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108 Land of Burning Timbers Part One

 Although still somewhat embarrassed Misaki knew that the task at hand had to be dealt with first. Feelings and emotions can wait until later. Right now they had to deal with the dungeons that have sprung up. Misaki shook her head and slapped her cheeks a few times before looking at Sato. \" Sato we will talk more later. For now, everyone let's go over the details on what we will be doing. Chiho you called Sato here for a reason I am guessing?\"

\"Yeah, we can now form teams of six without needing to be in a raid. Since Sato is around our level I chose him to come with us. But now with these system changes, I am not sure if the old levels even matter anymore.\" Chiho explained.

\"Well, I do not think it matters at this time. All we can do is test the waters a bit.\" As Misaki was saying this a thought came to mind for her. She opened her follower screen and looked at the list of monsters that were now all categorized into species and grades. She read down the list and noticed that there were no longer any summon buttons. She looked through the screen one more time and found and pressed the question mark on the screen for more information.

[Follower Screen Upgrades!]

[Followers are now all categorized by Race, Grade, and Range]

[Followers can now be summoned by willing it while calling out their name. It doesn't matter where they are at the time in the world they will be automatically summoned to you.]

[Followers' connection with their lords are now able to reach any distance. Communication between follower and lord can be done telepathically.]

Misaki was happy to see this so she quickly contacted Shu'la. \"Shu'la are you busy?\"

\"No, my Lord do you need me for something?\" Shu'la asked.

\"It's good that you are not busy. I will explain more when you get here. I will summon you now.\" Misaki said as she shouted: \"Shu'la!\"

A flash of light appeared and Shu'la was now in front of Misaki on one knee bowing her head. \"Here as you commanded my Lord.\"

\"Please rise Shu'la I hate when you do this... Anyway. Shu'la I have to ask in a fight between me and you who would win right now?\" Misaki asked.

\"If my Lord and I were to fight right now it would be a tough fight if I was not allowed to fly. But with my aerial advantage I would say I would have a seventy five percent chance of winning. If My lord were to create a few ultimate moves like the one I used to blow up the military base then I would only have about a one percent chance of winning.\" Shu'la answered seriously.

\"I see...\" Misaki once again looked at her character screen at the grade she had.

[Grade] Mid Dungeon Boss

\"So does this mean I am more of a monster than a human now? Or is it that I am some kind of humanoid mob...\" Misaki got lost in thought as she mumbled to herself.  After a few minutes of her brain working on overdrive, Misaki decided she would try to create a few special attacks of her own later on. She didn't care if she was a monster or a human anymore.  There was nothing she could do about it anyway. She just had to deal with it. \"Alright let's get going. Shu'la you will come with us.\"

\"Based on the new system changes, Shu'la and I will lead the way. Tetsu I want you to cover and protect the others. Chiho and Shinji, be careful of your aggro, try to do a bit lighter damage just in case. Sato, you stay back a bit and just cast magic for now and Chizuru you know what to do.  I want to take this slow. No one is allowed to die on me during this run. If you lose close to half your health then quickly go to the back of the group to heal. If things get too bad Shu'la and I will hold up the rear while the rest of you escape. Everyone okay with this plan?\" Misaki had no idea what was in store for them. She could only hope that nothing bad would happen while in the dungeon.

Chiho hated when Misaki always put them first and herself last. She wanted to say something but held it in because she knew this was the best plan. She knew Shu'la would give her life for Misaki before letting Misaki die. She could only nod her head and say: \"I agree.\"

Quickly everyone else followed and agreed. With everyone's okay Misaki and the rest departed towards Land of Burning Timbers entrance.  The dungeon was only a few streets from where they were according to the information she received. So it only took them a few minutes to reach their destination.

But what fell before them was not what they expected. In front of them was a large swirling red vortex that floated in the air in the middle of the street. Two Full Divers were standing guard near the vortex. When they Saw Misaki the two Full Divers both ran over and greeted Misaki.

\"My Lord!\"

\"This is it? Land of Burning Timbers?\" Misaki asked the two Full Divers.

\"Yes my Lord! This is the entrance. We had a few people go inside and check what it was. When they came out they told us the name of the dungeon had shown up on their HUDs.\" One of the Full Divers responded.

\"Okay, we will check it out. I want the two of you to stay on guard and not let anyone enter.\" Misaki gave out her orders to the two Full Divers before turning to Chiho and the rest. \"Once again be careful. We will take this as slow as possible.\"


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