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112 In The Nick Of Time

 In a black colored canyon, two figures could be seen weaving in and out of small crevices in between tall standing rocks. \"Where the hell did these flying bird monsters come from? They are even more ridiculous than the ones on the ground! No wonder the monsters on the ground stopped chasing us!\"

Earlier Misaki and Shu'la had entered this canyon since it was the closest area that had cover to allow them to lose the pursuit of the monsters on the ground. When they entered the canyon the monsters did stop chasing them since the monsters stopped at the entrance of the canyon. However, they soon found out why they stopped when thousands of monster birds the same size as Misaki and Shu'la started chasing after them. What made this even worse was that these bird monsters seemed to be a higher [Grade] than the previous monsters!

\"My Lord, what should we do at this rate they will catch up to us!?\" Shu'la's voice was very anxious. She finally felt fear for the first time when facing another winged species.

\"Find a place to land. I will recall you back to the followers' menu.  These birds have to fly so I can use the rock overhangs below as cover.\" Misaki knew if they stayed in the air it would only be a matter of time before they both got caught.  It would be safer if she went solo as it would allow her to move quicker.

\"My Lord, you can't!\" Shu'la yelled out. She was scared that Misaki was going to get herself killed if she was not around.

\"Shu'la just do as I say!\" An oppressive aura flowed out of Misaki causing Shu'la who was about to say something to choke on her words. She could only do as Misaki said and flew down in the canyon only to stop under a large overhang.

Shu'la let go of Misaki and landed next to her. \"My Lord...\"

\"Shu'la, don't worry I won't do anything that will get me killed.\" After saying a few reassuring words Misaki did not wait for Shu'la to reply as she recalled Shu'la back.

\"Now to keep running!\" Misaki did not waste any time as she used the overhangs of the rocks as a means of cover to keep out of sight of the bird monsters.

As soon as Misaki left many blades of wind magic smashed into the overhang she dropped down under as the swarm of bird monsters hovered overhead. Misaki was very quick as she ran through the canyon. But the birds still did not relent as they continued to fire blades of wind magic at her. They seemed to be able to track her no matter where she sent but they did not dive down after her when she was under the overhands which allowed her to be safe for now. She just had to dodge the falling rocks and debris that were caused by the bird monsters' wind blade magic.

Misaki launched herself up over a large rock narrowly escaping a mass of wind blade magic. Sweat dripped from Misaki's hair as she ran as fast as she could. Right now in her mind she was cursing the birds overhead because they just wouldn't stop. When there was no cover to block the bird monsters'  sight on Misaki the bird monsters would swoop down and attack her straight on which horrified Misaki. Because it was like being shot at by a machine gun with hundreds of birds swooping down at a time.

Misaki cursed in her heart as she looked ahead of her. A bit of hope sparked in her heart as she saw the exit to the canyon. \"I am getting further and further away from the entrance but if I can reach the exit maybe the bird monsters will turn back like the monsters before.\"

If her thoughts were right the monsters in these zones might have a territory that they control and they would not go into other monsters' territories easily. Misaki could only hope her theory was right. Seeing the exit ahead Misaki pushed her speed to the max. She did find that since the system changed, her strength and her speed had increased dramatically as well. She was very grateful for this fact otherwise she would have died a long time ago.

Fifteen minutes later Misaki's foot stepped over the edge of the exit of the canyon. After a few steps, Misaki turned her head to see the bird monsters all flapping their wings floating in the air just before the exit. \"Haha! Safe!\" Misaki let out a joyish laugh as she started to do her weird dance...

\"Mitsu!?\" A voice rang off in her head, catching Misaki's attention.

\"Chiho?\" Misaki answered back.

\"Are you okay? We have been trying to contact you for a while now!\" Chiho's panicked voice was filled with worry.

Misaki heard what Chiho said and a sudden realization came to her. 'It seems this canyon can block the communication between people through the team window...'

\"I am fine Chiho. I think the Canyon I was in while being chased cut off communications. This is something to make note of. I will make my way to the exit as soon as I can find a way around this canyon.\" Misaki explained. \"I will keep in contact from time to time. While I make my way...\"


A thunderous roar sounded out that shook the whole  area. Misaki felt her back go cold as she slowly turned around to see a head ten times the size of her in front of her. The mouth opened and row after row of sharp teeth appeared. Misaki unconscionably gulped down a mouth full of saliva. She did not even get a chance to look to see what kind of monster was in front of her. She was to distracted by the large drips of the saliva that were dripping from the sharp teeth on to her boots and ground. Frozen in fear the large mouth was just about to clamp down on Misaki when a black shadow appeared, grabbed Misaki and disappeared from sight right as the large jaws closed. Realizing its dinner was gone the large monster was furious and roared causing the surrounding area to violently shake.


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