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115 Break Down

 Misaki looked at the swirling red vortex in front of her wondering how she was going to explain the cat girl that hung from her arm. \"My Lord?\" Shu'la could tell something seemed to be bothering Misaki.

\"Sorry, I was just trying to figure out how to explain Mo'mo. I guess I can only tell the truth.\" Letting out a deep sigh Misaki with Mo'mo attached to her arm stepped through the dungeon's entrance.

The world around them instantly changed and Misaki found herself back in City C. What she did not expect was to be met with five confused sets of eyes. The first one to speak was  Chiho.

\"Mitsu, who is this and why is she clinging on to your arm like you are lovers?\" Chiho's voice was filled with anger. She could stand Misaki being taken by Sato but not some other girl.

\"Haha...\" Misaki let out a dry laugh as she scratched the back of her head. \"You see I kinda somehow got married....\"

Misaki really had no idea how to explain it except, to tell the truth. Whether she was willing or not it was not like she could go against Mo'mo right now with her current strength. The damn cat girl was after all a raid boss!

\"Ahh? Umm... Mitsu can you repeat that for me because I do not think I heard correctly. Who is married to who now?\" Chiho asked her tone of voice was clearly filled with rage.

\"I kinda got married to Mo'mo here... But it's not like I...\" Misaki wanted to fully explain but Chiho could not contain herself anymore and shouted.

\"Are you fucking serious!? I could stand Sato since he was a man and I thought you were straight and did not swing that way but now you go and marry some slut? Wait? She's a fucking monster! Me and Chizuru who are human showed our interest in you for a long time but you brushed us aside! Sato has basically already confessed to you but you fucking ignore him to! Instead of picking any of us you go into a dungeon for a few hours and come out fucking married to some slut cat girl!? You gotta be fucking kidding me!\" Chiho flipped her top. Tears streamed down her face as she let out all of her deepest grievances. She had all but given up on Misaki. But after seeing this and hearing the words coming straight out of Misaki's mouth Chiho could not take it. She had loved Misaki for a long time now! She was doing her best to move on because she thought Misaki was straight and had no interest in girls. But here she was with a cat girl hanging off her arm saying she was married!

\"Chiho! Listen to what I have to sa...\" Misaki was shocked and hurt at the same time. It was not like she meant to get married. She had no idea Chiho had thought of her that way. Chizuru she knew about but Chiho was always like a sister to her. They did everything together. One thing she hated most in this world was seeing Chiho cry.

\"Shut up! I don't want to fucking hear it! You and the little slut can go fuck in some back alley somewhere for all I care.\" Chiho shouted out. She was so mad she started shouting hateful things. She no longer cared about anything. She has never felt so betrayed before in her life.

Sato only sat at the side he wanted to say something because he had a feeling things were not as it seemed. But with the way things were going, he knew his words would not get through to Chiho. Chizuru started to cry as she buried her face into Shinji's chest. Shinji could only do what he could to console her.  Tetsu just stood off to the side. Her expression was a bit complicated since she had thought Chiho and her were progressing in their relationship.

Suddenly the air became very heavy. \"Gi'tal on'fa sa'um nu'tol!'\" Mo'mo's voice shouted out. Just her voice alone caused the whole area to tremble. Her gaze was filled with killing intent as she looked upon Chiho. She raised her foot and stomped hard on the ground.


The whole area collapsed down a hundred meters spreading out almost four kilometers, with Mo'mo as the center point. Everyone was in shock as they fell to the ground. The shock wave of her stomp brought everyone's [HP] down except Misaki's and Shula's by almost five thousand points. Chizuru who had the lowest hp of the group ended up coughing up a mouth full of blood. Misaki panicked and looked at Shu'la to translate.

\"My Lord, she basically said,  saying bad things about my lover, deserves death.\" Shu'la quickly translated.

Misaki wrapped her arms around Mo'mo since it looked like she was about to attack at any minute. \"Mo'mo stop!\"

Misaki did not want anyone else getting hurt. Just the wind from her attack had made Chizuru cough up blood. Mo'mo felt Misaki's arms around her and calmed down a little. She gave a humph, before going back to clinging on to Misaki's arm.

\"Real good Misaki! Real good! Tetsu let's go!\" Chiho stood up and patted the dirt off her armor. She no longer wanted to stick around. She glared at Misaki before she walked off into the distance with Tetsu in tow.

\"Sorry, my Lord but I will be bringing Chizuru back...\" Shinji followed suit as he said goodbye as if he was speaking to a stranger.

Misaki did not know what to say. They would not even let her finish explaining.  Tears rolled down her cheek. \"Why are they being so unfair?\"

Misaki's mind was a mess. She couldn't understand why they were acting like that.  All she wanted to do was explain. But things turned out in a way that all her friends have now left her. It felt like her head was going to explode.  Black swirls of energy started to follow up from the bottom of Misaki's feet. Misaki's head hurt so badly it felt like her mind was going to break! \"AHHHHHH!!!!!\"

\"Misaki!\" \"My Lord!\" Sato and Shu'la both screamed out. Mo'mo had no idea what was going on but the black swirls of energy frightened her. Although she was frightened she still did not let go of Misaki. Mo'mo did her best to pronounce Misaki's name. \"Mi-sa-ki!\"

As the pain got worse Misaki felt the whole world go black before she passed out.


[Mental State Unstable]

[Forced Evolution Commencing!]


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