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102 The Battle Of Main Street Part Three

 "I have to say Shinji's expertise came in very handy. I am glad I got him to teach me. With this not only do we have access to all the cameras but I can also make lots of blind spots along the way to ensure our ability to sneak in. I just do not know how good the security of Eternal Games's headquarters will be." Misaki hacked all the cameras to all the buildings close to them in order to keep their movements a secret. With the bulk of Eternal Games's army fighting on the front lines, Misaki was sure that the number of guards they ran into would be slim but she was not sure just how many Full Divers Eternal Games actually had.

"Misaki, is there anything that you can not do?" Sato asked. He was surprised at all the things Misaki was capable of doing. She was still so young but had the ability to do so much.

Misaki who was about to answer Sato before she  was cut off by Chiho who said: "Mitsu can do everything but dance!" Chiho's whole body shivered just remembering the last time she saw Misaki dance.

"Hey what do you mean by that!? I can dance! Watch!" Misaki, feeling like she had been challenged put the laptop down and started to move her body only to have Chiho pounce on her as soon as she started.

"Mitsu please spare us! You will chase Sato away if you start dancing now. He might become mentally unstable and kill himself." Chiho could not allow Misaki to dance! She did not want to relive such a scene!

"Chiho why are you stopping me!" Misaki struggled to get out of Chiho's grasp she was determined to dance now.

Sato, who was watching the two girls going back and forth, started cracking up laughing. "Ahahahaha to think, the Lord of Dark Front can do everything but dance! "

"Humph! Laugh all you want! I will prove it to you when we get back!" Misaki knew Chiho would not allow her to dance at this time so she could only give up. But that did not mean she would not prove herself later! After their joking around Misaki's expression became serious again. She brought up a map on her laptop to show Chiho and Sato."Alright, this map here was compiled by General Utsumi and Chief Takahara. It shows the quickest and most hidden path towards Eternal Games. We will be following this route to get there. If you see any Full Divers, kill on sight. No questions asked unless they are already one of our own. Sato, I am not sure how you feel about killing but this is how things must be done. We can not risk anyone alerting Eternal Games of our presence right now."

"Misaki, do not worry. The killing of other Full Divers is something I am used to now. I have run into many rouge Full Divers who would try to rob me and my guildmates. So it's fine. If you say kill, I will kill." Sato's eyes did not waver as he said these words. They were firm and full of determination.

"Then I will be counting on you. Chiho, keep an eye out for any ranged Full Divers on top of buildings. You're the only one here who can see that far. Shu'la you and the other two will follow us closely. The same rules apply if you see any Full Divers just kill on sight." Misaki paused for a second then said: "Mu'to and Ru'to you two are of a lower level so be careful if the Full Divers are of a higher level, tell Shu'la before attacking." Misaki had given every one of the Winged monsters names. It got to the point that she just changed the first letter of each name instead of coming up with completely new ones.

The Mu'to and Ru'to were not of the harpy race and could not speak the human language but they could still understand MIsaki's words so they gave a few grunts to show that they understood. With their confirmation, Misaki and her small team started to move forward.

Back on Main Street, Eternal Games's Full Dive army was starting to fall apart. They were suffering heavy losses as groups of Dark Front Full Divers kept flanking them and doing hit and run tactics, killing a few of them off every time. This would cause their people to become even more disorderly.

"Shinji over there is a big group gathering. It seems they are going to use those beam weapons again!" Chizuru shouted out as she casted shields on everyone around them.

"Alright, I will try to stop it. Ranged fighters focus fire on the group at one o'clock!" Shinji shouted out. The group that was gathering in order to charge up their massive beam cannon was suddenly bombarded with magic spells causing them to quickly disperse and run for cover. They did not even take the beam weapon with them as they ran away. "Good! Quickly send a group to recover the weapon. The rest of you give cover fire! Chizuru, do your best to keep them protected and healed."

"Humph! You do not need to tell me!" Chizuru glared at Shinji as she went to work casting protection magic on the retrieval team. Completely oblivious that Shinji's eyes were full of gentleness as he looked at her.

They had recovered over five of these beam weapons that needed a group of ten full divers to pour magic into it in order to use. Because of the retrieval of these weapons, they were now able to turn them against Eternal Games pushing them back even more. The battle that was once a stalemate, after MIsaki's arrival and only a few orders from her mouth had turned the tides into Dark Fronts favor.


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