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121 Soul Mark

 A two days later all regular humans and Full Divers were gathered outside the base after being summoned by Sato. Sato stood on top of the wall waiting for Misaki to show up. He did not have to wait too long as an oppressive aura could be felt by all present. In the sky, Misaki with Mo'mo in her arms, Gen, and Miyu stood tall looking down on everyone below.

"I called all you humans here for one reason. From tomorrow on I will lead an army to reclaim southern Japan. While I do so my brother Gen will stay behind to help oversee matters. Mr. Nagasawa will also be here overseeing matters. If any issues come up go to Mr. Nagasawa first. To make sure nothing goes wrong within Dark Front, everyone here will be branded with a Soul Mark." Misaki announced, causing a look of confusion to appear on everyone's face. Seeing this Misaki continued: "It was once speculated that all humans have what's called a soul. The past two days I had been contemplating on how to make things more secure for Dark Front before I left. It was not until my wife Mo'mo suggested a soul branding which is commonly used amongst monster kind. These monster brandings are used for controlling slaves of the different monster races."

"Are you fucking kidding me!? You want us to become your slaves!?" The same man from a few days ago yelled out.

Misaki's gaze fell on to that man. Her cold eyes made the man feel like all the air had been sucked out of him.  Misaki waved her hand and screams sounded out in the crowd. The man who had interrupted Misaki suddenly burst into flames causing the man to scream out in agonizing pain. His screams echoed throughout the area causing others to quickly back away from him in a panic. It did not take long before the man's screams became muffled until he finally became silent. His body fell to the ground and continued to burn until nothing was left. Misaki looked at the people in front of her and smiled as she asked: "Does anyone else want to say something while I am talking?"

Silence. Dead silence. Not a single person dared to say anything. Seeing how no one spoke up Misaki continued: "These marks are not Soul Brandings. Soul Brandings make the one who is branded with it unable to think for themselves. I came up with a new version of this Soul Branding last night. My version only puts a mark on your soul. This mark will only activate if you betray the Dark Front.  By activate I mean it will  destroy your soul making you a mindless puppet."

Misaki paused and a smile formed on her face. Now some would say this smile was beautiful but if they looked into her eyes they would see that her smile was actually fake and would feel a shiver run down their spines. "You have a choice! Either be branded by my soul mark or end up like the human man that spoke out just now."

"I will take the soul mark!" A voice rang out from the front of the group causing everyone to turn their heads. Misaki looked at the person who spoke out and was slightly surprised. She figured it would be Sato who would step forward first but she did not think that the first to speak would be Chiho.

Chiho clenched her first and knelt down to the ground and pushing her head into the cement Misaki. "Mitsu... I know what I said before betrayed you in the worst way possible and because of me, you have changed. I am sorry for that. But no matter who you are now, to me you are still Mitsu. From this day forward I will swear my loyalty to you and do anything you ask of me. No matter what it is."

Misaki looked at Chiho and frowned. She really did not want to hear any excuses from this girl. "What if I ask you to service the monsters?" Misaki's cold voice floated into Chiho's ears.

Sweat formed on Chiho's forehead as tears started to well up. She clenched her fist to the point that blood started to drip from her palms. "If this is what you want me to do in order to express my loyalty to you then I will do it..."

Sato who was watching from the side wanted to say something but he kept his mouth shut. He knew anything he said now would not help Chiho but make things worse. Seeing the pathetic face Chiho was making made Misak laugh out loud.  "It's good you are willing to do such things. But I will not ask that of you. As Sato has said before, for a human you are quite strong so you will walk the battlefield for me. Prove to me that you are worthy of my trust with your actions. But I will say this..." Misaki's voice lowered and became filled with killing intent. "If you ever have words like you did before I will not think twice before separating your head from your body."

Giving a slight sigh of relief Chiho and said: "I will never say such things ever again! My life belongs to you!"

"Good!" Misaki waved her hand and a small blood red magic circle appeared. It flew towards Chiho and entered through the spot between her brow. Chiho cried out in pain as the magic circle entered her but the pain quickly subsided. She slowly got up from the ground and smiled brightly at Misaki. She was glad she had the courage to speak out this time. With this, she was one step closer to her goal of regaining Misaki's trust.

After Chiho received her mark Misaki no longer cared what anyone chose to do and sent out thousands of marks at the same time. Screams of pain filled the air as each mark burned into everyone's souls. Some of the older people and even younger people who could not take the pain fainted on the spot. There were even a few that had died. Misaki's expression was very indifferent about these things as she did not care whether any of these humans lived or died. The only reason they were still alive was because they held a use to her.

"Now that, that is done. Tomorrow those who have been chosen to reclaim southern Japan will set out with me."


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