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95 Tears Of The Hear

 After killing the Full Divers and soldiers who turned into zombies, Misaki turned to look at the eyes that were staring back at her in fear. Seeing the fear caused Misaki to frown. She did this so they would not have to but yet they look at her with fear in their eyes? Did they think she was going to kill them next? What Misaki did not know was her scene of the massive fireball bombardment and the fact that with just the help of one monster, Misaki had killed thousands of zombies by herself had caused fear and reverence to build up within these soldiers and Full Divers. Added on with her emotionless face as she killed her own companions whether they were zombies or not sent a chill down everyone's spine.

Misaki let out a long sigh as she jumped up top of one of the taller car stacks. She looked out over everyone present and shouted: "Attention!" Her one word made everyone who was not paying attention to stop their actions as they all turned to look at Misaki. "Just now I did indeed did kill the ones who turned into zombies except for one. Which is being sealed up in order to take them back for testing. Because of this, some of you seem to have grown a bit of fear towards me... You may want to deny this but I can see it in your eyes as you look at me. I might be emotionless as I did this dirty task but someone had to do it. In order to not allow those who are more closely related to the ones who turned into zombies or undead whatever you want to call them have to do such a deed. I did the deed for you. Killing a loved one or friend, someone who is very close to us is not an easy thing.

"You may call me heartless because I seem to not be able to show much emotion any more towards things like killing. But things are no longer like the old world where we can be happy go lucky. On the battlefield, one must be decisive in their actions. In order to make sure my team, all of you are mentally healthy and will not be mentally harmed because you were forced to kill a brother, sister, or even a partner. I took it upon myself to do this deed. So that the one who suffers is not you but me. I do not like turning my sword on or against a comrade, a brother or sister in arms. Even if they are zombies it is still a hard thing to do but I did this because it needed to be done by someone and since my mentality has changed to the way it is now. I am the best person for such a job. I have said what I needed to say. Fear me, hate me, love me, or revere me, it is up to you. Just remember, as of now I am still your leader and will do what I can to help build a future where things like today do not need to happen again. Alright enough of this. Get packed up, we need to move out!"

Misaki jumped down and walked over towards the area heading south. She felt a bit depressed in her heart.  She was just trying to make things easier for her people. "I guess I will need to get used to this as time goes on. I just hope those around me don't start avoiding me because of it."

"No never!" two shouts sound off at the same time from behind Misaki. Chizuru and Chiho who both ran after Misaki because they could tell she was feeling down, heard her words and felt pain in their hearts. They knew Misaki better than anyone else especially Chiho. They knew Misaki's change was due to her race and the changes the system was doing to all of them. But even now she was still thinking of others and trying to find ways for them to cope with these changes easier. Although the two felt a bit uncomfortable on how fast Misaki was changing that did not mean that Misaki was not still Misaki. But even though these two thought this, deep down the two were starting to build a bit of fear towards her themselves. They had just not realized it yet.

Misaki rubbed her nose feeling a bit embarrassed that her inner thoughts were heard. "So you two heard that huh? Sorry about that. Just ignore what I said. It's just me thinking out loud." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How can we ignore you! Misaki I have been your friend for a long time now. I take you as my family. If you're feeling this way you need to come talk to me! Let me know what you actually feel. To be honest Misaki I am really worried about you!" Chiho yelled out. She was concerned but she was more afraid of losing the friend she once had, the Misaki who would smile and get excited to go play a video game. She has not seen Misaki's genuine smile for a while now. She always has a serious look on her face as if she is always planning the next step. Even after there Full Dive sessions she goes and starts planning things with the other leaders of Dark Front.

"Misaki, we know you are doing what you think is right. We know that you are trying to protect us as much as possible but you know you can rely on us more often. Every time I see you using yourself as a shield to protect us breaks my heart. Because you are always putting yourself in danger for our wellbeing. So what if some fear you or if some revere you. Misaki to us in this new strange world you are our guiding light! You are what is pulling all of us together. Young and old are now working together to make a place for ourselves in this new world. None of this would be possible if it was not for you. You have put everyone else first over yourself to make sure theirs and our lives can be what it is now. Without you, most of the soldiers who were fighting on the front lines trying to build the wall would have died to Ra'thar. Without you, those soldiers that did escape and went to the shelter would have died at the hands of Eternal Games. Even the civilians might have all perished. I know I would have died! Misaki we are all still alive and fighting because you are here. So do not ever think that we would avoid you! Never think that!" Tears filled Chizuru's eyes. To her, Misaki was her savior. Someone who gave her the means to live in this new world. Who saved her from dying during the first wave of monsters. If she was not with Misaki, she would have been eaten by a monster while sitting in her apartment shivering in fear.

Misaki looked at the two tear filled girls in front of her and gave a warm smile. She walked up to them and pulled them both into a hug. "Don't cry you two. I won't think or say that again I promise."

The other soldiers and Full Divers saw this scene and heard their words all felt a little bad. The words of the two girls really hit home. They were right. Misaki was their savior. A person who had given them a way of life in the new world. They should not be looking at her with fear in their eyes but should be looking at her with eyes full of gratitude! One of the team leaders yelled out: "Every one line up!"

All the Full Divers and Soldiers lined up at the team leader's command. "Bow!"

Over two hundred people all bowed to Misaki as they all said in unison  "My Lord! We are sorry for our actions and thank you for giving us new lives!"

Misaki saw this and was a bit stunned but she smiled at them and said: "Okay everyone, raise your heads no need to bow to me. I am just a normal person nothing more. I thank you for your kind words. Let's get back to work. We need to get moving before it gets dark. Remember this time we need to stay extra vigilant! If you see a dead body immediately bash its head! We can not risk any more zombies attacking us when we least expect it! "

Seeing how Misaki said such violent words nonchalantly everyone started to laugh. "Yep our Lord is just like that!" Someone shouted out causing another uproar of laughter from the group. Even Chizuru and Chiho were laughing. The only one who was at a loss was Misaki.


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