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104 Slowly Forming Futures

 With their numbers already dwindling Misaki and her Full Dive army were able to quickly clean up the remnants of the Eternal Games Full Divers. But what surprised the people under her was her take no prisoner rule.  Those who surrender will be killed without question. Misaki who was standing in front of the two thousand Full Divers that they had now and gave a faint smile. \"I want to thank all of you for putting your lives on the line for Dark Front and it's people. You and those who have died today will all be remembered. I will have a memorial built here as a remembrance for those that had lost their lives. As a remembrance that this was our first real battle! The ones who lost their lives, their family members will be allowed to have a proper funeral service for them. You all must be wondering why I wanted all of the enemies killed even if they surrendered, right? Well, it is because our world is not so simple anymore. We will not know who had had magic of some kind casted on a person from the outside. We can only do checks on people who want to join Dark Front. But for people who were willing to become pawns for Watase Eriko the CEO of Eternal Games they are not the kind of people we want in Dark Front! As of now Dark Front runs all of southern Japan and now all of City C!\"

Chiho went to step forward to say a few words as well but Sato beat her to it. He stood next to Misaki, smiled at her and then said: \"Like what our Lord has said!  This world is now filled with magic there is no telling who has what kind of magic and because of this factor I suggested to our Lord to just wipe them all out. So if you have any concerns about the decision please come and see me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on why I suggested it. Our Lord only gave the order to you all at my suggestion. \"

Misaki snuck a peek at Sato's side profile and felt a bit of warmth in her heart. She did not think that Sato would try to hold some of her burdens like this. She was truly touched by this action. Chiho gave an improving nod as she looked at the two standing side by side. She let out  long internal sigh. \"Maybe in the future, I will find my true love. Be it female or male.\" Chiho felt something pat her on her shoulder. She looked over to see the now female Tetsu standing next to her.

\"Young Miss if you are sad and need to talk, I can always talk to you like the old days.\" Tetsu smiled as Chiho, his gaze that he looked at her with was filled with warmth. He knew Chiho's feelings for Misaki. He also knew Misaki only loved Chiho as a sister and family member. With no signs of anything progressing beyond that. Although they had a very close relationship and sometimes kid around about stuff like that there were no intimate emotions coming from Misaki in any sense.

Chiho smiled and interlocked her arm with Tetsu's causing him a start. \"Then let's talk tonight! The two of us can have a slumber party tonight. I want to release all my pent up emotions...\" Chiho looked at Tetsu's beautiful body and face and found him to be very very cute now. They had also known each other for a long time. She felt very close to Tetsu who was once a big brother to her and now was a big sister. But things changed over time and she stopped talking to him about stuff like she used to. Tetsu had seen her at her worst even when he was a man. But he was always there for her no matter what. He never left her side not even once. Thinking of this Chiho decided she would find out if she had any actual feelings outside family for Tetsu.  She would take it slowly and feel things out.

After coming to a decision in her heart Chiho rested her head on Tetsu's shoulder which caused Tetsu to freeze slightly. It brought him back to the days when they were as close as brother and sister. Tetsu smiled and rested his head on hers as he said: \"If that is what Young Miss wants then I will keep you company as long as you want.\"

Chizuru was watching all the sudden pairings between her friends making her feel a bit left out. She turned her head and looked at Shinji who was standing next to her with his hands behind his back and let out a sigh. He was not bad looking and is very nice. But he was still not her Master! Feeling aggravated, Chizuru raised her foot and stomped on Shinji's foot!

\"Ouch what was that for!?\" Shinji cried out.

\"Humph!\" Chizuru only crossed her hands in front of her chest and snorted at Shinji before looking away from him. Her lips faintly curled up. 'Maybe it's not too bad to have someone I can bully a bit...'

Misaki had no idea her friends' minds were all on love. Her mind was on her next move. She had to investigate what used to be Eternal Games's headquarters. She needed to reach out to any civilians that may have survived and also build up Dark Front's army in case Watase Eriko tries to attack them again. She needed the research and development teams to work on making more powerful weapons that utilized magic. There was still so much to do and at the bottom of her list after she had completed the task at hand was to search for her parents. She turned and looked at Sato who was next to her and said: \"Sato you will stay at my place while you are on probation. I will make a separate bedroom for you to stay in. Don't get any funny ideas though Shu'la usually keeps guard at night so she will know if you move about when you should be sleeping.\"

Sato heard this and glanced at Shu'la feeling a shiver run down his spine. His mind and heart were both singing the same tune. 'No one would be crazy enough to try a damn thing with Shu'la around!' \"That's fine Misaki. I owe you a lot for giving me and my guildmates a chance.\"

\"It's fine, we get along nicely and you are easy to talk to. As long as you or your people never betray me or Dark Front then you and your guildmates will never come to harm.\" Misaki explained.

Sato's eyes lit up at Misaki's words. 'So she finds me easy to talk to? Does this mean I do have a chance in the future? I guess I will have to wait and see.' \"Then I will have to trouble you on this. Thank you again!\"


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