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110 Land of Burning Timbers Part Three

 Misaki's eyes scanned the mass horde of monsters fighting each other. If her thoughts were correct then the monsters below were all being controlled by something or someone. But the more she looked the more she saw that the sea of monsters seemed endless. But because they were fighting it would make things a bit easier for them. \"With the way they are fighting each other it should make it easier for us to pull one or two. I will try for one but I might end up with two if they are fighting each other. We will first find a spot that we can fight in that is close but also out of sight of the battle below. Shu'la, hover in the air and grab me if you see me pull more than one. Just fly off in a different direction so that the monsters won't find Chiho and the rest. Also if you guys run into any issues let me know right away so I can abort pulling or lead the monsters elsewhere.\"

Misaki wanted to take every precaution she could. There was no way of knowing how strong a monster really was now with the system change. It gave a [Grade] and [Range] but these things were still a bit confusing. It would take time and testing to really get a grasp on [Grade]s and [Range]s.

\"Misaki's plan sounds good. At least this way the danger  level will be less for all of us including Misaki.\" Sato really did like this plan because it took everyone into account. By Misaki having Shu'la with her if she were to pull too many Shu'la could pick Misaki up and fly off with her.

\"Yeah, I see no issue either but still be very careful Mitsu.\" Chiho also agreed. This was followed by the rest agreeing as well.

\"Alright since the plan is settled let's find a spot for our fights.\" Misaki said as she got up and started to walk along the edge of the cliff.

Misaki and her team walked for a few hours along the cliff's edge. The entire time she felt as if someone was watching them. But she felt as if whatever was watching them posed no threat to her or her team so she ignored it.

After one more hour of walking, they finally found a spot that there was an inlet in the cliff that could be used to keep them out of sight while fighting monsters. \"This seems like a good spot, let's make a path down the cliffside so we can also use it to escape if need be. Shinji, use earth magic and create a narrow staircase leading down.\"

\" How narrow do you want it to be?\" Shinji asked.

\"Just wide enough for Tetsu to fit through with her shield held out in front of her to block any attacks.\" Misaki answered.

Tetsu's shield was about twice as wide as she was so if Tetsu took up the rear and used the shield to block any incoming attacks as they made their way up the cliff it would make their retreat safer.

\"Alright! Tetsu if you would?\" Shinji asked. Tetsu nodded and took out her shield and stabbed it into the ground. This shield was rectangular in shape so it was an even width across. After getting the measurements needed Shinji had Tetsu take back her shield and got to work making the staircase. This process only took about ten minutes. It would have been faster but Shinji was being picky with the way the stairs were made.

Now at the bottom of the cliff, Misaki had Shinji combine the new opening in the cliffside at the top only leaving a small door for them to pass through as a bit more added protection. This meant anything that chased after them would need to go through the only entrance. With this, they would need to chase after Misaki's group in a single file making it easier for Misaki and the rest to pick off any pursuers.

None of this would be possible without magic. Since it required altering the landscape with earth magic to fully realize the plan. This was all thought up by Misaki in order to ensure their protection to the max.

\"Alright for now just hide in the stairs while I go try to pull a monster.\" Misaki said as she pulled out her sword and started to walk to the cliffside inlet's entrance towards where the monsters were fighting with Shu'la following after her.

When Misaki exited the inlet she came face to face with the massacre before her. As monsters big and small were ripping each other to shreds. \"There is no way these monsters are fighting each other because they want to. I am sure they must be ordered to by someone or something. But that has nothing to do with us since we are just here to explore and test out the new system.\"

\"My Lord, should I hover up in the air now?\" Shu'la asked.

\"Yeah. Just try not to attract too much attention. I will try to pull the first monster in a few seconds. I just need to wait until one of the monsters is on the verge o death to pull.\" Misaki said as she looked around at her first prey.

After a few minutes, Misaki saw one monster overwhelming the other. She waved her hand and a few fireballs formed in the air. She quickly sent two at the dying monster and the other at the monster who was winning. She was going to kill one and then aggro the other all in one attack!

When the fireballs hit the monster that was almost dead, it finally took its last breath while the other monster was hit in the head causing it to roar out in pain. It looked around for the attacker only until its eyes rested on Misaki who was standing there waving at it. It roared out and again before going into a full sprint towards her!


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