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86 Demon Lords Oppression

 Misaki was jumping for joy in her mind! If she could dance right now she would! But for some reason, Chiho and Chizuru told her not to dance anymore. She couldn't figure this part out. What was so bad about her dancing?

Shu'la gathered all her brethren and then looked at the other winged monsters in the sky and a thought came to mind. "My Lord I have a feeling that when I become your follower I will lose control of the winged monsters. Do you want to bring this group of two thousand under your command as well? I can give them all the option to join you and if they do not wish to, I will send them on their way so that they will not attack us once we have become your followers."

Misaki was surprised at this option but did not hesitate to answer: "Yes, ask them if they would like to follow me!"

Shu'la nodded her head, flew up to the group in the sky, and communicated to the rest of the winged monsters. After some time a few hundred split off from the group and flew off. In total one thousand six hundred and seventy five winged monsters chose to become followers. They all flew and in front of Misaki and knelt down in front of her bright lights flashed from each one causing the sky to light up brighter than the sun itself.


[System Message!]

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[Multiple monsters want to become your followers!]

[If you hit yes these multiple monsters will listen to you every command and become your faithful followers.]

[If you hit no these multiple monsters will become your enemy and try to kill you.]

Misaki watched as her list of followers grew instantly. After the large group of winged monsters was put under Misaki's lead, Shu'la had her brethren go next. Shu'la smiled as she saw the bright glow on her brethren, she knew they would now have a brighter future ahead of them.


[System Message!]

[Shu'la's brethren want to become your followers!]

[If you hit yes Shu'la's brethren will listen to you every command and become your faithful followers.]

[If you hit no Shu'la and her brethren will become your enemy and try to kill you.]

Reading the last line of the message Made Misaki chuckled. She, of course, hit yes.

Shu'la flew down and stood in the air in front of Misaki. "My Lord I thank you for taking in not only me but my brethren and the others as well!" Shu'la knelt down on one knee and lowered her head. "I Shu'la the queen of the harpies hereby vow as of this day forward will follow my Lord even in death! I will protect my Lord with my entire being."


[System Message!]

[Shu'la's brethren want to become your Life or Death Follower!]

[If you hit yes, Shu'la will listen to you every command and become your faithful follower. Shu'la will now also follow you in death when you die.]

[If you hit no Shu'la and her brethren will become your enemy and try to kill you.]


[System Message!]

[New Follower type Life or Death Follower added!]

[Life or Death followers are the most loyal followers one can receive. If you die they will die alongside you.]

Misaki saw this new follower type and wondered why this was even added... 'Is this not the same as the other followers except they die with you when you die?' As Misaki was pondering, Ra'thar kicked up a fuss!

"You! Shu'la! You actually one upped me! I want to be a life or death follower too!!!" Ra'thar yelled out in rage. Of course, the only ones who could understand his rambling were Misaki and Shu'la. To others, it sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Unlike Shu'la whos words could be understood by all. This was most likely due to her human features.


[System Message!]

[Ra'thar upgraded to Life or Death Follower!]

"Oh, Ra'thar you upgraded! You are the same as Shu'la now!" Misaki notified Ra'thar hoping it would calm it down.

Ra'thar formed a silly grin on his face as if he won the lottery. Shu'la just shook her head at the simple minded buffoon. She then turned to Misaki and asked: "What are your orders, my Lord?"

"From now on you will be the leader of the Winged Monsters. Have them encircle the escort group and keep any other monsters away. Make sure they work in groups of three. I do not want to lose anyone that has come under my command. If they need assistance, have them yell out for help through our connection. Also, Shu'la, while you are their leader you will also become my personal guard along with Ra'thar. But you will stay with me at all times. I will be having Ra'thar guard the base along with your brethren and the rest of the winged monsters." Misaki felt this was great. Being able to have so many monsters under her wing just like that makes things easier. It will allow every Nagasawa clan member to rise in level quickly. And also give protection while they reclaimed some of the buildings and built new residents.

"Yes! My Lord!" Shu'la was happy that she would be able to follow Misaki around wherever she went. She did not know why but now that she was Misaki's follower she had a deep reverence for Misaki.

Misaki had Ra'thar made their way back to the group with her new followers in tow. She stood in front of everyone and shouted out. "Listen up! This here is Shu'la and the ones behind her are all under her command. Shu'la is now my follower as well as the others behind me. They will not harm you in any way!"

"How can you let so many monsters near us? What if they try to kill us when you are not looking!?" A middle aged man yelled out.

Misaki did not get mad, it was a good question. She smiled and answered: "I guarantee that they will not attack a single person here or at the Nagasawa base. You do not need to be scared of that. Soon we will be coming up with a way to identify who is of which faction. Anyway, I answered your question. We need to move out!" Misaki waved her hand turned around and was going to give orders to continue forward when the same voice shouted out again.

"Wait! How can we trust what you said!" Misaki was now getting angry. She turned back around her expression changed from the smile she gave a second ago to a cold one filled with killing intent.

"Did I not explain to you earlier that you are to follow my every command? I was nice enough to give you an answer just now. Do not push your luck or I will feed you to Ra'thar alive!" Misaki's voice boomed in the air. A demonic aura seemed to have gushed out of her body that was extremely oppressive. Humans and monsters alike that were ten levels above Misaki and lower all cowered in fear. Even Chiho and the rest of the team had cold sweat form down their backs.


[System Message!]

[You have just unlocked A Demon Lord's secret skill!]

[Demon Lord's Oppression]

[Demon Lord's Oppression can be activated at will with a ten second cooldown. The oppressive aura will last until canceled. When active anyone ten levels and below your level will be oppressed sending them oppressed into a state of fear.

[Demon Lord's Oppression passive: (Demon Lord's Rage) Demon Lord's Rage will auto activate Demon Lord's Oppression when the Demon Lord gets angry. Will only cancel when the Demon Lord's rage subsides.]

Misaki ignored the system windows in front of her as she stared at the middle aged man. The middle aged man felt Misaki's gaze was like a gun pointed at his face. He was quickly drenched in sweat out of fear. He dared not say a single word. Misaki turned her gaze away and looked at all the people now cowering on the ground, she yelled out: "I will not stop again next time I will feed whoever has a complaint to Ra'thar! Let's move out!"

The oppressive aura slowly subsided as everyone got up without a word and started walking. They dared not show any more dissatisfaction. Chief Takahara and General Utsumi both looked at each other nodded. They were very glad they decided to follow Misaki. The aura she just released was not something they could easily deal with and they have walked many battlefields. Now she even had over two thousand or so monsters at her command. If she wanted to take all the lives of everyone here. She could do so as easily as giving a simple command. This is what it meant to have power! Chief Takahara and General Utsumi could not wait to gain their own systems and start leveling.


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