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125 Enemies Meet!

 Hearing that she was now Misaki's follower, a huge smile formed across Chiho's face. "Mitsu does it say what I will evolve into? Now that I am your follower?"

Misaki checked her screen and shook her head. "Nope, we will have to wait and see if it will change your evolution to something else or if it will stay the same. Well, if you turn into a weird looking creature I won't discard you."

Chiho's eyes lit up, this was the first time in a long time that Misaki actually joked with her. Tears slowly started to well up in her eyes. Misaki saw Chiho's watery eyes and thought nothing of it. She only accepted Chiho as a follower since she was the best candidate to test this on. She really thought nothing else of it. "Sato, you want to try to?" Misaki suddenly asked.

Sato felt a cold sweat wash down his back, he was not sure if something weird would happen if he became Misaki's follower but with her looking at him like she was he could only say: "If Misaki is willing."


[Sato Akihito wants to become your follower!]

Misaki hit the accept button and allowed it to do its thing. Chiho who was looking at Misaki with glowing eyes did not escape Mo'mo's attention. "Hey, human girl! Don't think just because my Mitsu is being nice to you right now that you can try to covet her. Mitsu belongs to me!" Mo'mo suddenly released an oppressive aura causing Chiho to pale.

"Mo'mo it's fine. Although I am not really on the best of terms with her, she is now officially one of my followers. Plus I need her for my current test." Misaki explained while scratching Mo'mo's ears.

"Humph! If she ever makes you go through what you went through before I will rip her head off! So listen human, I will be watching your every move." Mo'mo's eyes narrowed as she stared at Chiho. Chiho did not say a word she only looked at the floor feeling a bit wronged. But she knew not to say anything right now. Her status was too low right now. She no longer cared if Misaki had a wife or whatever. She just wanted to be by Misaki's side.

Misaki did not say anything she was preoccupied with playing with Mo'mo's tail. Once the room was silent once again Misaki finally spoke up. "It's about time we set out. Sato, Chiho, go back to your respective teams we are leaving."

With these words, everyone filed out of the room they were in. Their next destination was City D. City D was only a few hours away from City G. What they found when they arrived was a city in ruins. Sounds of battle could be heard as Misaki and her army strolled into the city streets. "Mitsu, It seems humans are fighting each other in this city."

"Heh... I can feel the presence of that bitch! She actually dares to come to my territory!?" Misaki's eyes turned cold and her demon queen aura spread out over the city. Quickly the sounds of battle stopped. "Watase Eriko! Show yourself!"

"Hehe!" A soft laugh could be heard a little ways away. Suddenly a figure could be seen slowly walking through the sky towards Misaki. "To think you would actually arrive." Watase Eriko looked at Misaki and her eyes suddenly showed a bit of surprise. "Humph! So you evolved to!"

Seeing Watase Eriko, Misaki's killing intent spread out along with her aura becoming even stronger. This aura alone was enough for Watase Eriko to be alarmed. Even if she had evolved she still felt pressured. Misaki's smirked seeing the bit of sweat forming on Watase Eriko's brow. Just this alone told Misaki that Watase Eriko was weaker than her. "Explain yourself!"

"What's there to explain!? It was just as you saw. I was going to take this city for my own! I just didn't think you would evolve so fast! But you should have expected this! This is the front lines after all and City D is situated right on that line so this city is up for grabs." Watase Eriko crossed her arms across her chest acting like what she was doing was normal.

"If that's so then should we compete? Actually it doesn't matter. Since you are here, how about you offer up your head for this Queen?" Misaki's black eyes were filled with blood lust as she took out her sword and flew towards Watase Eriko. Mo'mo who was on her back suddenly perched herself on to Misaki's shoulders and pounced right at Watase Eriko!

Watase Erkio was surprised by the sudden attack and the way Mo'mo and Misaki were coordinating. She quickly waved her hand and shot a few fireballs at Mo'mo while using her other hand to create a shield to block Misaki's strike. But unfortunately for Watase Eriko, Misaki was a lot stronger than her so this one strike caused Watase Erkio's shield to shatter instantly causing her to take a full blown strike from Misaki's sword. Blood sprayed and Watase Eriko went flying towards the ground below. The fireballs that were sent towards Mo'mo were easily swept aside. Mo'mo reached her hand out after losing her momentum as she fell towards the ground. Misaki quickly grabbed Mo'mo and pulled Mo'mo into her embrace.

Misaki frowned when she looked down at the small empty human shaped crater in the ground below."She escaped once again and left her army behind."


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