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99 Feelings

 A few days passed as Misaki and her team plus Sato and his guild members made their way back to the base camp. The entire time Misaki and Sato had been talking and joking around. Misaki had a smile on her face the entire time while she was talking with him. They seemed to be getting along pretty well.

Chiho and Chizuru felt a little left out. Like their place had been taken. Chiho could remember all the times she had spent with Misaki. Playing games together, bathing together, and just plain hanging around doing nothing. It was not that she was mad at Misaki at all. It was more like she was jealous because it had been a long time since she had been able to bring out Misaki's true smile like Sato was doing. She had longed to see that smile. That smile that used to be directed at her. But now it was not her that was able to bring it out but a man Misaki had just met. Chiho let out a long sigh as she mumbled to herself: "Maybe I should find myself a boyfriend to or maybe a girlfriend."

"What do you need to find Chiho?" A voice rang out in her ear. Hearing this voice caused Chiho to blush as she looked up at Misaki who was standing next to her. "Mi-Mi-Misaki why are you here!?"

At some point, while she was lost in thought, Misaki had appeared next to her! "Where am I supposed to be if not here? Are you not my best friend, my sister?" Misaki said jokingly. Misaki had found herself in a good mood lately thanks to Sato and his dumb antics. She had found she clicked really well with him and enjoyed joking around with him. Especially the teasing part since it allowed her to let out some stress.  She felt more human with him around. But when she saw Chiho's lonely expression she felt her heartache and had to come over and talk with her.

"That's not what I mean, I thought you were with Colorless." Chiho replied. Her ears still a little red.

"Well yeah, I enjoy talking with him and teasing him. It helps me relieve my stress. Although I have spent a lot of time with him the past few days that does not mean I have forgotten about you and everyone else. Especially you Chiho. You have been by my side the longest. You have helped me through many things. You have been there for me when I needed someone the most. So no matter what the future brings Chiho you will always be my family and I will always be there for you." Chiho started to tear up since it had been a long time since Misaki called her real name. She had missed being called Chiho by Misaki.

"You called me Chiho outside the base, are you not going against your own rules?" Chiho teased.

"Yeah, I decided to get rid of that rule since both game and real world are basically the same now. No need to keep up the character name things. We can just let people choose how they want to be called. Either they can take their in game name or their real name. I will have someone set up an office for human relations when I get back. I plan to do a few more things that Chief Takahara suggested to make Dark Front more structured. Although it still won't be a democracy any time soon, I do not mind setting up some kind of structure to make things more convenient for others. Plus this will also give us a measure of how many people are with us. Also, I decided to Form the Dark Front guild. It will allow us to have a better idea of who is who in an instant. Since we will be able to see our guild name next to their name when we target them." Misaki started to chat away with Chiho about this and that and what her future plans were as she asked Chiho's opinion. Chiho felt like Misaki really had not changed one bit since she became a full diver. It was like the old Misaki was back.

Chizuru who was watching everything on the side smiled seeing Chiho and Misaki talking like they used to.  "Oh? Not going to run over and join in?"

Chizuru jumped from surprise and then hit the man who had just snuck up on her. "Shinji can you not do that!? And no I will not go join them. Seeing them back to their normal high school girl selves has made me realize I need to get my own act together. Although I look young now I am actually twenty five years old. I should be looking for a marriage partner by now."

"Eh? I thought you were in love with Misaki?" Shinji asked somewhat confused.

"Although, Misaki is cute and very caring. I did have feelings for her at first but I came to find my feelings of love were more of an infatuation with Misaki's character than anything else. Now I see her as a little sister who I will protect no matter what." Chizuru answered. She had realized during this trip that she felt comfortable around Misaki to show her true self and act the way she does. That her feelings were not love in a romantic sense but love as a friend and family member.

"Oh then... How about you marry me? I have liked you since the first time I saw you when you still looked like your old self." Shinji asked bluntly.

Chirusu's face blushed from ear to ear as she yelled: "Who wants to marry you!" Although she said it like this her lips still formed a smile as she quickly walked away.

"Why are you being a tsundere? " Shiji yelled as he chased after her.

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