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96 Battle At The Military Base

 The trip took a little longer than expected due to a high number of monster attacks and more zombie hordes. The zombie hordes they ran into were a lot smaller and were easily taken care of but the trip to the military base still took a week and a half. Misaki had received word that everything was okay back at the base. The only exception was more skirmishes with Eternal Games at the border of Main Street. Other than that they did report a few zombie sightings on the streets. So it seemed that there was something in the air that caused dead bodies to turn into zombies. This meant all dead would need to be cremated instead of buried to reduce the number of zombies. But with the amount of dead lying in the streets and in the buildings and maybe even the shelters, there was no telling how many were out there.

Misaki and her team were currently standing outside the gates to the military base. "Chief Takahara, why do I feel if we enter this place we will be attacked?" Misaki asked.

"My Lord it seems as if someone has barricaded themselves in the main bunker up ahead. I can also sense around two hundred or so people inside." Chief Takahara was now a Full Diver. He had reached level 25 during the zombie horde fighting.

"Mmm... I can too." Misaki turned around and looked at everyone behind her. "Okay here is what we will do, Chief Takahara,  Angel, Tetsu will come with me. Mimi and Shinji will back up the rest of you. I want team leaders to split up the groups and start securing tanks, jets, anything you can find. Grab anything that seems useful. I want all winged monsters to fly recon and if you see anything that will threaten our team, kill it if you can or report back if it's way too far out of your hands. Let's go!"

Misaki finished giving orders and then grabbed the gate and pulled the large solid metal gate in front of her right off its hinges and tossed it to the side like a piece of trash. With the door, open Misaki and her team walked right in unhindered. Misaki and her four members, plus Shu'la, went right to the bunker where they detected the people hiding. They were only able to detect these people because of a detection magic that was mainly supposed to be used for gathering resources in game. It also had other useful applications since it could detect those around you as well. Misaki made it mandatory for all Full Divers to learn this magic.

They stood in front of the door of the bunker, Misaki once again casted some detection magic and noticed that the men inside were getting into a defence position. Misaki sucked in a deep breath and used magic to amplify her voice. "Those of you inside if you fire on me I will have no choice but to defend myself. Chief Takahara is here with me as well. If you do not want to get hurt please put down your arms and have a talk with us first."

Misaki once again casted detection magic but the people inside did not put their weapon down nor did they seem to be sending anyone out to talk. Frowning, Misaki turned to Chiho and said: "Angel fire an arrow to the right and kill the guy behind the large box in there."

Chiho did not hesitate as she pulled back her bowstring and an energy arrow formed in her hand. She aimed and let go of the bowstring sending the energy arrow flying towards the door. It pierced through the door right into the head of the man hiding behind the box. This caused the people inside to start to panic and become disorderly.

Misaki once again took a deep breath and shouted: "As you can see we can kill you without a second thought. If you do not talk to us peacefully, you will be deemed a threat to Dark Front and will be forcefully removed. I do not wish to spill any more of your blood so please come out and talk with us." Misaki then turned to Chiho and said: "Sorry I made you dirty your hands..."

"No... It's fine. My hands were already dirty during the battle of the shelter. Let me share some of your burdens Misaki. Killing people is part of our day to day life now. You had me kill that one person just now to show them that they will die at any time if we wished. You did this in order to get them to come out more peacefully. One death to save many. Misaki I know your train of thought well now." Chiho said with a smile. She had begun to understand Misaki's mindset a lot the past week. Her actions were to the point and did not beat around the bush. She did not like to do things in a way that would slow things down. She wanted things done quickly with the least amount of effort. Hence why she would kill one person to scare the rest into submission.

Misaki smiled and said: "You are correct. I was thinking just like that. But it seems to have failed. Chief Takahara. I will be moving to plan b please stay back for now. Only come in when I say."

Misaki could see that the people inside still showed no signs of giving up. She had Chief Takahara step back because she had no idea what weapons these people had or if these people might be Full Diver's or not. Chief Takahara's level was not that high so it was not good for him to be on the front lines just yet.

Motioning with her hands she had Tetsu come to the front. "Alright, Tetsu I will kick the door in and then you take the lead and push in. If they fire and magic spells fall back immediately we do not have a healer behind us right now."

"Un, my Lord do not worry I got a new skill on level up that allows me to resist all magic for ten seconds." Tesu explained.

Smiling Misaki said: "Good! Then let's do this!" Misaki raised her foot and kicked the door to the building off its hinges sending the door flying towards those trying to hold a defensive line.

A voice rang out from the other side. "Fire! Kill the fuckers who invaded our den!" Surprisingly the people inside were actually no soldiers but Full Divers! Their levels ranged from level 10 to level 20! Seeing this, Misaki's face turned black. They had to be Full Divers!

"Change of plans kill them all!" Misaki yelled. She was glad she kept Chief Takahara outside. Tetsu walked forward with his shield in hand blocking all the spells and arrows being shot in their direction.  Some were even shooting guns as if they would do something to Misaki and her team. Chiho was firing arrow after arrow. The people from within the bunker started to show up as well. Misaki ran forward dodge spells and other attacks as she swung her sword reaping life after life. Shu'la walked in causing the enemies to feel a cold chill run down their spine. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Fuck they got a level 200 monster with them!"


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