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97 Colorless Sato Akihito

 They had originally thought that they could win with their numbers but now with a level 200 boss here their chances of winning were gloomy. The Full Diver who seemed to be the leader of the bunch yelled out: "Just hold out until Colorless gets here! When reinforcements arrive we will be able to take these fuckers out!"

Misaki heard the yell from the leader and she sneered. Her voice sounded out over all the Full Divers, present within a two kilometer distance the anger in her voice was very apparent: "Oh? You have reinforcements coming? Then I guess I shouldn't waste any more time. Dark Front, fall back!"

All those from Dark Front, monster, human and full diver heard her words and all of them retreated out of the military base. Misaki never wanted to use one of her trump cards but if they have reinforcements coming it would put her team who were collecting the military equipment in danger so she had no choice at this time.

The leader of the enemy Full Divers suddenly had a bad omen as he noticed the aura on Misaki was frightfully chilly. "Shu'la, take me into the air it's time."

Tetsu and Chiho had already fallen back with Chief Takahara. Shu'la wasted no time in picking Misaki up and flying high into the air. When Misaki saw that her people were far enough away she gave Shu'la a signal. Shu'la pressed her wings together and a bright shining light started to appear from the cracks of her wings. It got brighter and brighter as it soon overshadowed the sun and lit up the land below. Ever since she hit level 60 Misaki had unlocked her follower raid wipe spells. This was one of them called Lunar Night. It took a few seconds to charge, it was enough time for those in a raid to try to get out of the way. But the enemy Full Divers were confused as to what was going on but when one of them stuck their head outside the bunker their face paled and their eyes filled with horror. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Fuck run!" The Full Diver screamed.

But it was way too late, Shu'la's raid wipe spell was already ready it fell to the ground in a beam of light as the air distorted. With a loud...


It was like an atomic bomb going off. The Full Divers in the bunker had missed their chance to escape. The entire military base was completely wiped off the face of the earth. When the dust cleared there was nothing left but molten rock and a large crater. Those from her team, all had their eyes all bulged out at the scene in front of them. If this was a game it would have just wiped out the team but this... Misaki looked around at the destruction and her eyes caught sight of a group of one hundred or so people in the distance who were rushing over.

"Shu'la, bring me to them." Misaki said her tone of voice was still cold.

"Yes, my Lord!" Shu'la flapped her wings and flew off towards the group.

The person in the lead raised his hand and stopped the group behind him from going forward. The person seemed to have shouted out a few things before Misaki got there. She was surprised that these people did not attack. She could only guess that what the leader shouted was for them to not attack her until he knew what was going on.

"Are you the leader named Colorless of those people that were in what used to be the MIlitary base?" Misaki asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. My name is Colorless or you can call me Sato Akihito. I am the leader of those that were in the military base." The young man around seventeen years old said. "May I ask why you destroyed the military base?"

"Well, Sato, I did not want to destroy it. I was originally here with Chief Takahara, the former Chief of the JSDF to pick up as much military equipment as we could. We detected people inside the bunker when we arrived. I first asked them to come out and speak to me quietly but they did not respond. Even after a little coercer they still did not come out to talk peacefully. So I kicked the door in which caused a fight. When they said reinforcements were coming I had no choice but to destroy everything in order to ensure the safety of my people." Misaki explained lightly.

Sato looked at how Misaki nonchalantly spoke of destroying an entire Military camp and killings hundreds of people as if it was an everyday thing and did not know if he should get angry at the girl or take a liking to her. But when she finished talking he understood what happened. He couldn't help but curse the idiots for not trying to explain things before things got out of hand. But one thing did pique his interest.

"Miss, may I have your name?" Sato asked.

"Misaki. But most call me Lord now..." Hearing Misaki say people call her lord, Sato was not able to hold back his laughter!

Seeing him laugh Misaki did not get mad she was actually praising him. 'This was the normal reaction one should have when someone says, lord!' "Ahem, when you're done laughing..." Misaki praised him but it was still embarrassing to be laughed at like this. So she could not hide the blush on her face.

It was only Shu'la who was angered as she yelled out: "You dare laugh at my lord!?"

Shu'la's yell stifled Sato's laugh as she choked on air. He looked up at the level 200 boss and felt a shiver run down his spine. He did not want to anger the harpy. "*Cough!* Sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. Then Misaki, may I ask what do you mean by your people? "

"It's fine to laugh, it's the normal reaction one should have and to answer your question I am the leader of Dark Front. Dark Front is working to build a place for human and monster kind. Where we can live peaceful lives once again. You could say that we are the ones who rule over the south half of japan." Misaki answered.

"Oh? Then who rules over the north half of Japan?" Sato looked at Misaki with great interest. She was very beautiful and her aura was very oppressive, something that even stifled him. Just being in her presence was enough to want to make one bow down to her. This was the kind of feeling he got from Misaki on the day they first met.

"Eternal Games, my enemy!" Misaki answered, her tone of voice seemed to have grown colder. To those behind Sato that felt the air around them grow even colder. But for Sato, his interest in Misaki started to become deeper.

"Then I have a simple question for Miss Misaki. Are you willing to take me and my people in? I know you might think that I might seek revenge for those who are now dead. But it was their fault for not trying to talk it out peacefully. The team leader for that group was not the brightest person in the world. You can even put us under watch for as long as you want." Sato asked as he bowed his head.

Misaki looked at him. Since the beginning from the time they had started talking she had not felt any malice from this person. It was either he was telling the truth or was hiding his true intentions. She did have to admit that she did find him handsome. Misaki went into deep thought before she finally came to a decision. "I will put you all under probation. You will be under a strict watch for a period of time until I have deemed you to be loyal.  Sato, you will stay under my watch."


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