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120 New Paths Open

 Misaki's ice cold gaze looked at Sato but still did not release the hand made of black flames instead, the grip it had on Chiho began to tighten. "Misaki! Don't do this! Think it through first. I know she has said some terrible things to you and treated you wrongly." Sato said as he tried to keep his voice as calm as possible. Thanking quickly he continued: "Think about it. She is very strong for a human so she can be of more use alive than dead."

"Humph!" Misaki coldly looked at Chiho and with a wave of her hand sent Chiho flying into one of the building walls fifty meters away. She then swept her gaze over all the full divers present and released an oppressive aura slamming everyone to their knees. "From this day forward every human who has a system will learn how to fight alongside my brethren. I do not care if you want to fight or not. Those who do not listen will be tossed out or killed. The choice is yours."

When she was done speaking to the full divers she turned her attention back to Sato. "Sato, I spared that woman's life on account of you and our friendship. If she dares to say the things she has said today again her life will be forfeit."

Sato's face paled but at the same time he let out a sigh of relief. "You have my word she will never say such things again."

"Good, I will leave this horde to you. From now on I will hand human related matters down to you. Oh, one last thing..." Misaki once again looked over everyone present. "As of today, the mistress of Dark Front is this girl here." Misaki squeezed Mo'mo's waist and kissed the top of her head. "Her name is Misaki Mo'mo, my wife. On top of that when I am not around Mo'mo, my Brother Gen, and my Sister Miyu will be in charge."

Finishing what she had to say she brought Mo'mo, Gen, and Miyu along with her and entered the base. Once she left the oppressive aura finally lifted. The full divers who were all made to kneel soon shouted out, voicing their complaints. "Sato! What the hell was that!? What does she mean we all have no choice but to fight or not?"

More and more voices rang out causing Sato to hold his head and rub his temples.  He raised his hand to quiet the crowd before saying:  "First I want to say that you should be happy that she did not just kill all of you for attacking her. You might not realize this but that was Misaki. The one who has brought us all this far. Due to some events, her mentality has changed to that of her race. She barely has a shred of humanity left in her. Luckily she does not want to just kill us all off. But in a way, this is also good. We will have higher protection now and all we have to do is follow her orders. Our basic freedoms have not changed. Think of it as having to take on an extra workload  at work."

"You say this as if it's nothing but some of us do not wish to fight! Some of us do not mind going on defense to protect our base. But running out to go to war is not something I am willing to do." One man yelled out.

Sato heard this and only shook his head. He knew if he handled things wrong at this time and more people started to voice out their opinion and it made its way to Misaki. There would be a bloodbath waiting. "If you are not willing I suggest you leave. I will remove you from the guild and remove your marker. But if I do this do you think you can get past the horde of monsters that Misaki just brought back. The only reason they do not attack now is most likely due to her orders and the marker that you have. Once that marker is removed you are nothing but a free meal to them."

Although Sato said this. This was not entirely true. He knew the reason these monsters were not attacking them was due to Misaki's order and nothing else. He just did not know how much Misaki changed so he was not sure if Misaki was able to tell what was going on right now. So in order to keep any blood from being split Sato could only try to use scare tactics to keep everyone in order. Luckily these scare tactics worked and the man who spoke up said no more.


Chiho who had been tossed ruthlessly into a wall sat in the rubble in utter disbelief. Tears rolled down her cheek not knowing what to do. Chizuru and the others were standing at her side trying to comfort her. They all now realized the consequences of their previous actions. Maybe just maybe if a few of them stayed to try to console Misaki she would not have turned out like this.

Chiho teary eyes looked up at the three in front of her and sobbingly said: "What should I do!? How do I get Misaki back!? I can't stand this Misaki!  I want the old Misaki back!" Another flow of tears rain down Chiho's cheeks as she slid her knees to her chest.

"There is no way to fully bring back the old Misaki. But if you try hard enough and sincerely apologize she might forgive you over time. But right now I would suggest not getting too close to Misaki for a few days.  Handle things with care and show your worth to her. Right now Misaki sees us as nothing but cannon fodder. Even me who she still calls a friend is expendable. So take things slow. Regain her trust. Only then might we be able to see a sliver of the old Misaki again." Sato said as he walked up to Chiho.

Seeing a sliver of hope, a light seemed to have flared up in Chiho's eyes. "If what you say is true.  If it means I can see her smile once more I do not mind doing whatever she asks of me. Even if it means becoming an enemy of this world. As long as I can see a glimpse of the old Misaki I will do anything."

A strong determination filled Chiho. She knew what she said just now sounded like she was crazy but she did not care. If Misaki asked her to slaughter thousands she would do it if it meant being able to regain Misaki's trust.

Normally speaking Chiho would never have such thoughts of this. Unknowingly the mentality of Chiho and the rest was being consumed at a faster rate than before. Because of this none of what Chiho said seemed strange to them. Of course, they were nowhere close to Misaki's level of transformation but they were slowly but surely edging closer to it.

At this time while everyone on the top side was dealing with the sudden changes, Grandpa Nagasawa, Chief Takahara, and General Utsumi were all standing before Misaki, Gen, and Miyu in a meeting room.

"Misaki, you really want to go through with this?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked. He no longer dared to call Misaki like he used to. The pressure he got from her now made him feel that if he said the wrong thing he would not even know how he lost his life.

"Yes, I want three thousand full divers ready for combat in a few days. I will bring them along with a few thousand monsters to reclaim all of southern Japan. The rest of you are now able to fully run through City C. By the time I get back I want to see the city flourishing somewhat again. I will leave these matters to you. My Big Brother Gen will stay behind to keep watch..."


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