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90 Setting Out!

 Misaki looked at the new gear and was quite amazed at how it was slimmer than before and had an open top. It was more lightweight than the original. "Has this been tested?"

"My Lord it has been tested and all of it works. The design is simple and allows for faster production." The R&D head answered.

Misaki nodded her head and was very happy. This means they could mass produce their own helmets from now on. Misaki looked the gear over once again but noticed an additional item next to the helmet. "This is?"

"My Lord this is a microphone so that those who are not in game can communicate with those who are in game. We had adjusted the sound interface of this new Full Dive gear to allow for an outside microphone setup." Misaki thought this was a very good addition. It would allow for faster communication with those in game in case of emergencies.

"Very good! How fast can you make them?" This was the most important question because the speed of production will tell her how fast her Full Dive Unit will be created. She planned to make use out of every soldier and form many Full Dive Units with them.

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"We can produce five a day right now. It will go faster once we build some production equipment."

"Then make it three a day and use the extra time to develop the production equipment. When the production equipment is done, start mass production of the new Full Dive gear. We need one for everyone as well as a lot of overstocks." Misaki could see them adding more people as time went on. So the more they had now the better.

Misaki then turned to another man who was sitting there waiting patiently. "What do you have for me?"

"My lord I am the head of the weapon research division. I took a look at the military's weapons that they brought with them. Everything from the exoskeleton suits to the artillery can be reversed engineered and rebuilt within game materials. We can also make artillery using magic as the ammunition. It will just take some time to fully develop and test this out."

"Alright, that sounds good. If it is possible it will make things easier down the road. It would allow anyone to have a weapon that can damage monsters. Good job everyone! I hope to see some more results next month. You are all dismissed." Misaki said as she smiled at them.

All this was very good news to her. It meant that the people she had brought back were highly capable. She had a large team of engineers and scientists that were both military and civilian. She split them up into two groups, one to develop these new full dive gears and another for weapons development using modern weapons as a base. Misaki figured that with the current state of mind that Watase Eriko has she would not even think of reverse engineering any modern weapons. They were even planning to make a trip in a few days to a base a little south of the city. Misaki and her team along with Chief Takahara, two full dive teams and one hundred soldiers would make the trip. They would also have a squadron of winged monsters following along as well. Their target was the military equipment held there. This included tanks, jets and much more. They were going to reverse engineer everything they could and then advance it so that the armor could withstand monster attacks as well as the weapons being able to deal damage to monsters. Unlike before where monsters could shrug off a bullet, this time around the bullets should do some decent damage.

But this was all just the beginning stages of things. In order to keep her area safe, Misaki decided she would set up a defensive line. She had many teams rotating throughout the day as they kept an eye on key locations. The military strategist under Chief Takahara came up with this plan. It was the safest and easiest method of keeping Eternal Games's Full Divers from disturbing Dark Front's operations. There had already been a few skirmishes between her people and theirs. But no one has been killed as of yet. For now, Eternal Games seems to be staying low key. This was probably due to the loss of healers. Misaki had killed quite a few of them at the battle in front of the shelter.

A few more days passed and today was the day they were going to be heading to the military base. In total there were over two hundred and twenty people going. Misaki was standing on Ra'thar's hand overlooking the group in front of her. "Alright, this will be a two week round trip. Our main goal whether it is a monster or Human is to come back alive. If I find that we are heading into too high of a level area I will call for a full retreat. I do not expect anyone to fight monsters that have way too high of a level. Even if we do not succeed in our main goal We will at least bring back much needed data on the other areas within our Dark Front domain. Everyone should have been given a magic brand on their hands or claws. This will serve as a way to identify members of the Dark Front. If we run into any monsters or humans who do not have this Magic brand, kill on sight if they attack or take them into custody if they are human. Non attacking monsters you can ignore. We are not here to farm for [XP]. Those days will be coming soon. Now that I have said what I had to say, does anyone have any questions?"

Misaki looked at everyone, seeing that no one had anything to say. She said: "Then let's move out!"

Misaki left Ra'thar at the base for defense and took Shu'la with her. Well, more like she had no choice but to take Shu'la with her. Shu'la has been attached to her side ever since she became a follower. Anytime Misaki went in game, Shu'la would wait at her side watching over her. Surprisingly Misaki did not mind this. She knew that it was due to Shu'la becoming her follower. Just like how her mentality was slowly becoming more Demon Lord like. Shu'la's mentality was becoming more and more like a Demon Lord's faithful servant.

What's more, was that no one else found it strange either. It seemed her dedication to Misaki was seen as a good thing. Shu'la was one of the few monsters who stayed in the base residential quarters. There were a few others but that was because a few interspecies relationships had started to form between the humans and the harpies. This would give way to a whole new breed of humans in the future if any of them were to conceive a baby. With the changes to humans due to the systems, this was not seen as a weird thing. But was seen as a natural course since Harpies were mostly human besides their arms and feet. They could also speak the human language so it did not hinder them from forming relationships.

Misaki also did not stop them from forming relationships either because as of now humans could be considered an endangered species in a sense. There was no official head count but at least ninety percent of humans in Japan had perished. And there was no way of telling how many were dying each day. So forming relationships with humanoid monsters or what was now called demi humans was a good thing to bring back up the numbers of humans.


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