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123 Hatake Isei

 All the normal humans looked at one another not knowing what they should do. One elderly man looked up at the young girl in the sky with her crimson red hair that was staring down at them as if they were nothing but ants. He gave a smile an asked: "Young girl, what about us elderly? Do you expect us to do the same?"

Misaki looked at the old man and frowned. Miyu who was standing a bit forward was angered to death that someone actually dared to question her sister, her queen! She was about to end the old man's life when Misaki raised her hand to stop her. "Old sir, by becoming a Full Diver you will regain your youth. What's a little danger when you can return to a youthful body and look however you want? You people might think I am being hard on you and making you walk to your death. No this is not the case! This world is not a place where you can be protected without doing anything yourself. Right now I am giving you a chance at a new life a chance to be able to live a life where you no longer need to cower in fear!

"If you become a Full Diver and work hard for me your ability to rise in the ranks and become someone who sits on top of others is not that far fetched. Think of it as joining the military but your military training requires you to hike from this City G to CIty C. At most you will need to be careful and choose your path carefully. As for monsters on the way... Where do you think my army has just come from? Where do you think the mass number of monsters under my command came from? I ask you! Before you complain and question my reasoning look at the bigger picture! Nothing in life is free. If you ask me whether I care if you live or die. My answer will always be, no, I do not care. A human is nothing to me if they are not useful. Why should I care if you live or die? In this new life of ours, the only thing that rules her is the law of the jungle. The same goes for me! If I meet someone who is stronger than me I would either need to fight for my life and try to escape, fight to the death and take them down with me or submit and become an ant under their foot.

"So instead of complaining and questioning my reasonings, I will tell you this. Work for a better life and show me that you humans are actually useful. Otherwise, I will push you to the front of the line to be cannon fodder for my brethren."

The entire time Misaki spoke her voice was cold and emotionless. But even still Chiho, Sato, and the rest actually put on a smile. Her words might have sounded mean and ruthless but they held a hidden message. 'The road is already clear. Be careful and get to City C as fast as you can.' to Chiho and Sato this showed that Misaki was still Misaki deep down. She did not hesitate to kill anyone to get her point across. She would massacre many until they submitted. But that did not mean that Misaki was not willing to help those around her in her own way once they submitted to her.

Even the Full Divers Misaki had brought with her realized this. It was only those who did not know Misaki from the start that would think she was being ruthless. But this old man when he heard her words understood what she meant. Those who do not work do not get any meat. A little danger to have a better life is better than hiding away cowering in fear. The old man looked up at Misaki and smiled. "Miss, may this old man know your name?"

"My name is Misaki Mitsu. But you can refer to me as your Highness, my Queen, or your Majesty. Since after all, I am a Demon Queen." Misaki answered. She showed no embarrassment after saying such outlandish things.

"Then Highness, this old man's name is Hatake Isei. From this day forward I will follow your command. That is if I make it to City C! Haha!" Hatake Isei let out a hearty laugh.

Misaki's expression did not change, she only nodded her head. While the old man agreed, a young man a few meters away from him shouted out "The old geezer might have agreed! But I don't! What right do you have to tell us what to do!? You came to our city and started killing people left and right then tell us to risk our lives to make it to City C. Are you fucking kidding me!?"

Misaki, expression finally changed as her eyes narrowed at the young man. She waved her hand and the young man who had just spoke found his body was no longer under his control and could no longer speak. Fear and regret filled his face as his whole body lifted off the ground and floated up and stopped in front of Misaki.

An oppressive aura undulated out of Misaki covering the entire area making all those around her kneel. The only ones unaffected were Miyu and Mo'mo who was on her back. "People who do not seem to know their place are of no use to me. But this is also good. You see my brethren have not eaten much in the past few days... So I will give you to them as a snack."

The young man's eyes went wide and a large wet spot formed between his legs as he helplessly watched as his body flew through the air and landed hard on the ground in the middle of Misaki's monster army. These monsters roared and pounced at the young man. Misaki let go of her control over him when right as the first monster snapped its jaws on to his head. The old man, Hatake Isei only shook his head and muttered. "Stupid idiot." He could tell right from the start that one should not actually try to anger the young girl.


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