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113 Mo’mo

 Sounds of dripping water floated into Misaki's ears. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself in a damp wet cave. All she remembered was that she was about to be eaten when something seemed to have grabbed her and before she knew what was going on the world around her became dark.  Misaki held her head as she massaged her temples. \"I really need to be more careful... Hmmm...?\"

Having the sudden feeling she was being watched Misaki looked over and in front of her was a young girl around her age wearing dirty tattered clothes that barely covered her important bits. She had long black hair, a set of cat ears, and a tail covered in black fur...'Hmm? Cat ear and tail?' Misaki did a double take as she looked the girl up and down again. 'A cat girl!?'

The cat girl looked at Misaki with questioning eyes. Seemingly a little wary of Misaki the cat girl moved closer and pushed a large leaf with some kind of fruit and nuts over to Misaki. \"Ka'tal!\"

\"For me?\" Misaki asked.

The cat girl nodded and repeated, \"Ka'tal!\" while making an eating motion with her hands.

Misaki looked at the fruit and nuts and silently muttered [Inspect].

[Black Lands Fire Passion Fruit]

[Quality: Rare]

[A special fruit only found in the Land of Burning Timbers. Once consumed, one's physique will become stronger. Allowing one to be able to permanently withstand attacks of those one [Grade] higher. Only effective on the first use. Eating more will bring no further effects.]

[Black Lands Force Nut]

[Quality: Rare]

[A special nut only found in the Land of Burning Timbers. Once fifty are consumed, one's strength will become stronger. Allowing one to permanently boost their strength  to be one [Grade] higher than their current [Grade]]

[Consumed: 0/50]

After reading the description Misaki couldn't believe that there were such good items in this dungeon. Misaki counted the nuts being given to her and smiled bright as she saw that there seemed to be over sixty. With this fruit and nuts alone her strength and defense would rise greatly. Misaki did not stand on ceremony as she quickly picked up the fruit and bit into it. A sweet taste filled Misaki's mouth. She had no idea what to compare it to because it tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before. If she had to compare it, it was like a cross between a mango and an apple but it also tasted slightly different.

A bright smile formed on Misaki's face as she looked over at the cat girl. \"Thank you, I was very hungry!\"

\"Ba'tol!\" The cat girl clapped her hands before moving close to Misaki. She watched as Misaki finished the fruit and nuts.

Licking her fingers and her lips Misaki turned to the cat girl and asked: \"You are able to understand me right?\"

\"Fu'fu\" The cat girl said while smiling and nodding her head.

\"It was you who saved me?\" Misaki asked.

\"Fu'fu. Bo'la fel'tidi.\" The cat girl patted her none existent chest proudly.

Misaki at this point really wished she knew what the cat girl was saying. She could only roughly guess by the cat girl's actions what each of her words meant. 'Ka'tal' means something like eat or this is for you. 'Ba'tol' was something around great or I am glad. 'Fu'fu' was an agreeing statement like yes or that is right. But the last line 'Bo'la fel'tidi' Misaki could only take it as \"I am the one\". Misaki looked at the cat girl and gave her a smile. \"Thank you for saving me.  But may I ask why you saved me?\"

The cat girl cheeks blushed as she pounced on Misaki and rubbed her cheek against Misaki's. \"Fa'fa tu'looloo!\"

The cat girl's actions stunned Misaki and she had no idea what the cat girl was saying. Misaki could only try summoning Shu'la in hopes that she could translate. When Shu'la appeared the cat girls fur and tail stood up on end as she hung tightly onto Misaki. Misaki smiled and said: \"It's okay she is one of my followers.\" Only then did the cat girl ease up a bit but she still watched Shu'la cautiously.

\"My Lord!\" Shu'la said happily she was very glad that Misaki was alright.

\"Shu'la, can you translate this cat girl's words for me. She had just said 'Fa'fa tu'looloo'.\" Misaki repeated what the cat girl had said.

\"Ummm... My Lord... Did you eat the gift that this cat girl gave to you?\" Shu'la asked as her cheeks turned a bit red.

\"Un I did. It was very tasty and added permanent benefits.\" Misaki replied honestly.

\"Well, how do I explain this. My Lord, intelligent monsters all have their own special heritage and ways of life. But one thing is normal between all the intelligent races... I might be wrong since this dungeon is different. But if you ate the gift served to you and gave thanks with a smile it is akin to being married to the one who gave the gift. As of now you and this cat girl are now married according to intelligent monsters' heritage. Proof of marriage is signified by a mark on each of your hands. But this normally will not show until the two of you kiss...\" Shu'la explained.

As Shu'la finished her words the cat girl's eyes lit up. She reached up and forcefully turned Misaki's face towards hers before pushing her lips against Misaki's. Misaki, who was stunned from the forceful kiss, quickly snapped out of it when she felt a burning sensation on her hand. Misaki wanted to break away from the cat girl's kiss but found the damn cat girl was stronger than her by many times and worst yet was the cat girl shoved her tongue into her mouth! It was only after a few minutes that the cat girl released Misaki and licked her lips.



[You have formed a marriage bond with Mo'mo. May the two of you live happily together!]


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