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106 Major Changes To The System Part One

 Noontime East Station...

Misaki stood under the hot sun and looked up at the sky. She was waiting for Chiho and the rest to show up so that they could depart to the location where the Land of Burning Timbers dungeon entrance was located. Knowing it will take some time before the others showed up she went and sat down in the shade on a bench that was nearby.


A familiar sound came from underneath her. Misaki looked down to see a blue slime rubbing its body up against her foot like a dog or a cat would do to show its love and affection to its owner. Misaki saw the adorably cute thing latching on to her causing her face to turn black. A sword appeared in Misaki's hand as she said: \"Sorry but I will never fall for that cute trap ever again!\"

Misaki thrust down with her sword causing the blue ball of gelatin to panic and it started making noises non stop. *Splugie!* *Splugie!* *Splugie!*


[Weak Slime wants to become your follower.]

Just reading the few words on the HUD in front of her caused Misaki to stop her actions. She then looked at the cute adorable looking slime and her lips twitched into a slight smile as she hit the yes button. Once she did and knew the slime would no longer attack her so she quickly picked it up and started petting it!

\"Oh! You're nice and cool!\" Misaki was surprised to find that the slime was rather cool to the touch on such a hot day, it felt very nice. She brought the blue ball to her face and rubbed her cheek up against it. \"Ahh! So cool!\"

Misaki suddenly got an idea as she pulled open her armor on her chest exposing her white skin underneath. She was about to place the blue ball inside when she heard footsteps coming from behind her.

\"Misaki?\" A familiar voice rang out behind.  Misaki's actions froze with her armor not half open and a blue ball of gelatin in her hand had just come in contact with her white skin. \"You know if you do that, the little guy will suffer more.\"

Coming to a stop in front of her was Sato who had a big grin on his face. His eyes fell on to Misaki's exposed white skin and then on to the partially visible pink bra. \"I did not take you for a girl who would wear pink! I thought you would wear black.\"

Misaki's face turned bright red as she tossed the slime to the side and quickly covered up! \"Pervert! The least you can do is pretend like you didn't see!\" She quickly equipped her Storm Snake Bra, replacing the pink one as she covered up.

\"Well, when I see a cute girl exposing her delicate skin and undergar....\" Sato's words stop short as a cold feeling of metal was felt on his neck. With a gulp, he quickly said: \"Haha... Ahem... I saw nothing. I only saw a cute girl sitting here petting a slime...\"

\"Humph! Such a slick tongue...\" Misaki glared at Sato before drawing her sword back and putting it away. She adjusted her armor and asked: \"Why are you here? You are supposed to be in the center of the city looking for civilians.\"

\"Ah, yeah... I was until I got a message from Chiho to meet you here...\" Sato rubbed his neck and stretched it a bit. The cold sweat on his back slowly started to dry up.

\"Huh? Why did she tell you to come here...\" Misaki was confused and quickly sent a message to Chicho. \"Chiho why did you have Sato come? We already have a team of five.\"

\"Mitsu, did you not notice the changes in the system? There has been a massive change to the system today! I thought you already knew so I did not contact you about it. We will be there soon. Take a look at your character screen, it has completely changed. I am not sure what to make of it.\" Chiho was not surprised that Misaki had not noticed since she knew Misaki had been busy all day. Even she did not notice until she looked at her stats, not more than an hour ago.

\"Okay, I will look at it now. I will see you guys when you get here.\" Misaki quickly opened her character screen only to see that it was completely changed.

[Name] Misaki

[Race]Demon Lord

[Evolution Status] 5/200 Stars

[Grade] Mid Dungeon Boss

[Range] Yellow

[HP] 150692/150692

[MP] 20999/20999

[Attack Power] 35678

[Magic Power] 22756

[Defence] 305678

[Magic Defence]  305678

[Health Regeneration Out Of Combat] 50%

[Health Regeneration In Combat] 20%



Storm Snake Boots, Storm Snake Skirt, Storm Snake Chest, Storm Snake Gloves, Storm Snake Panties, Storm Snake Bra, Starlight Graphene Phoenix Circlet, Starlight Graphene Chest Plate, Starlight Graphene Greaves, Starlight Graphene Shoulder Guards, Starlight Graphene Wrist Guards, Starlight Graphene Hand Guards


The Queen's Blade MKII


Nature Control, Demon Lord's Subjugation

[Passive Skills]

Qualities Of A Demon Lord

Misaki saw the changes to the character screen and was instantly confused. Her main stats had skyrocketed and the attributes all disappeared!  Misaki looked up at Sato and asked: \"Sato have you looked at your character screen?\"

\"Huh? No why?\" Sato quickly opened his screen and was shocked at what he was seeing. \"What the hell is this... What does it mean by [Evolution Status] and what is this [Grade] and [Range] thing!? What does [Grade] Low Unique Named Elite and [Range] Yellow even stand for!? Misaki when did this all change!?\"

\"I am not sure myself. Chiho had just discovered it an hour ago and just told me now. What's your [HP] at?\" Misaki asked.

\"My [HP] is at 65756. I originally only had around 1500 [HP]\" Sato answered.

\"And how many stars do you have towards your evolution?\" Misaki was trying to compare her own stats to Sato's to see where the difference lies since her stats were off the charts at this time.

\"I only have two stars...\" Sato once again answered.

Misaki looked at her own and saw that she had five of two hundred stars. She noticed a small question mark next to the [Evolution Status] line. She pressed it and a new window popped up.

[Evolution System Explanation]

[To Become a Demon Queen, you must kill 50,000 Humans and 100,000 monsters and reach 200 Stars.]

[Current Status: 2467/50000 Humans Slain, 45720/100000 Monsters Slain, 5/200 Stars]

[Stars are gained by actions based on race. To help you gain stars your mentality will slowly change to match your race.]

[You can see uncompleted actions to gain stars in the goals tab. You can also see your completed actions as well.]

[Each star gained will increase your strength substantially. When you reach a certain amount of stars. Your grade may rise adding even more strength.]

[Warning... It is not advisable to fight those of higher Grade and Range. I.E. If your Grade is Low Monster with Range Yellow and you see a Grade Low Monster with Range Red, it would be advisable to stay clear. This does change however if the Grade is higher than the others. I.E. If you are Mid Monster Range Yellow and you see a Low Monster range Red then you will have an easy fight. The higher the range though will cause the fights to become more difficult.]

Misaki felt a headache coming on. It was nice not having to always allocate status points but this was a little much... This was not just a simple change but a full overhaul on the whole system!


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