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89 New Version!

 Misaki looked out over all those in front of her kneeling. She bitterly smiled as she said: "Please stand. We have a lot of work from this day forward! We will be rebuilding our lives from the ground up! We will be going person to person to find out what skills each person has. Whether you are a homemaker or a scientist you will be given a position that fits your skills. That is all for now. All of you must be tired from today's events. For now, we will settle you all in and allow you to rest. Starting tomorrow we'll begin the process of deciding what jobs you will be assigned. Dismissed!"

After Misaki finished speaking, all the monsters and humans gave a bow before returning to what they were doing previously. Misaki had Ra'thar stay put in the yard while everyone else returned to the base. Misaki was heading back to her room, she had been up for almost two days and was tired. With all the events that had been going on, she didn't even realize she was tried at all. She wondered maybe if this was also a side effect of having a system. She had found her own mentality was slowly changing. She was becoming more and more ruthless with her actions...

It was only when she arrived at her door to her room that she noticed that Shu'la had been following her. Misaki turned to Shu'la and asked: "Is something wrong?"

"No, my Lord. As your personal guard, I am to stay with you at all times in case anything happens." Shu'la replied. Her mannerism was becoming more and more polite.

"Oh.. Well... I only have a single bed but you can share it with me for tonite if you don't mind. Tomorrow I will use some earth magic and make you your own bedroom." Misaki smiled as she opened the door to her room and let Shu'la in. She did not find Shu'la to be annoying. On the contrary, Shu'la was very quiet to the point that Misaki did not even realize she was there.

"My Lord you do not need to share a bed with me. I can always stand or sleep on the floor." Shu'la seemed to be a bit flustered by Misaki's suggestion.

"Enough, I can not let you sleep on the floor or stand. I do not know how harpies usually sleep but whether it be human or harpy you will be treated no differently than anyone else. You are my follower and also now my friend. So I will not have you sleep on any floor." Misaki argued.

"Then I will follow my Lord's orders." Shu'la felt very moved by the treatment she was receiving from Misaki.

"Good come on here's a towel and wash bin, let's go to the bathes." Misaki did not wait before shoving the wash bin and a towel to Shu'la then pushing her out the door and bringing her to the bathes.

On the way, they met up with Chiho and Chizuru. Trailing behind them was Tetsu who was red in the face. But he could not go to the men's bath. So he was forced to go to the woman's side. Behind him pushing him along was Grandpa Nagasawa.

"Tetsu what are you dilly dallying for? It's not like you've never seen a girl naked! Shit, you can look at yourself in the mirror now! So stop being such a pansy and get in there!" Grandpa Nagasawa chided.

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Misaki and the other girls saw this and couldn't help but laugh. They felt bad for Tetsu but at the same time, it was quite amusing seeing that blushed face every time. Misaki, Chiho and Chizuru gave Shu'la a royal spa treatment as she had every one of her feathers washed clean. This caused Shu'la who seemed to always have a serious face to blush.

After the bath everyone went to log into the game. They had planned to search for a new dungeon to farm in. Misaki looked at Chiho and the rest and said: "Okay! Today we will look for a place that will allow us to level up quickly."

"I just hope the boss actually drops something since the Golem King's Lair was bugged." Chiho added.

"We can only hope that not all bosses are bugged. For now, we just see what happens. If it ends up being no drops then it would be easier to find and hunt world bosses." Shinji said. After the run in with Watase Eriko and watching how Misaki kept putting her life on the line for them, he wanted to get better gear and level up as fast as possible.

"Either way we will all pop a [XP] potion now. This should bust our [XP] gain by a lot while in game." Misaki pulled out five [Xp Potions].

A week later...

"What the hell is this!? I can't even see his level!" Misaki cried out as the doors slammed behind them.

"Was this not a level sixty dungeon? We have cleared every floor of this place and there has been nothing but level sixty mobs!" Chiho yelled out.

"Right now it does not matter what is going on. All that matters is that we do whatever we can to kill this thing!" Misaki had no clue why this boss was so strong but she knew that there was no backing out of this room now that the doors were closed and could not be opened.

"Alright! Same as always Tetsu up front, Astero and Angel deal as much damage as you can while Tetsu tanks, Mimi keep Tetsu alive as best as you can!" After Misaki said her words her face paled as Tetsu went to block an attack by the boss only to be sliced in two! It sliced him right through his shield and armor.

"Damnit!" Misaki wanted to go and block the next attack but it was not a physical attack but an aoe! Misaki could only barely dodge it but the rest were wiped out!

Misaki looked at the skeleton boss that was waving around scimitars and frowned. It aimed its sword right at her head. The next she knew her screen went black. "Why did such a high level boss show up?"

Misaki let out a long sigh and checked her inventory, they had at least gained an extraordinary amount of resources that can be used for new armor and weapons. Misaki closed her inventory when she heard a knock at her door. She got up and answered it.

"My Lord the R&D team is asking for you.'' Due to Shu'la's and Ra'thar's influence, everyone started calling her by my Lord.

Misaki nodded her head and headed towards the meeting room. Within this week they have made a lot of progress. The new living quarters for civilians were almost half built and they had gathered a large number of resources. Misaki herself had made it to level sixty but had yet to spend any of her [Status Points].

Misaki walked into the meeting room and saw a somewhat familiar object laying on the table but it was different from what she was used to seeing. "My Lord!" the heads of the R&D team all stood up and bowed.

"No need for that, is this what I think it is?" Misaki was starting to get used to everyone bowing to her. Now she just shrugged it off as the norm.

"Yes, my Lord! This is the new and improved version of the Full Dive gear!"


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