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87 Return

 It was not that they wanted power to overtake Misaki but on the contrary, they wanted power so that they could assist Misaki. They now believed after watching all the events that this young girl was going to be a legend in the future. And they wanted to be there watching it all at her side.

Inside the Nagasawa base.

"Master! Trouble!" One of the Nagasawa clan members came running into the meeting room.

"Slow down! What's the trouble!?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked.

"Monsters and a lot of them are all coming this way by air. Along with them is a monster that is as tall as a skyscraper!" The Nagasawa clan member said.

"Alright, alright calm down. Gather the teams and meet me top side." Grandpa Nagasawa calmly got up from his chair and put on his armor. He then took out his weapon and headed top side.

Standing on top of the black wall that surrounded the entire Nagasawa base, Grandpa Nagasawa looked out over the horizon and spotted the large group of monsters. But when he looked closer he noticed that there were more than just monsters there. But also humans! As he was looking he saw something come flying right at him so fast he had no time to react!


Dust and debris from the ground just outside the black wall scattered all over. Grandpa Nagasawa went on guard until he saw a familiar figure standing there in the middle of a small crater that was just formed. "You damn brat! Are you trying to give this old man a heart attack!?"

"Hehe... Grandpa, why would I do that? Who would feed me if you had a heart attack?" Misaki said in a teasing voice.

Grandpa Nagasawa looked at Misaki and gave a humph! "Tell me what is the deal with all the extras? Did you not leave here with only five people in your team total?"

"Ahhh... Well, there is a lot to explain. Let me just tell you not to take anyone in for a while unless they are not a Full Diver. And as for the couple thousand monsters that are coming this way they are all my followers and will act to bolster our defenses against other monsters and Full Divers." Misaki gave a simple explanation. She did not want to make everyone wait. Since there was a lot to do and a lot to explain. "For now... Shu'la, come down here and meet grandpa!"

Grandpa Nagasawa watched a winged human flew down from the sky. "My Lord, from now on let me carry you if you need to fly through the sky! Why have that numbskull throw you over? What if you get hurt!?"

Grandpa Nagasawa's lips twitched. He was watching a bird monster with some human features fawn over Misaki like a mother hen. "Yeah, yeah it was to give Grandpa a surprise! Anyway, greet Grandpa!"

Shu'la turned to face Grandpa Nagasawa and was a bit confused as to why Misaki was calling such a little girl grandpa! She turned back to Misaki with a confused expression and asked: "Where is this grandpa? From what I understand a grandpa is a human term for an elderly man."

"Hahaha!" Misaki burst out laughing while Grandpa Nagasawa's face turned black. He did not want to look like this okay! "Shu'la he is a Fei. You know how I explained to you that we all originally used to be human?"

"Yes, I remember my Lord." Shu'la nodded her head.

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"Well, Grandpa had a little different kind of change when he turned into a Fei. He became like this." Misaki was doing her best to hold her laughter back because every time she thought about it, it made her laugh.

"I see my Lord! Then in case... Greetings Miss Grandpa!" Misaki couldn't help but laugh out loud while Grandpa Nagasawa looked at the damn brat in front of him laughing away at his plight and ground his teeth.

Taking a deep breath to curb his anger, Grandpa Nagasawa looked at Shu'la and nodded: "It's nice to meet you Miss Shu'la. Feel free to spank this brat if she gets out of hand."

Shu'la anger rose. Someone actually dared to tell her to strike her lord!? "Shu'la, calm down Grandpa is just joking. He does not mean for you to ever do something like that."

Misaki had a connection with all her followers so she could feel how they felt. So as soon as she felt Shu'la's anger about to boil over she quickly interjected. A level 200 harpy could easily squash her Grandpa into the ground. "Alright since you two have met I will call the rest over."

The full divers of the Nagasawa clan all watched as thousands of humans and thousands of monsters all walked up and stood outside of the Nagasawa base. Grandpa Nagasawa looked up at the towering Ra'thar and only shook his head. He no longer was surprised at the things Misaki was capable of now.

"Jiji!" Chiho cried out as Ra'thar lowered Misaki's team and the few elderly people to the ground.

"Chibi! It's good you are okay!" A smile formed on Grandpa Nagasawa's face seeing his precious granddaughter returning unharmed.

While Grandpa Nagasawa and Chiho caught up, Misaki turned to the other Nagasawa clan members and said: "I need all teams to form up. We will be expanding the base by a lot. We need to use the surrounding warehouses as temporary shelters. We will need to build new residents for all the survivors! Shu'la I need you to break up the winged monster and have them guard the new locations. We can't get walls up around them right away. So we will need to protect everyone for now."

"I will do as you ask my Lord!" Both the Nagasawa clan members and Shu'la went right to work forming teams and separating the monsters to follow the Full Dive teams. Misaki was surprised at how well the Nagasawa clan members accepted the monsters so quickly.

With that, all said she had Ra'thar sit in the yard of the base for now. She felt bad that he had to sit outside like this. Before entering the base she stopped and said: "Ra'thar I will find a way to get a roof over your head as soon as I can."

"Do not worry my Lord. I am used to staying outside." Ra'thar could feel Misaki's kind intentions but he was truly used to sleeping out aside or in large caves.

Misaki replied that she would still look around or find out a way to build him a dwelling. After which she entered the base and headed down to the meeting.

In the meeting room Misaki, along with Chief Takahara, General Utsumi, Grandpa Nagasawa, Shu'la, and her team were all sitting around a large table. "Brat is what you said true? Those assholes from Eternal Games attacked you and declared war on us?"

"Yes, Grandpa, Watase Eriko, one of the CEOs of Eternal Games has let her power get to her head. She has become ambitious and wishes to rule over all of Japan and most likely the world." Misaki answered.

"You should have killed her when you had a chance!" Grandpa Nagasawa was not surprised that Misaki and his granddaughter, Chiho had to kill other humans. Ever since the monsters showed up he had seen that as a given at some point. He just did not think it would happen this soon. And to top it all off the Nagasawa clan was now at war with this Watase Eriko lady and her company.

"I wish I could have as well Grandpa but like I said I had no idea what trump cards she was holding. I could not risk the lives of everyone there just to kill her. She has completely lost her sanity. But after the second skirmish, the Nagasawa clan is the rulers of everything south of main st. So the whole southern side of Japan." Misaki explained.

"Alright, so what do we do from here?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked.

"Right now we farm! We will not venture out for some time until we have the ability to recognize our own people and monsters." Misaki had planned to farm in game and try to level up in safety in a game in a dungeon someplace. Now that they had monsters to help protect the area it would allow her to farm and level in peace for a while.

"Okay, we will do it your way. From now on Misaki is in charge of all things from this day forward. You have gained the trust of some of the highest ranking military officials Japan has. I can trust you to take care of the Nagasawa clan as well!"


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