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94 Battling A Zombie Horde Part Two

 Misaki heard the shrill scream and could tell things were not as easy as it seemed anymore. Knowing how much [XP] she was getting without a [XP] pot she quickly took one out and drank it while she searched for the source of the scream. "Shu'la did you see the source of that scream just now?"

"My Lord! There are hundreds of fast moving undead coming this way. Their movements are more like an animal's than that of a human's!" Shu'la quickly flew down to Misaki and brought her up into the air to see. She did this without needing Misaki to ask. Misaki was startled for a moment but smiled because this was exactly what she was going to ask Shu' la to do.

Misaki looked over the horde of zombies and was shocked at how fast these zombies were moving. They were very nimble in their actions. They did not even touch other zombies in the horde as they sped along in her direction. "Shu'la send a few attacks at them."

"Yes, my Lord!" Shu'la flapped her wings sending out many [Wind Scythes] at the new zombie type.

Unexpectedly this new kind of zombie was able to dodge the attacks without even looking at them. Shu'la had sent twelve [Wind Scythes] and each one was dodged easily. Misaki thought for a moment before raising her hand into the air, her mana drained almost instantly to 100[MP] as the sky filled with thousands of fireballs. "Going to such an extent to kill some zombies seems like overkill and is a huge waste of mana but if these things can dodge your attacks so easily then let's see if they can dodge this."

Misaki dropped her hand and as if taking it as a command the fireballs sped forward towards the incoming new zombie type. Misaki watched as the fireballs landed one after the other. The sound of fireball after fireball exploding as they hit the ground shook the air. The fireball's explosive sound reverberated out for many kilometers away, catching the attention of the other who were fighting.

Chiho looked up and into the distance. Her hands balled up into fist tightly as she saw the mass amount of fireballs being sent into the zombies. Worry filled her face as she saw this scene. Chiho's eyes suddenly filled with determination as she yelled out: "Do you see that!? Your Lord is working her ass off. What are you all doing? Do you really want to let your Lord down? We need to show our Lord what we are made of! Do not let a single one of these undead bastards enter our base camp!"

Feeling a bit weird after calling Misaki lord, Chiho hoped this would at least get the low moral that was starting to loom over everyone's heads back into high spirits. Her hope was not in vain as the thousands of loud cheers sounded out and spells started to fire off even quicker than before. The rate of zombie killing doubled. Not even a single zombie could move forward without being killed.

On Misaki's side, she was gulping down [MP] potion after [MP] potion. She had no choice because these new zombies were so quick that ninety percent of them escaped her initial bombardment. Seeing how the spells did not work Misaki realized she had no other choice but to take it to hand to hand combat. But seeing how fast these new zombies were she quickly opened her character window and dumped all her [Status Points] into agility.

[Agility]10 (15) → 90(144)

Misaki did not even take a glance at her other stats after putting her [Status Points] in. She quickly closed her menus and said: "Shu'la let me down!"

Shu'la did as she was told. As soon as Misaki's feet were on the ground she could already feel that her body was ten times lighter than before. With her Queen's blade in her hand, Misaki shot out like a bullet. Her speed had increased almost one hundred times that of what it was before. She ran through the zombie horde unhindered as she killed the zombies in her path. It took her no more than a few seconds to reach the first new zombie type. The zombie was very quick but with Misaki's speed, she was much faster than it. As she got closer she realized that as long as you were faster than the zombie its movements were no different than a regular zombie. Seeing this Misaki relaxed a bit as she swung her sword cutting the top of the zombie's head off.

"I will need to work on my spells speed. I need to somehow figure out how to make the spells reach the targets faster." Misaki thoughts were drifted elsewhere but that did not hinder her rate of killing. Even the new zombie type was easy to deal with making the whole area from the tip of her sword when stretched out, to the spot where Misaki stood a zombie kill zone.

Hours passed and the zombie horde was quickly decreasing. The thousands of zombies that once packed the road were now nothing more than a few hundred. Misaki could hear screams of joy as people were yelling out that they had leveled up over and over. It seems that they also used [XP] pots while killing. The melee fighters who were in the safety zone also got [XP] from being teamed up with the groups on the outside. You could say this whole thing was a good way to power level the Full Divers that came long on this trip. Misaki looked at her own level and saw she was actually able to gain four levels bringing her to level 64. This was a surprise to Misaki since she had not had a chance to even notice when she leveled up.

After finally finishing off the zombies around her Misaki looked up at the sky that was starting to cloud up. "Shu'la let's head back to the rest." Misaki felt weird since she did not feel tired at all, she had been killing for so long but did not even feel the slightest bit of fatigue. but she still felt it was good to take a break after killing so many zombies.

Returning to the base camp Misaki saw the last of the zombies being killed off. She did not join to help out instead she went right to where the ones who were bitten and scratched buy the zombies were being quarantined. When she arrived she saw Tetsu standing there looking at the people inside the cars. His face was not looking very good as he did. "Tetsu what's wrong?"

"Take a look. They did indeed change so you were right to quarantine them." Tetsu pointed to the Full Diver in the car in front of him. It was smashing its hands against the glass trying to get out.

"Are the rest the same?" Misaki asked as she inspected the way this zombie moved.

"Yes, they all changed even those with a minor scratch turned." Tetsu answered. He was not sure what to do with them so he just kept them under guard so that if they got out somehow, the guards could kill them quickly.

"Let it out I want to see something." Misaki wanted to test whether or not the fast zombies were Full Divers or just a variant zombie type. But when she saw the slow moving zombie get out and slowly walk towards her she now understood that there were some variants of zombies and this variant was not based on them being a Full Diver or not.  "Okay put it back in and make sure it can not escape at all until we get back. I want to bring it back to the base with us so we can get a better understanding of how these things were turned into zombies. I will take care of the rest so you all do not have to."

Misaki was not friends with these people who turned. Even if she was, she still would do the same she was about to do now. She walked to each car and stabbed the turned zombies in the head with her sword. One after the other they were killed. The entire time Misaki did not flinch once as she killed them. Her face was emotionless as she did this dirty work. Chiho and the others came back to see this scene. Chiho felt a little uncomfortable seeing how Misaki was changing so fast. It seemed her humanity was slipping more and more.


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