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98 Love At First Sigh

 Sato looked at Misaki and thought for a moment before saying: "Did you fall in love with me at first sight?"

Misaki's face went black: "Never mind Shu'la just kill him."

"Yes, my Lord" Shu'la spread her wings and was about to cast [Wind Scythe], when Sato started to panic.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold on I was just joking!" Misaki raised her hand as she saw Sato pleading, stopping Shu'la from doing anything. A faint smile formed on her lips.

"Just remember your mouth can get you in trouble." Misaki said teasingly.

Sato looked at Misaki dumbfounded. 'This girl was messing with me wasn't she!' Letting out a sigh and wiped the sweat that formed on his forehead. He swore he would get even somehow. He would need to wait until the time when Shu'la was not around.  Feeling a bit depressed after being teased Sato said: "I will remember my Lord's words."

"You know what, Shu'la go ahead!"

"Yes, my Lord!"

"No wait I'm sorry!"

Misaki let out a laugh seeing Sato panic once again. Something she had not done for a while. Sato had to admit when he looked at Misaki's smile he was a bit entranced. She was definitely a beautiful girl.

"Okay, enough joking we need to get things in gear. Follow me to where my team is waiting. Shu'la lower me to the ground we will walk with them." As soon as Misaki's feet touched the ground she walked over to Sato and stretched out her hand. "It will be a pleasure working with you from now on."

Sato smiled and took her hand and shook it. "Likewise."

Although they had just met there seemed to be a connection between them. The two walked side by side as they got lost in their own little world as they walked around the now destroyed military base towards her team. Misaki found out that Sato was originally an orphan. After his parents died when he was seven he was passed around between his relatives until he was sixteen years old. For the past year and a half, he had been working at a convenience store to make money to pay his rent.

He saved his money little by little just to get his Full Dive gear. He had gotten his system by accident when he tried to reach the bottom of a lake he was exploring. He ended up swimming right through the map and found himself in the same position Misaki did when she got hers. He was a leader of a guild in the game and the people he was with were his guildmates. The others were not really well known by him, he had only met them about a week ago. When Sato and his guildmates found the military base those people were already there. Since he was level headed and the highest level out of the bunch they all looked up to him as their leader after only a few days of interactions. So Sato and his guild did not have really any deep connection to those people.

He had recently gone out with his guild to fight and level up. Unlike the others in the bunker who only went in game to level up. That was when Misaki showed up. Misaki heard his story and felt a little sad for Sato since he had to grow up without any familial love. It made Misaki think about her own family and wondered where they were at this time. She hoped sometime in the future once things in Japan were settled she could go look for them.

Sato also learned a lot about Misaki as they walked as well. Although there was not much for her to tell she went over all the events she had been through since she was young. Sato listened attentively without saying a word, allowing her to speak.

When Misaki walked up to where her team was, Chiho was the first to run forward but stopped short in her tracks as she saw Misaki walking almost shoulder to shoulder with a young man smiling like a blooming flower. After a few second pause, Chiho pushed down her own feelings and smiled. As long as Misaki was happy she would not intervene.

"This is?" Chiho asked.

"Angel this Sato... Sato... Sato err, what was it again?" Misaki had completely forgotten Sato's first name.

At Misaki's forgetfulness, Sato only shook his head. "Sato Akhihito or you can call me by my in game name Colorless."

Chiho looked Sato up and down and then sent him a private message. "If you hurt Misaki I will kill you!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sato read the message and blushed. They were not even dating yet! But this did make him realize he did find Misaki attractive and although she had a unique personality, he did find her comfortable to be with even though they had just met. He sent a message back saying: "If anything starts up between us I give you my promise."

Nodding her head in approval, Chiho said: "It's nice to meet Colorless."

After a few more personal introductions and more threats to Sato to make sure he treated Misaki right from Misaki's friends, Misaki finally had Shu'la bring her into the air so everyone could see her. "Okay, I have gotten the report from Chief Takahara. Although things did not go as planned we still got quite a bit of the military equipment we came for. I want to say thank you all for your hard work. We will set up a base camp here tonight and then leave to head home tomorrow."

A wave of cheers rang out when they heard they would be heading home. They all wanted a good rest. This trip had been a mentally exhausting trip for them. Having to always be vigilant of their surroundings. There was no telling when they would be attacked. Some of the Full Divers were up for thirty six hours or more as they had to keep watch and then travel the next day.

Sato who was looking at the cheering crowd and was very surprised there were many monsters mixed in with the Full Divers and humans. There were also some in the sky as well. He now understood what Misaki, meant by a place where humans and monsters could co exist.


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