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85 Escort Mission Part Three

 Misaki knew that the journey would not be easy but wasn't this a little too much!? She found it was weird that so many winged monsters had gathered in one spot. Misaki quickly started thinking of how to deal with this situation. After only a few seconds Misaki quickly yelled out: "Halt! Duck and Cover!" Instantly the entire escort stopped in their tracks. All the civilians and soldiers not in exoskeleton suits squatted down and curled up into a ball. Chizuru casted a barrier over them encasing them inside. This was one of the signals that Misaki came up with at the start as they started traveling. If they were to get attacked by winded monsters this was the only way to protect them for as long as Chizuru could hold the barrier. The reason for the duck and cover was so that the size of the barrier would not need to be so large. It would help save Mimi's [MP] from depleting to fast.

Misaki was very happy at how fast everyone reacted. It was as if they had been training for months. Misaki got prepared to go into battle when she heard Chiho yell out over team chat. "Misaki bad news! I see a large winged monster within the group! It's level 200!" Chiho's race had very good eyesight. She could see anything clear as day a kilometer out if she focused.

Now Misaki understood why they were so organized! There was a boss monster leading them! "Ra'thar what are your odds of fighting against the boss up there?"

"My Lord. If I can get ahold of her I can beat her into submission. But I would suggest that you take her under your wing. Unlike me who has to cast magic to control monsters which takes a lot of time to take control over a large number of monsters at a time. She is the queen of winged monsters if you are able to get her to willingly become your follower you will gain every winged monster as your follower along with her. " Ra'thar explained.

Misaki thought for a moment and quickly came up with another plan. "Okay break ranks! Exo teams half to the rear! My team, Astero, and Angel to the front! Tetsu, assist the exo team! Shinji and Angel concentrate on any winged monster that gets near. There is no need to waste [MP]. Ra'thar and I will engage the boss monster!"


Multiple yeses rang out as everyone complied with Misaki's orders. The exoskeleton suits all moved to the back of the escort group. Shinji and Chiho moved to the front and stood there waiting for any incoming monsters. Misaki had the five elderly people lowered to stay with the other civilians. Chizuru hopped down as well and stood behind Shinji and Chiho.

Misaki stood on top of Ra'thar's shoulder and looked up at the sky. She watched as the group of winged monsters parted and the level 200 boss came into view. She was very beautiful, she had long green hair and green jaded eyes. She had wings with white feathers for arms and feet of a bird but the rest of her body resembled that of a human. She looked to be in her late teens to earlier twenties if you went by human years. You could definitely tell she was from the harpy race. "Ra'thar move away from the group. It seems she wants to talk."

Ra'thar did as Misaki asked and walked forward. They got about fifty meters away from the group when the harpy queen flew down to hover overhead. "Ra'thar! Why have you joined with these humans!?"

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"I did not join with the humans! I joined with my Lord! If my Lord wants to save a group of humans as someone who devotes his life to my Lord, I, of course, will heed my Lord's command!" Ra'thar answered back.

"You are willing to save humans even though that is what you favor most for a meal and you even call a human your lord!?" The harpy queen was astonished. She knew Ra'thar well, he was always one to raid villages and eat as many humans as he can until he was full. He would eat hundreds of them each time he did! The harpy queen turned her gaze on to Misaki. But when she saw Misaki's appearance she felt something was wrong. The aura she felt from Misaki was very oppressive! Even for her who was of a much higher level felt stifled by it.

"Shu'la! My Lord is no human!" Ra'thar roared the harpy queen's name angrily! Although what he had said was correct in a sense. He did not know originally Misaki was actually human.

Shu'la was startled by the angry roar from Ra'thar. She looked at Misaki again as if trying to figure out what to do. Misaki sensed that Ra'thar and this Shu'la were old friends. If that was the case things might be a little easier. "Miss Shu'la, my name is Misaki. What Ra'thar said is true. I am no human. I am a Demon Lord."

Misaki's words stunned Shu'la now she understood where this oppressive aura came from. It was because Misaki was part of a long lost race that used to rule over many demons! "I see... It is no wonder then. Then let me ask you this. As a Demon Lord, why are you assisting humans!?"

"What is wrong with assisting them? Humans are resourceful. They can build these complex structures. They can wield magic and other weapons that can bring about yours and my demise. If we were to befriend a group of humans and assist them and give them safety from the monster kind. A group of humans who were off-limits that could create the weapons that could kill us to help kill other humans, would it not be in our best interest to do so?" Misaki was taking a standpoint as a monster kind that could easily be killed by humans with their advanced weapons.

"Even if that is the case could we not just slaughter a group of humans and take their weapons from them and use them against them!?" Shu'la replied with a question. She still did not see the need to befriend humans just for weapons.

"That is true but then what would happen when we went to raid another town or village? They would already know that the first village was raided. They would come up with new ways to deal with us then. The new ways could be even more powerful than before. But if we had a group of humans on our side, would we not be able to be just as advanced at all times as the other humans? It is not like all humans would be assisted. take this dead human here." Misaki pulled a dead Full Diver from her inventory. Tossed it up into the air towards Ra'thar's mouth. Ra'thar opened his mouth and happily ate the dead Full Diver.

Shu'la looked at the happy expression on Ra'thar's face and shook her head. She quietly muttered to herself. "This idiot looks so happy to be treated as a human pet!"

As if reading her mind Misaki smiled and said: "Ra'thar might be at my beck and call but that does not mean I treat him unfairly. He is also able to evolve now. Something monsters can not do unless they are under the command of a Demon Lord! He will soon become a full fledged demon!"

Misaki's words were like being struck by lightning to Shu'la. Every high level monster strived to become a demon. It was only then that they would gain great strength! Shu'la could not help but be very tempted but then she looked behind her and looked at the few hundred young harpies that were mixed in with the other monsters and felt a bit reluctant. After a bit more thought she looked at Misaki and said: "I am willing to follow you but I have a condition!"

Misaki smiled and said: "Please tell me. If it is within my power I will do what I can to fulfill it."

"I want you to allow my brethren to stay with me! In return, I promise to not let them attack any of the human slaves you are taking care of." Shu'la stated her conditions. She wanted the harpies who had followed her for so many years to stay by her side.

Misaki's lips twitched at the whole human slave thing but she could not go and correct Shu'la's words at this point either. Not when she was this close to gaining another high level follower! "Easily done! I have no problems with you bringing your brethren. They can even also become my followers if they so choose to do so. Then they will also have a chance to evolve into demons."

Shu'la beautiful face formed a smile. This was what she was hoping for. A chance for all of her brethren to become demons!


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