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88 Ruler

 Misaki was in a daze due to what she had just heard. But there was no one rejecting what he had just announced. Even Grandpa Nagasawa's right hand man nodded his head in approval. Misaki did not know what to say. She did not think she was really cut out for the job but it seemed everyone was going to push her into this role!

After a long while of silence, Misaki finally said: "Grandpa you have been in charge of the Nagasawa clan since before I was even born! How can you just pass it all over to me!? Plus I am very impulsive! I killed a man just for questioning my authority and fed him to Ra'thar!"

"Yes, I know. But in this new world, this new age. These things are a given! You are what this new era needs. These people followed you because you gave them hope. You won the trust of over five thousand soldiers and military personnel and their commanders! I will still be here to assist when you need me to but from this day forward the Nagasawa clan is no more and this new clan... No, this new nation that we will be building will be named by you!" Grandpa Nagasawa's face was full of seriousness. It would have been fine if he made such a face in his old body but in his new body, it just looked like a little girl being cute.

"But..." Misaki was still unsure if she was going to be able to handle such a role.

"No buts! Brat you handle things the way you have been handling them. If you need to kill a few people then kill a few people. Are you not a demon lord to begin with!? From what I know Demon Lords are supposed to kill humans left and right. Just do not go overboard!" Shu'la who was standing next to Misaki nodded her head with every word that Grandpa Nagasawa said.

Misaki looked around and everyone nodded their heads. Misaki let out a long sigh and said: "Fine... But... Grandpa, Chief Takahara, General Utsumi I will be needing your guidance."

"Only natural. Now, what will you call the new nation!?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked.

"Yeah Misaki, name it something that fits the whole Demon Lord thing!" Chiho chimed in. She found this whole thing fun and interesting. Her best friend was about to become the ruler of southern Japan!

"Ummm... Then how about, Dark Front..." Misaki tossed out a random name.

"Hoho! I like it! Okay! Let's hold a meeting!" Grandpa Nagasawa clapped his hand together. He seemed to be a bit overly excited.

Chiho snuck in close to Grandpa Nagasawa and asked: "Jiji what's the real reason for making Misaki the leader?"

"This old man is now fresh in his prime. I want to be free with no restraints! Just don't tell the brat she might hit me!" Grandpa Nagasawa said these words and then ran off to go organize a meeting.

Chiho stood there and watched her grandfather's retreating back for a few seconds before she burst out laughing. 'He is getting too used to being a little girl!'

It took almost an hour to gather everyone that included monsters, civilians, soldiers, and those from the Nagasawa clan. Grandpa Nagasawa stood up on Ra'thar's hand with Misaki, Chiho, Chief Takahara and General Utsumi. In a cute voice, Grandpa Nagasawa shouted out: "From this day forward I will be stepping down as the leader of the Nagasawa clan and appointing Misaki Mitsu as the new leader. The Nagasawa Clan will be no more. With all the new additions being it human or monsters and by the fact that we are now the rulers of southern Japan. We will now form a new faction with Misaki Mitsu as the head. Misaki, say a few words." Grandpa Nagasawa stepped aside to let Misaki step forward.

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Misaki took a deep breath before saying: "As my Grandpa said I will now be the new ruler of southern Japan. The new name of our faction will be Dark Front. I want to build a nation where humans and monsters can coexist. This does not mean that we will stop killing either humans or monsters. But those who wish to join us are welcome to no matter what their race is.

"Those who do not join us can be seen as an enemy. Anyone who attacks our nation and its people will be considered enemies. Right now the streets are filled with said enemies. Across Main Street of City C, there are human enemies! They all pose a threat to the humans and monsters of Dark Front.

"Those who can fight will do all they can to protect the people and land that belong to Dark Front. We are in a new age! An age were laws of the old world hold no weight anymore. We are now in an age where you can lose your life the very second you step out from your door.

" We will slowly work to reclaim the lands that are now infested with monsters. Each Full Dive team will now have two winged monsters added to their team. This is so that they may communicate and give monsters a chance to join us. If you are attacked by any monsters then do not hesitate to kill! If you are attacked by any human do not hesitate to kill!

"I will say this now... We will be coming up with a new set of rules. You might think that these rules are unfair and go against your free rights. But unfortunately, we do not live in a free world any longer. I will not ask much of all of you. I will only ask that you do your part. Every man, woman, and child that are able body must work! There will be no free lunch! Of course, we will not ask you to do things that are beyond your capability. I will state this now if you commit a crime against anyone here you will lose your life. There is no prison here and we have no time to take prisoners. I do not care if you stole a toothpick from your neighbor. If they have proof and the evidence shows that it was you then you will lose your life on the spot.

"With this, all said I will now give you a choice. You can either stay and follow my command or try your luck out in the streets with the monsters. The door is right there you can leave at any time. I will not hold anyone back." Misaki finished her speech she had no time to prepare for and waited to see the reactions of those around her.

What she did not expect was dead silence. She looked behind her a bit confused but even the others were silent. It was as if everyone was in deep thought. Shu'la who had been hovering in the air floated down next to Misaki and said: "My Lord a nation of monsters and humans will be hard to build."

"Even if that is so. I am a demon lord. I will be taking many monsters under my wing as I grow stronger. Those who are under my rule will need to get used to these monsters as they will be seeing them every day." Misaki had planned to build an army of monsters as well as humans. If they could work side by side it would benefit everyone.

"I will do all I can to assist my Lord!" Shu'la knelt down in front of Misaki on one knee and bowed her head. No one knew who else did it after Shu'la but monsters and humans alike all did the same as they copied Shu'la's action. Those who were standing behind her all had big smiles on their faces.

Misaki looked over the crowd of humans and monsters who were now kneeling to her and became at a loss for words. On this day Misaki has over seven thousand humans and monsters kneel to her.

Chief Takahara walked over and patted Misaki's shoulder. "For a speech, you had to come up with right on the spot it showed these people who they had to follow from now on. How many years has it been since a ruler had people kneel in front of them in Japan? I think only you possess the charisma to make people kneel to you willingly."


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