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124 First Human Follower

 After the killing that already happened this scene of the young man being eaten alive did not cause an uproar. People only looked at the scene and shook their head wondering why the young man was stupid enough to yell at such a powerful existence. After getting their orders the normal humans set out to make their way to City C. The Full Divers who came from City G took up their stations while one hundred of the Full Divers who came with Misaki were going to be staying to instruct the new addition to her forces on how to fight alongside the monsters.

After a few days, things were set up in a manner that allowed Misaki to gather up those who would be following her to head towards City D. Because she was leaving she called for Shotaro. Shotaro walked into the meeting room that Misaki set up and quickly kneeled to the ground and said: "You called for me your Majesty?"

"I will be setting out in a while. Those I left behind will instruct you all on how to coordinate your actions with monsters. You will have a total of five thousand monsters here. Remember to remind those that any thoughts of betraying Dark Front and running away or helping an enemy, their mark will go off and they will become a soulless puppet." After she finished speaking, Misaki turned back to the menu that she had open and she was looking at the requirements for her to evolve again. She wanted to hurry to the next evolution but the requirements were a bit steep.

[Evolution System Explanation]

[To Become a Demon Empress, you must enslave 500,000 Humans and 1,00,000 Monsters and reach 1000 Stars.]

[Current Status: 10234/500000 Humans Enslaved and 20875/1000000 Monsters Enslaved: 10/1000 Stars]

'The only difference was that stars seemed to be easier to get.' Shaking her head seemingly disappointed Misaki looked up and saw that Shotaro was still kneeling there and frowned. "Did I not already give you your orders, why are you still here?"

"Ahh! Sorry, your Majesty! I will leave right away!" Shotaro hurriedly got up almost stumbling on himself and rushed out the door.

"Hehe! Mitsu, that human was still waiting because you never dismissed him." Mo'mo said as she sat down in Misaki's lap and popped a grape into Misaki's mouth.

"Whether he was waiting or not he should understand to leave after I stop talking to him. Anyway, Mo'mo it looks like it will take a while before I can evolve again. Once I do you might be able to fly like Big Sister Miyu and Big Brother Gen." Misaki said as she gave Mo'mo a warm smile and scratched her ears.

"Mmm... It's fine but Mitsu you still have to make me your follower for me to be able to evolve with you." Mo'mo reminded Misaki.

"Now that you mention it, you're right. Well, then Miss Misaki, would you like to become my follower." Misaki asked while poking Mo'mo's cheek.

"Yep!" Mo'mo nodded her head smiling brightly.


[Misaki Mo'mo wants to become your follower!]

Misaki quickly hit accept. Nothing special happened as Mo'mo still acted the same. "With this set up when I finally evolve you will be able to evolve as well. I can't let my wife be left out of the good stuff." Misaki gave a light kiss on Mo'mo's lips causing Mo'mo to giggle and snuggle into MIsaki's embrace.

While the two were enjoying each other's company a knock came on the door. "Misaki, It's Sato and... Chiho..."

Misaki frowned a bit but still said: "Come in."

Sato and Chiho both entered the room and knelt in front of Misaki. Chiho actually showed no trace of jealousy when she saw Mo'mo in Misaki's arms. She knew that in order to be in that position one day she would need to work hard. "You both don't need to kneel. Why are you two here?" Misaki asked.

"The army is all set to move out. I have decided to let Tetsu stay and take command here. I hope this is okay." Sato replied.

"That's fine. You can promote who you see fit amongst the humans to lead the groups we subjugate. Just make sure our defense is strong on the northern line. Although we have not heard anything from Eternal Games that does not mean they are going to stay quiet forever. That human is not one to take things lying down." Misaki stopped to think for a moment and an idea flashed in her mind.

"Chiho you said you would do anything I asked yes?" Misaki asked.

"If Mitsu commands it then I will do anything you ask of me!" Chiho said with a smile on her face. She was just happy that Misaki actually took the initiative to talk to her.

"Then I want to test something. If this works when I evolve so will you. So this will actually give you some benefits as well. But I am not sure if you will become a mindless puppet that only knows how to follow my commands since I have never tried this on a human before." Misaki explained.

"Whatever it is you ask of me, I am willing to do it. I said before to regain your trust and show that I will never do what I did before. I am willing to do anything." Chiho's words had no hesitation in them as she spoke them.

"Good! Then let's see if this works. Are you willing to become one of my followers?" Misaki asked. Misaki wondered if her train of thought was correct. One had to be willing to follow her every command to become her follower. Since Chiho had stated before that she was willing to do whatever she asked then Chiho was the perfect candidate to test this theory.

"Yes of course!" Chiho felt elated! This was a huge deal because Misaki treated all her followers with care. For Chiho this was like taking a step towards her goal!


[Nagasdawa Chiho wants to become your follower!]

"Oh, it worked! Congratulations Chiho you are now officially my first human follower." Misaki said as she hit the accept button.


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