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84 Escort Mission Part Two

 There was a gulping sound as Ra'thar swallowed the young man down his throat. Misaki then walked back towards Ra'thar who lowered his hand and allowed Misaki to climb on. "You might think what I just did was a bit excessive. But I am just getting my point across. I do not have time to deal with people who are not willing to listen to orders. Me and my team will do our best and put our lives on the line to protect all of you. But if there is a single person who tries to sow discord because they do not want to follow orders then this is the result."

Misaki finished what she had to say. She turned to Chief Takahara and bowed deeply. "Chief Takahara I know my actions just now were ruthless. But we do not have time to sit around and argue about who is leading. We need to move before too many monsters start to gather."

Chief Takahara let out a long sigh. "Misaki just do what you need to do. Me and my men, know how much you want to help us as well as all these citizens. Sometimes during military actions when there is someone who is not listening to orders it ends up causing the lives of an entire unit. Your actions, although would not be allowed in the old style of government, you are now the law of this new world in our eyes. What you say goes. You have already put your life on the line for everyone here many times already. I will not second guess your decisions."

Misaki gave a sigh of relief. She did not know what she would do if the military decided to turn against them. "I still have a lot to learn so I hope Chief Takahara can kindly guide me if I go astray."

"Haha! I will do that." Chief Takahara's laughter spread across the crowd which calmed the scared citizens after the brutal sight they had just witnessed.

Then they saw Chief Takahara step forward. He raised his hand to quiet everyone down before speaking. "As you have witnessed. Misaki is one to put words into actions. Sometimes in life, it is easier to explain by doing than it is to use one's words. We are no longer in a world where the Japanese government sets the rules.

"Although this is Japan, the country we live in now is split into two. On one side we have a crazy lady who wants to rule the world. You may have heard the noises outside while in the shelter. They had originally attacked us with over a thousand Full Divers. Misaki here used her own life as bait in order to save us. There would have been a chance that we would have been completely wiped out if not for her. That crazy lady wanted to kill off the rest of the military and any connection to the old government. I have a feeling she would have destroyed this shelter and everyone in it if not for Misaki and her team fighting them off.

"On the other side is Misaki, me, myself and General Utsumi here will now be under Misaki's command. The brutal show she had just shown you is her way of settling matters quickly so we can leave here as soon as possible. To her, one life for many is nothing compared to many lives for one person just because they did not follow orders. If you want a decent life in the future I suggest you follow Misaki and follow her orders from now on with no second guessing. I can promise the plan that she has come up with will return to you a decent life and a way to survive in this new world.

" Those of you who do not want to follow Misaki step aside now. Otherwise, it will not be her killing you and feeding you to the monsters but me or General Utsumi or one of the five thousand soldiers underneath us. We in the military show respect to those who wish to do nothing but help and have the guts to put their lives on the line in order to do so. There is also an old saying that if one saves your life you owe that person your life in return. As of now all eight thousand or so of us here owe Misaki our lives. We owe her our life in return. That is all I will say. You have five minutes to decide to stay or leave with us. Soldiers of the JSDF! Get ready! We are leaving in five minutes!"

Misaki was stunned and also relieved by Chief Takahara's statement. This meant things would go a lot smoother in the future. After five minutes, there were five people who were standing off to the side. They were elderly people who were not able to walk by themselves. Misaki saw this and frowned. She jumped down to the ground and walked over to them. "Can I ask why you want to stay behind?"

"Young Miss it is because we are old and have no family left. On top of that, it is difficult for us to walk. We were originally sent to this shelter by car so there is no way for us to talk for five minutes never mind two hours." An old man who was in a wheelchair answered.

Misaki smiled and called out to Ra'thar. "Ra'thar give them a lift. They can not walk."

"Yes, my lord." Ra'thar then moved so he could lower his hand in front of the five old people.

"Do not be afraid. Ra'thar is one of my followers and will not harm you in any way. I will make sure you can live out the rest of your lives for as long as you can without worry. Just because you are not able to travel like the rest does not mean I would leave you behind for such a reason." Misaki then turned to Chizuru and asked: "Mimi can you look after them and check if there is any way to heal what may be ailing them?"

"I will do what I can!" Chizuru smiled, She fully approved of Misaki's actions. Sometimes she was brutal but she was brutal for the greater good and there were times like this where she was kind and caring. She had a strong head on her shoulders and always followed her beliefs. Time and time again she has shown how much she can shine. She was truly a natural born leader.

Misaki smiled and turned back to the elderly people. "Mimi is the healer for my team. She will look after you while we make this trip to the new location. She will also see if she can heal what is ailing you so that you can live longer and more fulfilled lives."

The five elderly people all had tears rolling down their cheeks. They had no idea how long it had been since someone cared for them in such a way. They did not want to die either. They were old but still wished to live longer even if it was only by a few years. Seeing the tears rolling down these elderly people's faces made Misaki feel a bit of warmth in her heart she walked forward and gave each one of them a hug. She could tell without them even needing to say a word that they were truly grateful for her actions.

After the elderly people were positioned so that they would not fall down. Misaki shouted out. "Since everyone is ready! Get into formation. Civilians in the middle, Soldiers encircle the Civilians and Ra'thar and Mimi in front. I will bounce back and forth between the sides, while Astero, Tetsu and Angel will take up the rear! One more thing! If anyone falls or needs assistants, help them! We will do our best to bring everyone back safely. Let's move out!"

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The escort mission was finally underway. Over five thousand humans were now moving towards the Nagasawa clan to relocate. There was no telling how many monsters they would encounter with this amount of humans all moving together. Misaki could only hope that Ra'thar would work as sort of a deterrent against the monsters. But the line was long The monsters would most likely try to pick off a few humans from about midway down the pack.

That had not even walked ten minutes when the first set of monsters attacked. They charged at the rear of the escort group. Shinji and Chiho were hard at work firing spells and arrows. Killing the monsters as they got close. Misaki was busy on the sides having to constantly run back and forth to kill anything that showed up.

The pace was very slow due to all the monster attacks and it was only when the journey was halfway to their destination, when they heard numerous cries sound out across the sky. Misaki looked up into the air and her face turned pale. The sky that once showed blue was now painted black as winged monsters blotted out the skies above.


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