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92 Planning

 After the flame wall encircled their group Misaki had Shu'la fly her over the surrounding area to get a good grasp on the situation. After she saw what she needed to see she had Shu'la drop her on top of a stack of cars. "Alright, everyone listen up. There seems to be a massive horde of zombies, undead, whatever you want to call them. The number of them I do not know. It could be anywhere from one hundred thousand or below. All I know is there is a dense horde making its way here. We can not let this horde push any more north. If they do they will wipe out what we already have if they break off from the high for any reason. I do not want to risk this. So from this time on we will be killing as many of these zombies as we can. Before I go over our full plan does anyone have any questions? "

"My Lord! Do you know how regular humans are turning into undead?" A soldier yelled out.

"This I do not know. All I can say is that it could be due to the monster spawnings. There might be some kind of invisible gas that was never present in our world before being released into the air. I thought maybe there was a monster behind it or maybe a Full Diver who used necromancy but from the looks of things, this is not the case. There are too many zombies for a single person or even a group to be able to use large scale magic like this. So I can only think of an invisible gas. There is also the possibility that there is a virus humans already had that mutated due to monsters or a virus monsters carried that mutated and jumped to humans. We will know for sure if one of our own who are still alive changes into a zombie or not. They will stay under quarantine until further notice. Until we know if it is something along these lines do not allow yourselves to be harmed in any way that will break the skin. Otherwise, I will have you quarantined as well. Any more questions?" Misaki would need to bring back a zombified corpse to get a grasp of this situation on the way back. She hoped it wasn't contagious but the knowledge of the incubation period would be helpful whether it only changed the dead into zombies or also the living. The time for the incubation period was the information they needed the most.

"Alright since there are no more questions here is the plan. All ranged attackers will attack from the air and kill as many as you can. Melee fighters only need to kill anything that pushes through the flame wall. Remember safety first! Do not get bitten or scratched by these things! Monster squads lift ranged attackers in the air when they are ready! Healers buff the melee fighters with barriers and shields for extra protection! We are in for a long fight! Alright, get to it!" Misaki yelled out and jumped down from the car she was on.

"Misaki what about us?" Chiho asked. Normally Misaki had other plans for them.

"This time around I need you and Astero to command the skies. Split the ranged attackers into two groups and take command. Use your best judgments. You both know how raids work. Mimi, you are with Tetsu. I will be going in head on. I need to see if there are any abnormalities within the group of zombies that we do not know about. So Astero your team right flank, Angel your team left flank, and I will head straight down the middle. " Misaki gave out her orders to her team Chiho and Chizuru both looked at Misaki a little strange. "What is it?"

"Misaki lately you have been jumping in headfirst no matter what the situation calls for. It's like you are asking for death!" Chiho let her true thoughts out.

"I am not asking for death. I have a lot of things now to worry about. Also, my mental state seems to be slipping from what it used to be. It's slow and gradual but I can feel it. I am sure you all feel it too. Even if that has something to do with my current thoughts and me rushing in headlong, I still have you all and over five thousand people to look after that are looking for me to give them a way out and a way to live in this world. My mind is always turning as I am always trying to figure out the best plan to move forward so I do not let everyone down. Someday I will also leave Japan to go search for my parents as well. I still do not know if they are dead or alive." Misaki explained. She hoped this would allow them to understand her current actions and her current thoughts.

"Just be careful Misaki otherwise I will go through the eighteen levels of hell myself if I have to, to bring you back." Chiho's voice was filled with seriousness. Misaki was her friend, her family. Someone she truly cared for. She did not want to see Misaki die.

Misaki stepped forward and gave Chiho a hug. "I will not die I promise. I will have Shu'la with me as well. She will be flying overhead and can bring me out if need be."

After breaking her hug with Misaki, Chiho looked at Shu'la and said: "I am trusting you with to take care of her."

"Do not worry it is my duty as my Lord's guard to keep her safe at any time." Shu'la said giving a bow.

"Alright, time is not late! Get to your squads' lets go." Misaki knew they couldn't stand around much longer before the horde reached them. So she had no choice but to cut the conversation short.

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