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119 Lowly Humans

 A bright light enveloped Gen causing those around him to have to close their eyes. Only Misaki and Shu'la stood staring with eyes open as they watched the light get smaller and smaller until it was more human sized. When the light dimmed a naked young man of around twenty with muscles in all the right places, tanned skin, long black hair, two horns protruding out of his head and black eyes stood tall and proud.  He looked up at Misaki and fell to one knee. "My Queen!"

Misaki raised an eyebrow as she said: "Gen there is no need to kneel to me when you are now my brother. We are family. Family does not need to bow to each other. So just call me Sister or Little from now on and I will call you Brother."

"As you wish Litte Sister!" Gen replied. Misaki smiled and pulled out a set of clothes. "I had thought this might happen so I already prepared a few sets of clothes for you. Take these for now. I will arrange a room for you when we get back to allow you to have a place to store your things." Misaki inspected Gen and she couldn't help but be happy at what she saw.

[Name] Misaki Gen

[Race] Devil

[Grade] Mid Raid Boss

[Range] Red

[HP] 1689876988/1689876988

[MP] 58762873/58762873

Once Gen was fully dressed Misaki nodded her head in approval. "Mmm! Very good! Just like how my brother should be handsome and devilish!" Misaki then turned to Shu'la and gave a warm smile.  "Shu'la you were my second follower and are like my sister. From this day forward you will be named Misaki Miyu!"

Another bright light spread out this time from Shu'la's body. When the light dimmed a beautiful young woman of around eighteen years old floated in the air in front of Misaki. She had a slim body with full human limbs. She had tanned skin and long black hair. On her back was a set of black feathered wings. Misaki floated forward and wrapped a robe around Shu'la now named Miyu. "To think my sister would turn out to be such a beauty. I will have to make sure no one tries to take any designs on you."

[Name] Misaki Miyu

[Race] Fallen Angel

[Grade] Mid Raid Boss

[Range] Red

[HP] 1976529781/1976529781

[MP] 800988524/800988524

Misaki tied the sash on the Miyu's robe and said: "From now on just like Gen I want you to call me Sister or Little Sister. We are now all family."

"Miyu will do as Little Sister says!" Miyu smiled happily while giving a small bow.

Misaki looked down at the ground where Mo'mo was standing and floated down to her. "Mo'mo, sorry for the wait."

"It's fine! Mo'mo does not mind as long as Mo'mo belongs to Misaki." Mo'mo said as she jumped up and hugged Misaki.

"Just use Mitsu from now on. You are my wife so you should not act like a stranger." Misaki said as she scratched behind Mo'mo's ear causing the cat girl to purr.

"Then Mo'mo will call you Mitsu then." Mo'mo was very happy as she hugged Misaki.

"Mmm! Good!" Misaki wrapped an arm around Mo'mo's waist and rose up into the sky. With Gen standing on her left and Miyu on her right. Seeing how gen could fly caused Misaki to be somewhat surprised but when she thought of how she gained the ability to fly as well when she evolved she figured it must be an automatic ability after evolution.

Misaki looked over the crowd of monsters and smiled as she said: "From what you have seen, becoming true demons is possible. By following me you will have this chance in the future."

Loud roars sounded out across the mass of monsters. Misaki now had tens of thousands of new followers making it a formidable army in its own right.

"Now that you all follow me we shall now go to our base. I only have one rule! Do not kill the humans that are associated with Dark Front unless I say so. If this rule is broken I will kill you myself. Humans also have their uses besides food for you guys." Misaki cold eyes swept over the monsters below her causing them to lower their heads in fear. A sadistic smile appeared on her face as the feeling of those cowering in fear, filled her with joy. "Let's set out!"


Outside Dark Front...

"What the hell is that!" One of the Full Divers up in one of the watchtowers pointed towards a large wall of dust that was moving towards them.

"I-Its monsters!" Another one yelled out.

As soon as the word monsters was said alarm bells sounded out. And quickly thousands of Full Divers gathered together. The team leaders of the groups quickly got their teams ready as the groups all got into defensive positions.

"Wait for it..." Someone yelled meaning that they needed to wait for the wall of monsters to get a bit closer before attacking.


A mass of spells began raining down towards the monsters but the scene of monsters dying under their combined attacks did not happen as a magic shield came out of nowhere blocking all the attacks!  Suddenly a massive oppressive aura smashed down on to the Full Divers as a voice full of anger filled the sky. "Fucking lowly humans!"

Misaki who was holding Mo'mo along with Gen and Miyu floated down from the sky and hovered in the air in front of all the full divers. "You dare to attack my kin!?"

Misaki rage was starting to take control. She was using all her willpower to not slaughter all the Full Divers in front of her. "Misaki!" A familiar voice rang out. Misaki looked over to see Sato running over. Her cold gaze swept over him causing Sato to instantly break out into a cold sweat. Sato clenched his fist and made sure to show that he was not scared and forced a smile saying. "Misaki this is my fault I forgot to notify them to watch for you and a group of monsters."

Misaki looked at Sato and her gaze turned back to the full divers. "You all should thank Sato for defending you..."

"Mit-Mistu..!?" Another familiar voice nervously spoke out. This voice belonged to Chiho. Chiho looked at the new Misaki and almost fell to her knees. 'Was this my fault?'

Misaki's gaze moved to the sound of the voice and landed on Chiho. Flashes of what was said earlier filled her head causing Misaki's rage to well up. Without a single word, Misaki raised her hand and a  hand made of black flames shot out and grabbed Chiho by the neck. Chiho's eyes went wide with fear as her ability to breathe was cut off. Her hands grasped at the hand made of black flames as she struggled to try to break free from said hand. Her whole body was being lifted into the air. All Chiho could do, was struggle and stare at Misaki in fear and disbelief as tears streamed down her face. 'Is this truly my best friend? Am I going to die by Mitsu's hand?' These thoughts filled her mind.

"Misaki! Don't!" Sato anxiously yelled out.


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