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118 To Late For Regrets

 It did not take long before Sato arrived at the base. Everyone was up in a stir because Ra'thar suddenly disappeared. No one seemed to know that Misaki could summon her followers at will. "Young Miss what do we do if Ra'thar is not here? Without him blocking the lower level monsters we will end up being overrun easily!"

Chiho's mood was not good so coming back and seeing that their defense was now weakened made her even less happy. She was about to say something when she saw Shu'la flying over with Sato. "Good! Shu'la is back so she can ward off any monsters for the time being. I will ask her if she knows where Ra'thar went." When Shu'la landed Chiho quickly ran over to her and asked: "Shu'la do you know what happened to Ra'thar? Without him here we can't keep the monsters away from the base. But since you are here we should be fine until he gets back."

Shu'la's anger rose. She did not forget the hateful words that Chiho had said earlier. Feeling the strong hatred coming off of Shu'la, Sato quickly took a few steps back before saying: "Nagasawa it would be best if you did not talk to Shu'la at this time..."

"Huh? Why?  Isn't it part of her job to help keep the base safe? Since Ra'thar is gone she is the only one who is high enough  level to keep the monsters at bay." Chiho was confused. 'Isn't this how it always worked?'

A surge of killing intent came from Shu'la as she stared coldly at Chiho. Chiho's back became covered in a cold sweat as she stared at Shu'la in confusion. She was really becoming confused as to what was going on. Sato only shook his head before he started to explain. "After you ran your mouth without even asking Misaki what had actually happened. Misaki broke down and ended up having a forced evolution. And now because of your fucking outburst, Misaki is no longer the Misaki that you once knew. Shu'la, go back to Misaki. I will do as Misaki asked me and call all teams back."

Shu'la looked at Sato and nodded her head. She knew Misaki wanted to go for a "Walk" around City C and bring all the monsters under her command.  "Then I will leave it to you." A few seconds after speaking bright light shined and Shu'la disappeared from where she stood.

Chiho was frozen in place. She was having a hard time coming to terms with what Sato was saying. 'Misaki was not Misaki any more? And it was her fault?' She quickly pulled on Sato's arm and asked: "What do you mean by details? Why is Misaki not Misaki no more?"

"What I mean is that her marriage to Mo'mo was an accident. She had no idea that accepting and eating the fruit that a monster gives to you was akin to accepting a marriage proposal for monsters. On top of that, Mo'mo at the time, was a hell of a lot stronger than Misaki so she did not dare to anger Mo'mo. But you! Instead of fucking letting her explain fucking exploded on her!

"She treated you like family! Like her own fucking sister but because you were blinded by your so called love for Misaki you did not even give her a chance to explain her side of the story. Now because Misaki was forced to evolve she is no longer the Misaki of the past. Her original mentality is basically all gone and you're to blame. So much for being in love with Misaki! All you are is a selfish bitch!" Sato was beyond angry. He had heard all that had happened from Shu'la on the way over here since Misaki did not go into any details. When he heard everything he even sent a message to Misaki saying sorry for being so distant earlier. Even if she did not answer him it was fine as long as she knew he was sorry. He was very glad that he felt things were not as it seemed or Misaki might have lost all of her mentality altogether if he acted the same as the others.

Sato looked at Tetsu, Shinji, and Chizuru and sneered. "You three are no different than her. You were supposed to be her friend yet you gave her a cold shoulder and left. Leaving Misaki all alone in an unstable state. Just wait until Misaki gets back I can guarantee you will be wishing you had never done what you did." After finishing his words Sato completely ignored them and walked past them in large strides and entered the base to find Chief Takahara. He had to accomplish the task that Misaki gave him.

Chiho's mind was an utter mess as she slumped to the ground, her eyes full of tears. 'Because of me, Misaki is no longer Misaki?' Chiho thought back to all the mean things she had said earlier and tears flowed from her eyes nonstop. "I really am a bitch! Why did I say such horrible and hateful things!"

Chizuru was no different as she burst out in tears as well. Tetsu and Shinji both had grim looks on their faces. They all knew that they had really messed up this time. Because of them, Misaki had undergone such a drastic change. But now it was too late for regrets. It was not like they could reverse her evolution to bring back the original Misaki. They couldn't help think about how they all promised to help Misaki stay her normal self. Now that promise was literally like a piece of paper chopped up and tossed into a fire.


An hour later in the middle of City C, tens of thousands of monsters were gathered together. In the center of this crowd was Ra'thar standing tall with two smaller figures standing on his head. Misaki's cold black eyes swept over the mass of monsters and smiled. All these monsters looked up at her in reverence. This made her mood a bit better. "From this day forward you will all become part of my demon army! I will do everything I can to help train you all and assist you in becoming real demons.  I will show you what you can become. Here with me now are two of my followers who have been with me since the start. Because they were with me when I first evolved they are also now allowed to evolve to become lower demons!" Misaki smiled as she nodded to Shu'la who then flew up into the sky to get out of the way. Misaki then floated to stand in front of Ra'thar's big head and gave him a warm smile.

"Ra'thar you are my first follower and also like a big brother to me. So from this day forward, I will give you a new name. I bestow upon you the name Misaki Gen!"


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