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91 The Undead

 Over two hundred humans and monsters moved forward. They were heading south towards the military base to bring back as much military equipment that they could. The march on foot would take a week to reach the base and then a week back. Misaki and her group killed many monsters on the way out of the city. They had decided to use the highway since it was more of a straight shot to the military base. But what they saw when they finally reached the highway shocked them. Lines of cars lined up end to end. It was a scene straight out of an apocalyptic movie. What was worse was that the scent of rotting corpses was very strong.

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"Ew! Do we have to go this way?" Chizuru complained. She did not like this smell at all.

"Yes Mimi, We have to, it is the quickest route by foot. If we go any other way it will take a month round trip to get there. We would also have more risk of being attacked from unknown places." Although Misaki said these words she had no idea how much more terrifying this highway was compared to the desolate streets of the cities and towns.

They were about a day out down the highway when Shu'la whispered into Misaki's ear. "What you said is true? They spotted movement?"

"Yes, my Lord. Those in the air spotted movement up ahead and the way they are walking is not normal at all." Shu'la replied.

"If that is the case then we might be in a bit of trouble..." Misaki turned around and looked at the group behind her. "Shu'la lift me into the air."

Shu'la took hold of Misaki with her feet and flew upwards. "Halt!" Misaki's voice rang out loud and clear. "Every one spread out! Do not group together, we have incoming unknowns! Those in the back keep an eye out on our rear! Those in the middle move to your left and right flanks! Those in front come forward and spread out evenly. If what I have been told is correct we might be dealing with the undead! Aim for their heads. I am not sure if these are monsters that have spawned or the actual corpses of humans. We will not know until they get here! Remember to aim for the head!"

It was just what happened next was not what Misaki was expecting. "Ahh!" A soldier from the middle of the group screamed out as a few shots were fired off. He was firing bullet rounds repeatedly into the creature that had its teeth latched on to his arm.

"It's a fucking Zombie!" Another yelled out.

Misaki's face turned black. More and more yells rang out. It seemed the dead here were all zombies now! "Change of plans! Clear out these vehicles and use them as shields! Get to work, we do not have much time!" Misaki was crunching the numbers in her head trying to figure out her next course of action. "Shu'la lower me down I need to see if they are human or not."

Shu'la did as asked and stood next to Misaki as she looked over the corpse in one of the cars. She could see that they were indeed humans. But the next moment the dead female she was looking at in the car sprung up and tried to attack her through the window. Misaki quickly took out her sword and cut the zombie's head off. "This is bad, we are basically surrounded. These corpses underwent some kind of mutation and are now all undead!"

Chizuru and Chiho both shivered as Chiho asked: "What do we do then? We are all sitting ducks there thousands upon thousands of vehicles here!"

"We have no choice but to kill our way through and think of it as a raid on an undead dungeon. We will get through this!" Misaki had no choice but to stand her ground and fight through this. If they were not able to get this equipment then protecting their territory will become very hard. She had no idea what Eternal Games plans are but Misaki was sure they had something planned.

Misaki quickly led her team to join the fray as she killed zombie after zombie. After a good ten minutes of fighting, they were finally able to clear out an area and create barricades of cars to block off the incoming zombies. "How many hurt?"

"My Lord only fifteen were injured. Two Full Divers and thirteen normal humans." A soldier replied.

"Quarantine them. Just in case they change. I do not know if this zombie outbreak has to do with the game or a mix of everything. If you have watched old movies these things happen due to viruses. Once bitten or scratched they might change. So we will be on the safe side and quarantine them. Make sure to also separate them so that they are not all together." The soldier she gave orders to saluted and ran off to complete his task.

Misaki jumped up on top of one of the stacks of cars and yelled out: "From this point on we will hunker down here until we thin out this mess. If you get bit or scratched by one of these undead zombies, quarantine yourself in one of the cars here. Otherwise, aim for the head and kill!" Misaki jumped down from the car and called out for Shu'la. "Shu'la, have one of the fastest flying monsters head back to base and report what has happened and that we will be delayed a bit."

"Yes, my Lord!" Shu'la, quickly flew into the sky to hand her orders. Meanwhile, Misaki walked over to Shinji. "Astero, I need you to form a firewall about ninety meters out that surrounds us for the time being. It is just until we have finished setting up camp."

"Right away!" Shinji was planning to suggest this to Misaki but Misaki already had this in mind. He felt even more admiration for her now. She always had things planned out a few steps ahead.