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114 Leaving The Dungeon

 Misaki looked at the system message on her screen and her face went black. She really wanted to know how this happened. The culprit that tricked her into this marriage, Mo'mo had her arms around Misaki's neck nuzzling her face into Misaki's chest, purring. Yes, Mo'mo was purring away.  Misaki held her hand to her head and looked at the cat girl in front of her and mentally said, [Inspect].

[Name] Misaki Mo'mo

[Grade] High Raid Boss

[Range] Silver

[HP] 1987656654/1987656654

[MP] 786654148/786654148

[Wife of Misaki Mitsu]

Misaki's eyes went wide. 'What the hell is this? She's a damn raid boss!? What's with these stats!? She has almost two billion health!' Misaki looked at her measly Mid Dungeon Boss [Grade] and felt very depressed. But what she did not get was why would a raid boss be in a dungeon and wearing nothing but rags at that.

\"Sigh... What's done is done...\" Pausing for a moment. Misaki poked Mo'mo on the cheek to get her attention and asked: \"Mo'mo do you know how to speak my language?\"

\"Po'la do'za! Fren'ta to'pol Dre'netal.\" Mo'mo shook her head.

Misaki looked up at Shu'la with a questioning gaze. Shu'la understood and said: \"She says she never heard your language before. But she said she can learn it quickly. Just give her a few days.\"

\"Okay, we will do that then for now. Let's move over to the waters edge over there. I want to get Mo'mo cleaned up and get some clothes on her.\" Looking at the matted hair and dirt smudges on Mo'mo Misaki could tell she had not bathed in a while. The funny part was that she did not smell at all. She was just covered in dirt.

Misaki did not know if there was any way to undo this marriage but right now she did not dare do anything that might make Mo'mo mad. Misaki knew if Mo'mo were to get mad Mo'mo could easily crush her with one finger. Misaki gave Mo'mo a deep look before saying: \"After you bathe we will need to head to the exit. I just do not know if you will be able to exit with us or not... Mo'mo have you ever been to the swirling vortex?\"

\"Nal'da fen'so' me'lo. Dil'fil so'po ga'pol! Da'il de'fom dre'ssmo! Bi'fu no'hal 'yu'oil! Bo'tioli! \" Mo'mo started saying something in her language excitedly.

\"She said she has. She stuck her head through out of curiosity and saw you and your companions coming. So she quickly hid and followed behind us while watching our actions. She said when she saw you her heart wouldn't stop pounding. She knew then that you were her one and only mate.  So she made a marriage offer which you accepted. \" Shu'la translated Mo'mo's words for Misaki.

Misaki really did not know what to say. But she did pick up on the information that Mo'mo could poke her head out of the dungeon's entrance which meant that she would be able to leave. Shaking her head Misaki said: \"Okay at least you will be able to leave with us. Come on let's get you out of these dirty rags and get you clean. Then we can take our leave from this place.\"

With help from Shu'la and a little bit of fighting with Mo'mo, Mo'mo was nice and clean after an hour of work. She was now dressed in a green once piece skirt that stopped just above her knees, with some minor adjustments for Mo'mo's tail. \"Now this is much better. You look so much cuter when you are all cleaned up Mo'mo.\" Misaki said happily.

\"Ba'tol fu'fu!\" Mo'mo Jumped on Misaki catching Misaki by surprise as Misaki was once again forcefully kissed by Mo'mo.

\"Mhmf! Mo'mo no tongue! No tongue!\" Misaki's mind was going blank. 'This damn girl keeps shoving her tongue in my mouth!' After a while, Misaki ended up succumbing to the kiss and decided to just enjoy it. Misaki could not fight back with Mo'mo. Mo'mo was way too strong. Misaki could only allow Mo'mo to do as she pleased and on top of that Misaki had found that kissing wasn't such a bad thing.

Once the kiss was broken Misaki's face was bright red while Mo'mo had a big smile on her face. After a few minutes of collecting herself, Misaki decided it was time to go. \"Alright let's head back.\"

When they exited the cave Misaki realized that she was going to really have a hard time explaining all this to everyone. Letting out a long sigh Misaki contacted Chiho. \" Chiho I am going to be heading towards the exit now. It might take a while. Mainly because I have no idea where I am right now...\" Misaki had just finished her words when she finally looked around her to see where she was and realized she was on top of some mountain ledge that looked out over a vast forest below. \"I will try to meet up with you all soon.\"

\"Okay, Misaki be careful!\"  Chiho replied. Worry and concern was heard in her voice.

\"Mo'mo, can you lead the way to the swirling vortex I came in at?\" Mo'mo nodded her head at Misaki's question and without any warning picked up Misaki into a princess carry before turning in to a black flash of light disappearing from the spot they were just at. Well all of them except Shu'la who was standing there dumbfounded. \"My Lord!\" Shu'la screamed out.

Shu'la was at a loss because she had no idea how to get to the exit either! While she was panicking a shimmer of light formed around her body which allowed Shu'la to relax a bit as the world around quickly changed and she was now standing next to Misaki. \"Sorry, Shu'la I did not expect Mo'mo to leave you behind.\"

\"It's okay my Lord!\" Shu'la said as she let out a sigh of relief. 'Her lord did not abandon her!'


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