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82 Tides Of War Part Two

 Hundreds of spells came flying at Misaki the rest. Seeing the incoming spells Misaki was not even in the least bit worried. She tapped Ra'thar's neck to give it a signal. Ra'thar took in a deep breath and let out a fearsome roar!


Its roar caused undulating waves of sound to spread out in a cone in front of it. The spells that were flying towards them all halted mid air before flying backwards towards the ones who casted them. The thousand or so Full Divers' faces fell and turned pale. They did not expect that their full on attack would be redirected back towards them. Their spells landed in the middle of their group quickly reaping the lives of all those caught in the impact. Since a lot of them were level twenty and under they were not able to stand up to a concentrated barrage of such proportion.

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Misaki glanced at Watase Eriko whose face was contorted with rage. Misaki had noticed that Ra'thar's roar had a special ability to it besides just stunning a person. It could reflect any incoming attacks. But it had a two minute cool down. So when she saw the mass of spells coming flying at them she was not worried in the slightest. She could see the ranks of Eriko's Full Dive army was already in a disarray from the single attack.

Cupping her hands over her mouth Misaki yelled out with a tinge of mocking laughter in her voice: "Miss Watase, seems numbers means nothing."

Watase Eriko was grinding her teeth. She did not expect the ogre's roar to be able to reflect attacks! Fully enraged she yelled out: "Get yourselves together! Spread out and attack from all sides! Melee and tanks take the front line!"

At Watase Eriko's words, The group of Full Divers recollected themselves and charged forward as they spread out. Seeing this Misaki knew it was time for them to move. "Ra'thar protect Mimi, Shinji, and Angel at all cost. Tetsu you guard the front do not let anyone slip by! Mimi give me some buffs! I need to teach these noobs the difference when it comes to large scale battles!"

Chiho and the rest all chuckled at Misaki's words. Chiho and Shinji were all veteran gamers when it came to MMO's. They could also tell at a glance that these people had no idea what they were doing.

At first glance, it would seem that such a great number of people would be able to overwhelm Misaki and the rest. But if you looked closely with them all running all over the place with no team coordination at all this would turn into a simple battle. Misaki really wanted to scream because she was watching healers running to the front like they were gonna melee Ra'thar to death and casting spells left and right like it was nothing. Chiho and the rest had yet to actually attack so why the hell were the healers casting healing spells!? This was the reason why she called them noobs! Misaki tapped Ra'thar on the neck and said: "Give me a light toss to the middle of the group."

Misaki jumped into Ra'thar's hand. She licked her lips as she felt Ra'thar raise its arm back. Before it tossed her forward it said: "Good luck my Lord!" Ra'thar then tossed Misaki in an arch right to the middle of the incoming mass of Full Divers.

The Full Divers who saw this had their eyes opened wide. All they saw was a teen girl with a tail and horns come flying at them with a large black great sword with jagged edges on the blade. The blade itself was double the size of the girl! She landed on the ground with a loud...


The surrounding area instantly dropped a few meters as a large seventy meter crater was formed with Msiaki at the center. This caused all those who were near to lose their foot and fall to the ground. When the dust settled all the saw was Misaki standing straight with her large great sword propped up on her shoulder.

Watase Eriko was also shocked by this scene. She had never expected Misaki to jump right into the middle of their forces. She quickly recovered from her shock and shouted: "Kill her! If we kill her we win!" Watase Eriko's voice rang out like thunder causing all the Full Divers to turn around and rush towards Misaki.

Misaki's lips curled up into a smile as she touched her ear and whispered: "Now!"


Mortars started to fire off as whistling sounds filled the air! There were thunderous booms as they landed in the group of Full Divers. Chiho and Shinji did not lack behind as they fired spells and arrows nonstop. But that was not all, soldiers wearing exoskeleton suits made their way out onto the battlefield with weapons in hand. Although they could not instantly kill a Full Diver they could still deal good damage to the lower leveled ones.

Watase Eriko now realized that Misaki was just a distraction to get her people to turn around! She had fallen for Misaki's trap! She had no idea such a young girl was such a good strategist when it came to war! Now everything was thrown into a mess. The continuous firing of artillery and the barrage of bullets was whittling down their defenses greatly. And to make things worse, Misaki was only aiming for her healers! If this went on they would be fully wiped out!

Gritting her teeth Watase Eriko looked over her army feeling like they were all useless trash. She raised her hand and shouted out: "I agree to your previous terms!"

Misaki stabbed another healer in the chest and slowly pulled her sword out before tossing the dead body into her inventory. She smiled brightly at Watase Eriko before telling her people to cease fire. "Hmmm. We can do that. But the bodies of the dead belong to us. Otherwise, I do not mind wiping you all out! This is considered our spoils of war."

Watase Eriko knew there was no room for negotiation. It was not until after they had the first skirmish with Misaki that she realized that the bodies still had items on them in their inventories which means Misaki had accumulated a large amount of [XP] pots. With that all said. These Full Divers most likely would always keep the [XP] pots on them since it was more convenient that way. Now she regretted not making them store their [XP] pots before coming out to clean out the remnants of the government. With no other choice, Watase Erkio unhappily shouted: "Of course!" She then turned to her group and yelled out: "If you picked up any dead bodies take them out now along with their contents! They do not belong to us!"

There were only a few who tearfully pulled out their dead comrades from their inventory and the contents that they had. Some of the dead were friends or family. But now they were treated as loot items upon death. Watase Eriko did not want to do this but if Misaki found out that something was missing now she might truly wipe them out. There was a saying "If you can not win it was best to retreat and fight another day then to stand your ground and lose everything."

Misaki Cleared her throat And shouted out once more: "From this Day Forward South of Main street within City C and southern Japan now belongs to the Nagasawa Clan. If we see anyone from your Eternal Games in our territory we will kill on sight!"

Watase Eriko's face was bright red with rage. "Fine! The same goes for anyone from your Nagasawa clan that we find north of Main street!" After saying this she waved her hand and shouted out: "Retreat!"

Misaki watched as Watase Eriko once again retreated as she happily walked around the battlefield and tossed dead body after dead body into her inventory. She watched as her [XP] pot count skyrocketed. This made her very happy! The fact that she was picking up bodies that had missing limbs and some that were even just half a body did not phase her one bit. She now saw dead Full Divers as nothing more than a source of precious [XP] pots and other loot.

Seeing how the battle started quickly and ended quickly. All the soldiers under Chief Takahara yelled out in loud happy cheer. They all looked at Misaki in a different light. She had come up with her plan on the spot by analyzing the battle and making adjustments to her plan as things unfolded. Such a young genius was worth following!


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