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111 Chased!

 The large Monster that towered over Misaki had two large horns on its head and large sharp teeth in its mouth. Its body was covered in black fur with scales and spikes that ran down the middle of its back. It ran on all fours as it charged at Misaki. It had four, appendage like fingers covered in scales that had large sharp claws protruding out of them. It gripped the black chard rock in the ground crushing it as it ran towards Misaki.

Misaki looked at the creature and its name [Grade] and [Range] appeared.

[Name] King Dor'ath

[Grade]  High Dungeon Boss

[Range] Black

[HP] 5786765/5800000

Seeing these stats Misaki instantly knew that things were not as it seemed! That meant that the two fireballs that hit the other monster had taken what little [HP] it had left away! These monsters here were all fighting on even ground. If this monster was this [Grade] and [Range] then all these monsters were either the same or higher!

Misaki had cold sweat run down her forehead and down her back she quickly yelled out: \"Shu 'la!\"

Misaki did not dare stay here any longer. Shu'la reacted quickly and snatched Misaki up off the ground just as the King Dor'ath slammed it's large paw into the ground creating a massive crater! Seeing this Misaki was filled with fear. Her whole body shook as she asked: \"Shu'la that monster... What are our chances of winning?\"

\"My Lord, These monsters are all extremely powerful. It's hard to tell unless you focus on one of them but these monsters, if there was still a normal leveling system, are all around level 800 or higher... We are no match for them even if we brought an army and from the looks of it, all these monsters are around the same level as the one that we just tried to pull.\" Shu'la answered.

\"Then we need to pull out.\" Misaki switched over to her team chat and said: \"Everyone, leave now! This dungeon is way over our heads! Do not fight anything. If you do end up being chased by something run! Do not stop and just run!\"

Hearing Misaki's panicked voice and urgency not one of them hesitated and they quickly made their way up the stairs and started to rush towards the exit. Misaki looked at the King Dor'ath who was down below looking around on the ground and let out a sigh of relief as it seemed it had thought it crushed her to death.  But her sigh of relief only lasted so long as the King Dor'ath suddenly looked up into the air and its eyes locked eyes with Misaki's sending a shiver down her spine.

Enraged that its target was still alive the King Dor'ath let out a thunderous roar that sounded out across the area, catching the attention of many of its monster comrades. Seeing this Misaki face went pale! She heard a mass of roars as many monsters all of a sudden turned their attention to Misaki! \"Shit! Shu'la, fly in the opposite direction! We  can not train these monsters towards the others!\" Misaki was doing her best to figure out what to do next but she did not know the area. With no knowledge of the area, she did not know if there were any hiding spots or if there were any flying monsters. She could only rely on luck at this time!

\"Chiho, Sato, make sure everyone leaves the dungeon! I will try to meet up with you as soon as possible.\" Misaki did her best to say this calmly.

\"Mitsu what did you run into that got you so freaked out?\" Chiho could still tell Misaki was in a somewhat panicked state. If this was inside the game Misaki would not act like this but this was real life. There was no respawn system in real life. When you died you were dead!

\"This dungeon is like a playground for powerful monsters! The one I pulled is a [Grade] High Dungeon Boss with a [Range] of black! I have no idea what this means but from the crater it created, I can tell that it can one shot all of us at the same time! Right now I have Shu'la flying in the opposite direction so you five can escape.\" Misaki answered.

\"Where are you now!?\" Chiho asked anxiously. Although she already had an answer in her heart.

\"Currently luring the monsters that are chasing me away from you so that you guys can get out. As long as we do not meet any flying monsters we should be okay.\" Misaki explained.

Chiho felt worried but she knew this was the best choice. If Misaki did not lure the monsters away and tried to meet up with them first, with how powerful these monsters are it would result in all of them dying. She gritted her teeth and said: \"Mitsu, don't do anything dangerous and meet up with us quickly!\"

\"I will do my best to lose these monsters as soon as possible. I promise not to do anything that will get me killed!\" Misaki looked at the twenty or so monsters currently chasing her. They were really relentless. They chased her even though they could not reach her. Letting out a sigh Misaki asked: \"Shu'la find a place with lots of cover and fly into it. We will try to lose them in a denser area. Otherwise, we might be flying for days at this rate.\"

This was the only plan Misaki could think of to shake off these monsters. She just needed to shake them off and then Shu'la and her would be able to leave this place. \"Yes, my Lord!\"


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