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109 Land of Burning Timbers Part Two

 Misaki and her team walked up to the swirling red vortex and without any hesitation stepped through it. The view in front of them instantly changed as the once blue sky turned blood red and the temperature rose by more than a hundred degrees!  The landscape in front of them was densely packed with trees that were burnt into charcoal. The air was full of ash and soot making it thick and heavy. \"If it wasn't for the fact that we are Full Diver's I have a feeling that we would have already turned to ash by now or maybe even have suffocated.\" Chiho was the first to speak up after looking at the landscape.

\"If anyone without a system came here they would be dead for sure. The temperature here should be around almost two hundred degree celsius\" Sato added in.

\"Whatever the case may be. Keep an eye out for any monsters. Shu'la can you detect anything?\" Misaki asked.

\"I can detect some monsters off in the distance. I can not get a good count on them though. It seems to be well over a thousand. I am sorry my Lord I am not able to get a proper count.\" Shu'la bowed her head feeling ashamed.

\"It's fine just knowing there are a lot of them is all we need to know. Shu'la your with me. We will go slow. Once we get near a pack of monsters I want you guys to fall back a bit while I try to pull one so we can see how strong these dungeon monsters really are.\" Misaki said.

\"If they pull weird for some reason or have the ability to alert  their comrades, Shinji and I will provide cover support to allow everyone to escape in the quickest fashion possible.\" Chiho chimed in before Misaki could say something along the lines of \"If I mess up the pull just leave me behind.\"

Misaki nodded her head before saying: \"Since our plans are set, let's get going.\"

Misaki and her team slowly moved forward with weapons drawn. With the team now in a six man, plus Shu'la. Tetsu took the back with Shu'la and Misaki in the front, Chiho on the left and Shinji on the right. Chizuru was in the middle ready to heal or cast buffs at any time.

It took almost twenty minutes to exit the forest where they all stopped their movements and looked at the vast black plains in front of them! Sato was not able to hold back his thoughts as he asked: \"Is this dungeon a world in itself? I mean this place is huge! \"

Misaki looked out in front of her. It really did seem that this land extended past the horizon. \"If it is a world then this might cause a bit of a problem... If all the dungeons are this big then it could take months or even years to investigate them. And if some of those dungeons have intelligent inhabitants our world might see an influx of new races as well.\"

\"I don't think it would be too much of an issue for new races to appear in our world anymore. I think it would bring about a more positive effect since these worlds have monsters in them. But that is to say that those intelligent inhabitants can even pass through the vortex. They might be locked to the dungeon.\" Chiho also put in her two cents.

\"But if they were able to come out wouldn't that mean the monsters in the dungeon could come out as well?\" Chizuru asked.

\"We can only speculate what is what. Right now all we can do is investigate....\" Misaki paused her steps as she felt eyes on her. \"Stop! We are being watched...\" Misaki carefully scanned the area but could not find the source. \"Shu'la did you detect anything just now?\"

\"My Lord, I did sense something was watching us but I was not able to pinpoint where they were or how close they were to us...\" Shu'la frowned. She was originally a high level boss before the system changed where she could detect any monster no matter which type in a ten kilometer radius. Now... She could not even detect the exact location of something that was watching them!

\"It's fine as long as they are keeping a distance. Let them watch all they want. Just keep your guards up in case of an ambush. The monster or thing that is watching us might just have some form of intelligence.\" Misaki warned.

After almost four hours of walking, they came to a cliff edge at the edge of the black plains. Below was nothing but black earth with red glowing lines visible all around. But other than that there was a mass of monsters all fighting each other. The stench of blood filled the air as countless dead monsters covered the ground. The sight before them surprised Misaki and the rest because they had never seen anything like this in the game or anywhere else.

\"What are they doing!? Why are they killing each other!?\" Chizuru asked loudly. Her shock made the volume of her voice louder than she meant it to be.

\"Shhh... Don't be so loud. Something seems off about all of this. It's almost like two opposing sides are fighting each other. It's best to wait and see what's happening before doing anything.\" Misaki did not even turn around as she said this. Her eyes were not on the battle below but the edges of the battle...

Chizuru quickly quieted down, knowing that her outburst could have attracted unwanted attention. Shinji patted Chizuru's shoulder to console her only to get his hand shrugged off and a \"humph\" from Chizuru. Chiho who was at the side did her best to keep her laughter in. She knew something was going on between those two but she did not know what exactly. She couldn't help but take a glance at both Tetsu and Misaki. She let out a depressed sigh. Chiho already knew she did not like men when she first fell for Misaki. She still had feelings for Misaki even now and wished to pull Misaki back towards her but the expressions Misaki has with Sato were expressions she could never get out of Misaki. But lately the more time she has spent with Tetsu she has found herself really enjoying her time with him. Now that he was a girl her feelings for Tetsu had started to slowly change which even shocked her. \"Why is love so complicated!\" Chiho softly mumbled to herself.


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