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83 Escort Mission Part One

 After collecting all the bodies Misaki walked back to the shelter. The cheers of the soldiers rang in her ears. She was happy that they won so easily. She just hated letting Watase Eriko go as she did. She had her reasons for this though. Her main reason was not knowing what ace Watase Eriko might have hiding up her sleeve. Watase Eriko seemed to be a woman who would always have a trump card or two. To either save her life or take everyone with her. Misaki did not want to push her too far into a corner if she was willing to compromise. This was also the reason why she mainly went for healers. Not having healers would weaken not only their ability to fight in the real world but also in game. This will slow down their progress by a lot and allow the Nagasawa clan to gain a bit of an edge.

As Misaki reached Ra'thar, Chiho and the rest jumped down and tackled Misaki with hugs. "Misaki! You are crazy to do what you did. What if your plan did not work?" Chiho had tears in her eyes. She was worried sick that Misaki would get encircled if the plan she made up did not work.

"Mmm... If I got encircled I would have killed my way out. And I think Ra'thar would have killed his way to me before I could die. No matter what the situation, I would have been able to make it out alive. Either way, the plan was to use me as a decoy. Watase Eriko sees me as a threat. I just wish I could have killed her." Misaki was really aggravated that she held back on killing her.

"Speaking of that, why did you not kill her?" Shinji asked.

"Think of it like this. If you corner a rabbit and it has no other option but to retaliate it will use any means necessary to deal with its attacker. Even if it means risking its own life in order to escape. Watase Eriko is like a cockroach. She waited until Ra'thar was under my control to come and demand me to hand it... Err... It? Ra'thar are you male or female?" Misaki had completely forgotten to ask what gender Ra'thar was!

"My Lord I am male..." Ra'thar replied.

"So when Watase Eriko demanded me to hand over Ra'thar to her I already felt she was sneaky and scheming. She thought she could take him from me by threatening me since I am so young. She did not expect me to say no and then kill some of her people. This time she did not expect that we would be here. My guess is she thought since Ra'thar was sitting out here by himself she would take that opportunity to try to get him to join her side while I was out of sight. That was why she walked out on her own without fear. Her other goal was to wipe out the military. I think with the way she acts even though she had brought out over one thousand Full Divers to attack this shelter. She has a few things that can either allow her to escape or take us all with her. " Maisaki explained.

"If what you say is true then I can see why you let her go. I am guessing that is why you stated a compromise?" Shinji really wondered how far Misaki thought ahead in such a short time.

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"Yeah. I knew she would not take it right away. But if she saw that she was fighting a losing battle she would agree to my terms. Which allowed me to add in an extra demand. " Misaki said.

"Yeah Misaki, I am wondering why did you say you wanted the dead bodies?" Chizuru was confused as to why Misaki wanted the dead bodies.

"Do you remember how I gathered the bodies of the others we killed for Ra'thar's snacks? " Misaki asked. Chizuru nodded her head in reply. "Well, I did not get a chance to tell you all that when I added the bodies to the inventory. I also gained what they had in their inventories. Which included seven day, two hundred percent, [XP] pots!"

"What really!? How many do you have now!?" Chizuru was excited because [XP] pots were a cash shop item for Full Dive you had to buy them in order to get them!.

"Right now I have a little over a thousand. So when we get back we will be grinding like crazy in game! We need to find a new dungeon to run and see if we can get some higher level loot. We will also go monster hunting in the real world too. They do give higher [XP]." Misaki had it somewhat planned out. She would take a break from the real world monsters to take a breather and hope to find some rare drops. So far monsters do not drop anything of use besides their bodies in the real world. So In order to gain new gear to protect themselves better, they still need to venture in game.

"That sounds like a good plan. I got half a level in that last battle. Most of them were very low level so I got little to no [XP] from them." Chiho grumbled. She hopped to level up at least but there were so many level ten and under that, she got no [XP].

"Alright before we can do any of that we need to get our escort mission underway. We now also have to keep an eye out for foreign Full Divers!" Misaki and her team got themselves together and walked back into the shelter area. Ra'thar sat back down and waited for Misaki.

As soon as Misaki walked into the tent she saw Chief Takahara and General Utsumi standing there waiting for her. "Misaki I have talked it over with the civilians and the three thousand that are here all want to be escorted."

Misaki was surprised to know that there were so many civilians here. She knew this was going to be a daunting task. "Get everyone assembled outside civilians and military personnel."

Chief Takahara and General Utsumi worked quickly. There were quite a few screams of terror when the civilians saw Ra'thar for the first time that was until they saw the people from the military standing at attention in front of him.

Misaki and her team were standing on Ra'thar's hand overlooking the mass of humans in front of her. "As you all know we will be moving to a new location which will now be considered your new home. The new location is not readily equipped as of yet but we will work as fast as we can to build new housing for each of you. The journey would be only thirty minutes on foot but it will most likely take around two hours. This is because of a few factors, a: we will most likely come under attack by monsters and b: there is a lot of us which will slow us down even more.

"I will say this. I am not a god. I can not save everyone. If we do get attacked there is a chance that not only will civilians lose their lives but military personnel. This also goes for me and my team as well. On our trip to the new location, everyone must follow my commands without ever second guessing me. If you do so and you cause a scene, I do not mind leaving your body behind to feed the monsters."

"Are you saying that you would feed us to a monster for not listening to you!? Is this not tyranny?" Someone shouted out. It was a young man that gave Misaki a dirty look. He seemed to be unsatisfied that he was being told what to do by a young girl.

"Yes, I am! As I said, I am not a god nor am I an angel. I am a Demon Lord! I do not babysit those underneath me. If you can not follow a few simple rules I will kill you myself and toss you to a monster! Your life means nothing to me and you would just make one less mouth for us to feed. We do not need to take you in. We could leave you all here to rot and die from starvation or worse yet be eaten alive by a monster. But we are risking our lives to help you escape this demise!" Misaki's words were cruel but they made her point clear. She did not care whether they lived or died. She was doing what she was doing out of goodwill.

"Why are you the one giving the orders! Why is it not Chief Takahara!? Chief Takahara, are you really going to let this little bitch kill us for not listening to all her orders?" The same young man shouted out.

Chief Takahara frowned. He was about to say something when he saw Misaki's body flash and all of a sudden there was a loud scream from the middle of the crowd. He saw Misaki standing there with the young man who spoke out pierced by her sword being held up in the air. "Since some of you do not seem to understand my words, here is a good example of what I mean when I say that I will kill you myself and feed you to the monsters. Ra'thar snack time!"

Ra'thar's lips curled up into a goofy smile as he watched Misaki toss the dead young man right towards his mouth. He happily opened his mouth and caught the young man in it before closing it and started to chew.

*Crunch!* *Crunch!* *Crunch!*

Dead silence....


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