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101 The Battle Of Main Street Part Two

 Eternal Games Headquarters...

Watase Toshi was reading a report that he had just gotten from one of their lookouts. "Sis, I think we should retreat. Misaki just came back and she even brought another three to  four hundred people with her."

"Toshi! Whose side are you on? Just because that bitch shows up does not mean I should retreat every time. We have our secret weapon and have them on the defensive! All we need to do is wait for them to run out of mana." Watase Eriko yelled out.

Watase Toshi looked at his sister whose mentality had completely changed since she got her hands on a system. No matter how he looked at it there was no way she would win this fight. Although they had not yet used everything they had, there was still no telling what trump cards Misaki's side had.

Main Street...

"All teams prepare yourselves while you can, we will be counter attacking soon. We will not leave here today without taking all of Main Street for Dark Front. Since Watase Eriko wants war we will bring it to her! I say this but why stop there!? Let's push Eternal Games out of City C this day!" Misaki finally was fed up with Eternal Games and Watase Eriko. No matter what trump cards she has It was time to make Eternal Games move out of City C.

Earlier when she fired off a few fireballs she could see that the other side was not as organized as she had thought. It was just those beam type weapons they were using that really put them at a disadvantage. But now that she has seen their unorganized way of fighting it was time to exploit their weakness. "Chief Takahara I need you to work with General Utsumi and get me all the information you can on City C. I want all passageways around buildings to and fro from Eternal Games headquarters."

"My Lord, do you really plan to push them out of City C?" Chief Takahara was very surprised at Misaki's decision since in the past she would just let them be.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I do. They have become a threat to my people. They have also killed my people! City C can not have two masters. It's time to make City C only have one master." Misaki wanted a safe place for those who follow her. With Eternal Games attacking them left and right it was time to kick them out of the city.

"Alright, we will get right on it my Lord!" Chief Takahara said over the chat.

She had formed a full raid team with all the people on the front lines and those back in the tent. This way she could be in contact with everyone. After a few seconds of thought, Misaki finally came up with a plan. "Chiho you are with me. Sato you as well. Shu'la, grab two more of the fast winged monsters we have. We will be going in as a six man. I want two small groups to split off and start flanking procedures. Team leaders, you have practiced these maneuvers so there should be no problem. It is time we put our training into use. Chizuru how many mana potions do you have?"

"I have over a thousand in my inventory." Chizuru quickly answered.

"Alright, Chizuru I want you to do your best at keeping shields and absorbs up on the front line fighters. Shinji I want you to aim at all their healers. Tetsu you are Chizuru's guard. Do not let any harm come to her." Misaki's brain was in overdrive as she continued to analyze everything.

"Yes, my Lord!" All three answered in unison. Any time it was a serious situation everyone would reply with "Yes, my Lord." as a form of acknowledgment. It was another trend that Shu'la seemed to have started out of nowhere.

"Teams with healers protect them well. They are your lifeline. Also, healers, your jobs are not to just heal but also to cast shields on others to assist Chizuru! Front Line fighters! Please, if you get low on health and no heal has come to you within two seconds. Fall back immediately until you are healed. I want all of you to live! This battle is for our right to be here in City C! This battle will decide the owner of City C! Our livelihoods are at stake here! You all have your orders! Fight safe!" After finishing her words Misaki, Chiho, Sato, and Shu'la along with two other winged monsters headed towards Eternal Games's tower. They were still some distance away so it was better to take to the sky until they were close to the Eternal Games's headquarters.

"Misaki, I just sent you a mail with the information you requested." Hearing Chief Takahara's voice, Misaki smiled and took a look at the information to see what was there. She wanted to raid Eternal Games's building if she could and force them out of City C. Maybe take Watase Eriko's life if she can.

After flying for almost fifteen minutes Misaki and her group landed in a back alley behind a restaurant. Misaki did not know if Eternal Games had set up any kind of city wide surveillance. She looked around the alley and did not see any cameras which allowed her to relax a bit. It was always bad to be spotted on a camera when trying to sneak into a place. Thinking this Misaki took out a laptop out of her bag and started to hack the cameras in the buildings closest to her.


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