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122 You Decide

 A few days later outside City G. Misaki stood high in the air with Miyu at her side and Mo'mo contently snuggled up on her back swishing her tail back and forth. "Seems there are quite a few survivors here in City G"

City G was a city located to the west of City C. It was also another city that was right on the borderline with the northern side of Japan. In the city a group of Full divers looked on as they saw three people hovering in the air and on the ground was an army of almost ten thousand that was a mix of humans and monsters.

"Shotaro what should we do?" A Full Diver turned and asked a young man who was sitting on a couch.

"Relax I will go see what this person wants." Shotaro's face did not look good. He could see the size of the army so he could only hope talking will settle things easier.

He went to the top of the roof and stood on the edge and yelled out: "May I ask what brings you here to City G?"

Misaki turned her cold gaze towards the voice causing Shotaro to almost wet himself in fear. Her gaze alone was enough to feel like he was being stabbed a thousand times. "Are you in charge of the Full Divers in this city?"

"Y-Yes... Yes, I am." Shotaro did his best to compose himself.

"Then that makes things easy. Submit to me or die Choose now you only got three minutes." Misaki said bluntly.

Hearing such a straightforward threat caused Shotaro to start to sweat. He had no idea what he should do. But before he could come to a decision he heard the girl in the sky coldy say: "Times up. Kill them all!"

A thunderous battle cry came out of the crowd as Misaki's army charged into the city. Down below Chiho seemed to have changed into a demon as she fired her arrows at anyone who stood in her way. She did not care if they were just regular humans, a child, an adult, elderly, or Full Diver. Her only thought was gaining back Misaki's trust. For this, she decided to become a demon.

Misaki's army rushed in killing everyone they say that was not one of their own. Mournful cries of people screaming out in their final breath could be heard all around. The door to the roof slammed open and a fat chubby man ran out. "Shotaro what the fuck are you doing!? We are being slaughtered! These people don't give a fuck who they kill. What's worse is the fucking monsters. They are ripping people to shreds! Do something to make them stop!"

It was only now that Shotaro finally came back to his senses. He quickly looked up at Misaki with fear in his eyes and yelled out! "We will submit!"

"Oh? You should have said so sooner." Misaki said nonchalantly. "Dark Front, stop the attack!" Misako's voice boomed out across the battlefield. If you could call this a battlefield. It was more of a one sided slaughter. But Misaki's words stopped all her people. Humans and monsters alike, they slowly regrouped back outside the city.

"You have one hour to gather everyone before me. And do not think of even trying to escape. I can tell the exact location of every person within this city." To prove her point Misaki waved her hand, sending out a crimson red blade of wind at a building a little further in the city. A loud booming sound was heard and cries of pain and suffering rang out once again. The top of a building was completely cut apart and if one looked close enough they could see bodies falling down along with the rubble of the building.

Shotaro collapsed to his knees seeing this scene. That building was full of nothing but normal people. But now hundreds must have died from that one attack alone! Doing his best to compose himself. Shotaro got back to his feet and bowed to Misaki. "I will do as you command."

An hour later a few thousand people were standing in the city streets.  Some were Full Divers and some were regular humans. Misaki looked at them all and waved her hand. Instantly cries of pain were once again heard throughout the city that only lasted for a few seconds. They all stared up into the sky confused as to what had just happened. Misaki looked down at them but did not explain. Instead, Miyu stepped forward and shouted out. "The person before is now your Queen. What she has instilled upon you is a soul mark. By having this soul mark means you are now one of her people and a person of Dark Front. If you dare try to have thoughts against your Queen,  those of Dark Front, or any traitorous ideas, your soul will be destroyed making you a mindless puppet that will be nothing more than cannon fodder for your Queen's Army." Miyu paused for a few seconds before continuing.  "By order of your Queen, regular humans are to head to City C, While Full Divers are to stay here and guard City G. In a little while you will also have extra help from monsters to help guard the city."

One of the normal Humans down below couldn't help but yell out a question: "You say regular humans have to head to city C but what happens if we get attacked by monsters?"

Miyu only smiled and answered: "You're just a normal human. What does your life or death have to do with your Queen? As of now, you're not even worthy to be used as a shield. If you are lucky to live and make it to City C you will be able to make yourself useful by acquiring a set of Full Dive equipment. But I will be nice and give you two choices. You can either try to make it to City C and become a useful person or you can stay here and become food for our precious family of monsters. You decide. Oh, I should remind you any thoughts of escaping will make your soul mark go off."


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