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105 Dungeons

 Currently, Misaki was up in the air with Shu'la's assistance. She was looking over the huge mound of rubble that was left over after Eternal Games's headquarters building exploded. With her was a mix of Full Divers and monsters. In total two hundred full divers and monsters in all. \"Alright, everyone... I know this will be a daunting task. But we need to see if we can salvage anything that will tell us about Eternal Games and where their new base might be. It would also be good to find out more information on how and why things have come to be. If you think it is useful then store it in your inventory and we will compile all the data when we are done.\"

After finishing her words Misaki went to work with everyone else. She wanted to find out what Eternal Games was up to and the only way to do such a thing was to find out everything they could. Now two hundred humans and monsters might not seem like enough help to do such a task but since each and every one of these humans and monsters can dig and sort through the rubble faster than a machine can it would not take more than a few days to finish the task.

The night before Misaki had noticed that everyone was starting to settle into their new lives. This made Misaki happy since this meant things were at least going somewhat smoothly. She hoped things would continue as they were so that they could slowly progress further and further along a path of rebuilding and reclaiming Japan.

\"My Lord!\" A female Full Diver came running up, sweat was dripping from his face.

\"Why are you in such a hurry? What's wrong?\" Misaki looked at the young female, well Misaki had no idea what the girl's original age was but she looked to be around eighteen years old.

\"My Lord, I am from the  East Patrol Division. I rushed here as fast as I could because we found what seems to be a dungeon!\" The young female said as she was still trying to catch her breath.

\"A Dungeon!? Are you sure?\" Misaki was surprised. She had never thought dungeons would appear!

\"Yes, my Lord! We stepped into the entrance and the name of the dungeon popped up on our HUDs. It's called Land of Burning Timbers... We do not know what level the dungeon is. We did not dare go any further than we did.\" The female Full Diver replied.

\"I see..\" Misaki thought for a moment before continuing. \"Alright tell your teammates to station two people outside its entrance. Do not let anyone in. The other members of the East Patrol Division will continue patrolling the area looking for survivors and thinning out the monsters. Before you go I need to ask why you didn't just contact base camp to have them relay the message to me?\"

\"Ah! My Lord I am sorry! I was so flustered after finding the dungeon, I was not thinking straight and ran right here!\" The female Full Diver's face flushed red as she realized she had made such a simple mistake!

\"It's fine. Go take a small break before you head back. You must be tired from rushing here.\" Misaki gave a smile before sending a message to Dark Front's Base. \"Chief Takahara, send word to everyone that if they find a dungeon report it right away and not to go any further than the entrance. We will send teams out to investigate after.\"

\"My Lord, I was just about to contact you. There have already been reports from all over about dungeons. To the west part of the city is a dungeon called Wind Valley. In the south part of the city is a dungeon called Frozen Forest and then in the north part of the city is a dungeon named The Damned of Eternity!\" Chief Takahara responded.

\"Alright, I will head over to the east since I just got word of one over there. Start marking the dungeon locations on a map. Have a few raid teams form and enter the dungeons to scout them out. They are not to fight unless they can do so safely. I don't want anyone dying just to scout a dungeon out.\"

\"I will set it all up right away my Lord.\" Chief Takahara said before he quickly went to go do his tasks.

After speaking to Chief Takahara, Misaki sent a message to Chiho: \"Chiho, where are you now? I need you and the rest to meet at East Station.\"

\"East station? Do you need me to contact Sato as well?\" Chiho asked.

\"No, he's running an errand for me with a few of his guild members and a few monsters. I sent him to go around checking shelters and buildings around the center of the city. That task is more important right now then this one.\" Misaki replied.

\"Alright, I will send word to the rest and get them to meet you there. But why are we going to the east side of the city?\" Chiho was a bit confused because she knew the job at the Eternal Games building site was not complete yet. This was why the rest were in game farming materials.

\"I guess you guys have not heard yet but I just got word that dungeons have started to appear in the real world. The one we are going to scout out is called Land of Burning Timbers. We will be doing this very slowly. Unlike in game where we will respawn if we die. A dungeon of uncertain origin and level is a dangerous place to be.\" Misaki was more worried about people rushing in and dying due to not knowing what level the dungeon was.

\"Okay! We will be there soon!\" Chiho pulled back the string on her bow, letting it go as an energy arrow flew out piercing into the head of an armored bear, finishing it off. \"Collect it we are logging out. Misaki needs us to meet her at East Station!\"

\"Why are we meeting there?\" Shinji asked.



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