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126 Flatten it!

 Misaki looked at the two opposing sides in the city. She could tell right away who's side was which because the dumbfounded look on one side said it all. "I will give you all one chance, surrender, or die. Pick!"

There were easily over ten thousand full divers here. Most of which were Watase Eriko's army that she left behind. They all stared up at Misaki, fear evident in their eyes. A few moments later a man from the army Watase Eriko brought yelled out: "We surrender!"

"As do we!" The other side also yelled out. Both sides seemed to know they had no chance of winning if they tried to fight. With both sides giving up, Misaki quickly sent out her soul mark enslaving all those present.

She liked going about things the easy way. All normal humans were also sent to City C. This continued on as the process repeated itself as Misaki and her army went from city to city, town by town. Her army now consisted of more than one hundred thousand full divers and monsters. Everything was going smoothly until they reached the very southern point of Japan. A large wall had been erected around the city they were currently in front of.

"Mitsu, there seems to be human weapons trained on to us." Miyu brow furrowed as she looked off into the distance.

Misaki looked at the large wall that surrounded the city and was quite surprised that someone was able to actually accomplish building a wall. It was about ten stories tall and a few meters thick. You could tell it was constructed in a hurry. "Seems someone has come to greet us."

A man in a military uniform stood on top of the wall with a megaphone in his hand. "You there in the air! What do you want?"

Misaki smiled and in a thunderous voice that seemed to be like the heavens themselves answering sound out: "I don't want anything. Since everything I see already belongs to me!"

The man standing on top of the wall, eyes open wide and almost burst out laughing. "Real rich kid! I do not know what powers you got but this city does let anyone in. If you insist on trying to take this city we will be forced to return fire!"

"Oh? Do you think you puny humans can defeat me with your weapons? That is like an ant trying to knock out a human with its leg. Since you do not want to surrender then you leave me no choice but to show you what force means! " Misaki waved her hand and dozens of car sized fireballs formed around her.

The blistering heat could be felt all the way on top of the wall. The man's eyes went wide and his jaw went slack as he stared at the scene in front of him! Misaki did not hesitate and sent the car sized fireballs directly at the man. The man stiffened in fear but by the time he actually came to his senses and wanted to run it was already too late. The car sized fireballs smashed into the wall, instantly turning the man into ash and destroying a section of the wall causing it to collapse. Misaki raised her hand into the air and yelled "Attack!"

Right after, when the portion of the wall collapsed, the sound of artillery could be heard as guns, heavy cannon fire, and even rockets were fired towards Misaki and her army. Misaki only gave a snort as she waved her hand creating a barrier to protect her people. Allowing them to charge forward without care. Although normal weapons couldn't kill Full Divers and Monsters it would still be a hindrance.

Blood sprayed as magic spells, swords, and arrows killed everyone they touched. Chiho was covered in blood and a sinister smile formed on her face. Her blood lust had been growing more and more since she became Misaki's follower. Her skin also started to turn darker. She no longer looked like a normal wood elf but more of a dark elf. She seemed to be reveling in the feeling of killing.

Misaki had been watching Chiho very closely and did not miss a single change in her mentality. The corner of her lips slightly arched up seeing how murderous Chiho was being. "Seems once a human becomes my follower the more they kill the faster they start becoming a demon. On top of that, she is one hundred percent loyal to me now." Misaki nodded her head in approval.

Mo'mo kissed Misaki's cheek and asked: "Do you plan to take her as a lover?"

"We will wait and see. If things continue as is I might just make her dream come true. Why is Mo'mo jealous?" Misaki asked teasingly.

"No! Mo'mo, is actually happy with this human's performance. Well calling her a human is an understatement now. She is just as ruthless as our kin." Mo'mo replied.

"Calling her a human now is a little much. I'd say she is more a demi human now. I bet when I evolve she will become a full fledged demon. What makes this good is that we will now have another demon general. Sato is also starting to slowly change. But his progress is slower since his race is a bit problematic." Misaki knew that Sato's race was on the good side of the spectrum. Wingless Angel... Misaki was quite interested in what he would turn into.

"If he somehow turns against my Mitsu I will kill him for you!" Mo'mo firmly stated.

"That is if I do not get to him first!" Miyu said as she flew over.

"Big Sister!" Mo'mo smiled and waved her hand.

"You two can fight over who gets to kill him if he betrays me when the time comes. What's the situation?" Misaki asked.

"All heavy artillery has been silenced and looted. They had a number of tanks as well. Right now there are about a thousand left who are still trying to put up a fight." Miyu replied.

"To think they would fight to the last man standing. How are our losses?" Misaki already knew the answer to this but still asked just in case.

"We have lost no one and only minor injuries due to explosions. They seemed to have started setting up explosive traps along the roads." Miyu answered.

"Hmm... Okay since they have set up traps on the roads there is no need for this city. Once they dig in it will take a lot of time to weed the rest of them out. Call all forces back and flatten the city!"


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