of Dark Front and continued outwards. Many small towns outside the city were also flattened to the ground and turned into a barren wasteland.

Chiho, who witnessed Misaki's actions, suddenly cheered out happily: "Mitsu is so cool!"

Those who heard Chiho's shout all nodded their heads. They were very happy they were fighting on the same side as Misaki. Otherwise... They had a feeling they would not even know how they died.

It took a few hours before the dust finally settled. Misaki stood in the air looking down at the newly created crater in the ground. This crater was quickly filling up with water as the ocean poured into it. Misaki let out a small hum as she looked at their handy work. "Not bad... If Big Brother Gen was here we probably could have destroyed most of the coastline."

"Mitsu, if we used our full strength we probably could take out the entire country." Miyu stated.

"Big Sister, when Mitsu evolves, destroying this entire planet will be possible." Mo'mo proudly stated.

"That is very true. But it would defeat our purpose. If we did that." Miyu said as she patted Mo'mo on the head.

"I know I was just saying!"

"Now that southern Japan is now under my control and all monsters and Full Divers are spread out to protect the regions, we can now return to City C and make plans for our invasion of the north!" Misaki eyes flashed with killing intent. She wanted to rid herself of Eternal Games and Watase Eriko once and for all.

Misaki flew down and hovered over the members of Dark Front. "You have all done a wonderful job! It has taken several months but we have finally achieved our goal. Dark Front now has complete control over southern Japan! We will rest for a few days and make our way back!"

Misaki floated to the ground, stopping in front of a certain person. This person was covered in blood from head to toe. "Chiho, how do you feel?" Misaki asked as she stepped forward to wipe a smear of blood off Chiho's cheek. Misaki's action stunned Chiho as she was not sure of how she should react. At this time she wanted to jump for joy because Misaki was paying attention to her but at the same time, she was afraid if she showed too much happiness it would cause Misaki to back away.

"I-I, feel great!" Chiho finally choked out.

"Good! Over the past few months, your performance has been the best out of everyone's. I have watched you slay many whether it was with your bow, your knife, or just your hands. Everyone who fought against you has ended up dead. Sato was right about keeping you alive. Your usefulness is very high. You have shown me your utmost loyalty during this time. Of course, some of this can be said to be because you became my follower. But this could also be said to be due to your determination to make up for your past mistake. Because of this, my opinion of you has been raised a lot. Seeing how well you performed, I feel the need to reward you. From now on you will stay by my side as my guard. While we are traveling my Big Sister will carry you on her back as we fly." Misaki's cold expression turned soft towards the end of her words as she gave Chiho a smile.

Chiho's eyes welled up with tears as she looked at Misaki. For the first time in the longest time that Misaki had smiled at her. A smile that belonged to just her! Chiho burst out into tears. She was unable to contain herself any longer. Misaki did not push Chiho away instead she pulled Chiho into her arms and gave her a hug. A rare display of affection that was normally only reserved for those close to her.

Mo'mo puckered her lips as she looked at the scene in front of her. She leaned her head towards Miyu and said: "Big Sister I think we now have a Little Sister to take care of."

"It was bound to happen. Mitsu and Chiho have always been close. One fight between the two might have changed Mitsu into what she is today. But that does not mean down deep the feelings she had for Chiho have disappeared. Us Monsters normally have many wives as it is so Little Sister Mo'mo will need to work hard to keep Mitsu's attention." Miyu explained.

"Humph! It will be a long time before Little Sister can take Mitsu from me!" Mo'mo said this but still felt a little threatened. But if Misaki wanted to take Chiho in she would not say anything against it.


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