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103 Tactical Retrea

 Eternal Games Headquarters...

\"Eriko! What do we do now! All reports coming in are saying we are losing man after man out there! I told you it was better to retreat since Misaki had returned but you refused to do it! She has two of the best minds that remained of the JSDF! But you still would not retreat! We have already lost over half of our Full Dive army now!\" Watase Toshi was enraged. His sister must have gone completely crazy! She is sending the entire army they had built up to their deaths!

\"Toshi!\" Watase Eriko's aura started to undulate out of her body. A sword appeared in her hand as she pointed it at Watase Toshi. \"I will say this now... Do not ever question my actions. So what if a few Full Divers die? We will just find more! Even if we lose this building today we can just move to the new base we are building further north!  Let me remind you... I have full say in everything here. If you do not want to lose your life because of the shit that is coming out of your mouth then I suggest you just stay quiet and keep your lips sealed.\"

Cold sweat rained down Watase Toshi's back. He knew if he said one wrong word right now his sister would end his life. No this was no longer his sister but a completely different person! Watase Erkio saw the submissive look in Watase Toshi's eyes and smiled as she stored her sword away. \"You are right on one thing we do need to retreat now. Not those Full divers out there fighting but everyone here at headquarters. The transportation platform is complete right?\"

\"Yes, it was finished a few days ago. It leads right to the new base. The neural network is in the basement but it has taken control of that room since everything changed so we do not need to worry about Misaki and her people from Dark Front getting in there. Even if she did that thing has a mind of its own now. As for this building, we will just blow it up.\" With her words, Watase Erkio walked over to her desk and hit a button. A hidden drawer slid out from her desk revealing another red button with a small LCD next to it.  She did not hesitate as she hit the button.

*Attention all staff, you have five minutes to make it to the teleport room! I repeat! Attention all staff, you have five minutes to make it to the teleport room!*

Everyone who was inside the Eternal Games headquarters started to scramble as they went to get their things together.

\"I wish I could see the look on Misaki's face when she sees the whole building blow up!\" Watase Eriko let out a cackling laugh as she grabbed a few things and headed towards the teleport room.

Watase Toshi only let out a long depressed sigh as he looked around at all he built up about to be blown to pieces before he followed behind Watase Toshi taking nothing with him.

Back on Misaki's side, she was about two minutes away from Eternal Games headquarters. \"Hold up something seems off!\" Misaki's ears perked up. She could faintly hear the sounds of a siren going off. \"Do you guys hear that?\"

\"My Lord it seems to be coming from our destination. From what I can hear along with the siren is a message about being one minute to make it to the teleport room.\" Shu'la spoke up since she had very good hearing.

\"I have a bad feeling about this then... Everyone, get in the air! Even if we get seen, it's fine. I do not think we will have to worry about any attacks right now. But I have a feeling we will be seeing some fireworks!\" Misaki, Chiho, and Sato with the help of Shu'la, Mu'to, and Ru'to were quickly hovering above City C.


No more than a few seconds later Eternal Games headquarters blew up causing the one hundred floor building to send bits and pieces of it in all directions as the main structure crumbled to the ground. Misaki knew that Eriko had done this to escape... But she had no idea where they escaped to! \"Since it's like this we will go back and clean up the enemy Full Divers. After that, we will run a clean up of what remains of Eternal Games headquarters and see if we can find any information on where they went.\"

\"To think she would blow up the entire headquarters.\" Chiho shook her head. She really wondered how Watase Eriko's mind worked.

\"She saw that they were losing and instead of doing a full retreat she did a tactical one where she only brought essential personal, leaving the others to fight to their deaths! In other words, those Full Divers out there who are fighting for her are nothing more than tools in her eyes.\" Sato had never met Watase Eriko but he already hated her with a passion.

\"It doesn't matter, let's go, we need to clean up!\" Misaki could leave this matter for later. Since they now controlled City C the outcome they wanted they already achieved. Now they just need to clean up any enemies that are left.

The flight back was quick. They did not need to sneak around so it only took a short while. Misaki hovered in the air above her people. She took in a deep breath before shouting out: \"City C is ours! Clean up any enemies and then regroup! We still have lots of work to do ahead of us! So Let's make this quick!\"


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